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I don’t know about you, but if I am going to spend several thousand shillings on wine, it better be good. Buying expensive wines is like a treasure hunt for your tongue. A discerning palate deserves top-of-the-shelf wines made by the world’s best craftsmen. Step out of the ordinary and treat yourself with something exceptional.

This list carries a rich collection of the most expensive wines in Kenya, readily available for order at a click of a button. Like most pricey things, luxury wine brands are usually in limited supply. I invite you to elevate your moments of celebration, connection, and refinement with the world’s exceptional wines while the stock lasts.

Check out these expensive wine brands. You might find a favorite. Any of these is yours, only if you want it.

Spirits enthusiasts would not mind taking the most expensive shot in the world. We make this possible by providing you the most expensive liquor in the world. The access is made easy by enabling you to order drinks online from our online liquor store. To allow you to do that, it is of the essence to know what to order whenever you seek a luxurious treat. The following expensive liquor list contains the top ten most expensive spirits alcohol of major types.

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Wine has come a long way to be one of the most sophisticated, classy, cherished, and most popular drink of all drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines. However, if you don't know about wine, like all other popular drinks, it poses a real challenge that makes head spin in selecting the best wine compatible with your palate and perfectly pairs with your meal. Like the best red wines in Kenya, Kenya's best white wine brands also offer consumers vastly diverse and complex white wine brands selections. As a leading online liquor store, we endeavor to ensure you have the best drink at your disposal. Wine is classified into different categories, i.e., red wines, rose wines, white wines, sparkling wines, and champagnes. To better understand various best wine brands, let us narrow down to Kenya's most popular white wines types.

Different types of white wines are seductive to a wine fan's palate. White wine can be enjoyed by itself or paired with a wide variety of foods. Most white wines are renowned for being great apéritifs, taken before meals, and refreshing drinks to pair with meals, especially seafood dishes. The individual character of various types of white wine is determined by the main grape varietals used. Since there are many excellent white wines you can order online in Kenya, we have rounded up the top 10 white wines in Kenya judging by market demand and availability. Let us look at these best white wine brands in Kenya and their prices to order online on the online wine shops near you comfortably.

South Africa has been producing quality wines, and it is a global player in the world of wine. It is renowned for its eclectic variety of wines, elegant, fruit-forward, balanced, and well-integrated wines offering at very reasonable prices. South African white wine brands remain consistently of high quality delivering freshness and complexity. The country produces more wine variety and diversity than most wine-growing countries. The South African wine showcase the versatility of South Africa's terroir and its winemakers' skill. Like other premier winemaking countries, South Africa has adapted to customers' tastes and changing climatic conditions to produce high-quality varietal wines and stunning blends. Most South African wines brands are produced around Cape Town, in regions like Paarl, Constantia, Stellenbosch, and Swartland, which are synonymous with top quality wines.

South African wine types offer impressively good value with taste, which is food-friendly and classic elegance on its own. The most popular South African wine variety is Pinotage, South Africa's red grape, which is a genetic cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault. Pinotage is a key grape variety in Cape, offering great single-variety and incredibly interesting wine. Other South African varieties include; long-established red varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Cinsault, Chardonnay, and pinot noir. The country also has excellent white wine types of crisp, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc, making impressive dry and sweet wines. Here are some of the best South African wines list of high quality, great value, and quite affordable. You can easily buy these top South African wines online at the top wines and spirits store in Kenya.

The renewed interest in liquor is attributed to mixology's ability to open up liquor fans' palates, making them eager to try out the next best thing. Distilleries and wineries are on their toes to quench the thirst of eager liquor enthusiasts with distinct alcohol types made in the best quality. While some of the unique liquor brands are new, others stretch back centuries. These exceptional spirits and wine reinvents themselves in every generation, linking the ancient and the modern into a synergy that we all can attest to enjoying.

Now, for our list of 13 unique liquors you (probably) haven’t tried yet, we bring you high-quality and rare bottles available at our online liquor store. Explore and discover what your palate has been missing. Put these distinct, unsung, and couture liquor on your bucket list.

Everyone enjoys the best drinks when relaxing after a busy day, complementing a great meal, over the weekend, and special events. Alcoholic beverages are excellent to enjoy over a good conversation and after a day's work. There are broad categories of great alcohol types such as vodkas to choose from. Without the proper information about these wonderful drinks, it may not be easy to navigate through the long best vodka list available. That's why we deem it fit in this article to ease your task by breaking down the top 10 vodkas in Kenya. A good and high-quality vodka balanced, clean, and smooth needs special attention from the quality ingredients, exceptional pure water to the careful and skillful distillation process.

For many people, Vodka might not be their first choice drink for a sipper, for they consider it as either tasteless or flavorless spirit. However, today's super-premium vodka brands offer something unique from the ordinary brands, moving the bar higher. The market is full of many different excellent types of vodkas, flavorful and best-tasting vodkas to cater to everyone's palate. With health concerns and the rise of good health trends, gluten-free vodkas are now available, forming a group of healthiest vodka brands in the world.

There are excellent vodkas, the best tasting from across the world, making it quite challenging to choose the best vodka to buy. We have brought together the top 10 picks for the best vodkas across the popular vodka production regions, including French vodka, American vodka, best Polish vodka, and Russian vodka with varied flavor profiles. We've included brands with long, rich histories, best-selling vodka, and most demanded vodkas. You can order from super-premium vodka brands, most expensive vodka brands, best cheap vodka brands to the most popular vodka brands. For those who enjoy the spirit more when mixed, Vodka makes a cracking cocktail or mixed drink for a perfect dinner party. Vodkas are the world's renowned base spirits for the best cocktails globally, such as the famous vodka martini, bloody Mary, and others. Check out the following vodkas and choose your favorite.

The world of whisky is full of fantastic and quality whisky brands ranging from the most affordable whisky brands, most expensive whiskies to premium whisky brands offering whisky lovers something unique and enjoyable. Navigating through these numerous prestigious whiskies sitting on liquor shops' shelves can be difficult, especially for beginners. We have compiled the best whisky brands list containing quite affordable and the most demanded whiskey to offer a helping hand. This list of best budget whisky is a starting point for exploring more exciting options and breaking from the most famous whiskeys you have always known. These brands bring a unique flavor profile, rich and incredible character, vibrant aromas, and warm taste with every sip.

There's no shortage of this iconic spirit for anyone searching for wonderful premium spirit or seasoned sippers looking for an affordable premium whiskey. These whiskies are excellent to enjoy on their own or in a mixed drink and are perfect for regularly sipping, serving on special occasions, and sharing with friends. Whether you have a taste for smoky Scotch whisky, sweet, spicy, or want to stretch your whiskey palate, here are the most affordable whisky brands to try. You can choose from classic single malts, blended whisky, Scotch whiskey, Irish whisky, to American bourbon and Tennessee whisky.

Once in your life, or maybe regularly, you have attempted to order a bottle of red wine. You may have been intrigued by a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot that you tasted at a party. Now you feel it's time to buy your own red wine bottle, but you don't know how to pick the best.

Thankfully, you have found us at just the right time. Red wines can be tricky to choose, especially because of the diversity in types and brands available in Kenya. Some are not as good as advertised, but you can never go wrong with a top-rated red wine with a significant number of reviews from people across the world.

We have researched the best red wine brands in Kenya and compiled a list of wines rated 4 stars and above on Vivino. A four-star rating means an exceptional wine. Vivino gets reviews from independent reviewers who have purchased specific wine brands in different parts of the world.

The list of best choices is endless, but here are the 10 best red wines in Kenya and their prices:

NB: Click on the name of the wine to see the price and buy at Drinks Zone online wine shop.

The best gins in Kenya are identified by their unique ability to impart pleasurable indulgence to gin lovers. Everyone likes to enjoy a unique and delicious drink that is best compatible with the palate. The world of alcoholic drinks is full of distinct and eye-catching drinks, and gins are not an exception. Gin is an excellent, distilled spirit that offers gin lovers a unique drinking experience. It has its flavor derived from juniper and other botanicals. These flavors are infused with alcohol to impart amazing herbal aromas. The different botanicals in different gins make each gin brand different from the other in flavor and aroma. The unique qualities of gins make them popular spirits globally. The alcoholic strength is reduced by adding water to bring the ABV to the required strength. Gin spirit is not aged like most dark spirits. Most of the best gin brands in Kenya are excellent in making various classic cocktails, notably Gin & Tonic and the martini cocktail. To ease your task searching for the best gin spirit compatible with your palate or making an easy cocktail for a party, we have rounded up the top 10 gin brands in Kenya. We were guided by market demand, availability, quality, and the best prices. Here are our best gins in Kenya that you can easily buy online at the best gin prices in Kenya.

Wine is a delightful drink enjoyed in every part of the world. Red sweet wine is one of the categories of red wines identified by the presence of residual sugars. A wine is classified as sweet wine if it contains more than 25g/l of residual sugar. Any wine with less than 10g/l of the residual sugar is considered a dry wine. Different levels of sweetness give different wine categories such as semi-sweet, sweet, medium-dry, dry, and other variations. Residual sugar is the amount of sugar left after the fermentation process. It is formed by stopping the fermentation early before all the sugar is converted to alcohol. High-quality sweet red wines contain natural sugars. There are some low-quality and cheap sweet red wines that are made by adding sugary additives. If you are a wine nerd, you can easily tell them apart.

There are many red sweet wine brands in Kenya and choosing the best bottle can be overwhelming. Sweet red wines are known to be the best wines for beginners since they are gentle on the palate, sweet and provide a refreshing experience. Hence it is highly likely that several beginners may land on this article. If you are a beginner, or a wine enthusiast seeking to expand your favorite red sweet wine list, this article is for you. We have come up with a list of the 10 best red sweet wines in Kenya that you can order online at Drinks Zone wine shop:

It’s tempting to test how much alcohol you can handle, right? Well, some liquors with the highest alcohol percentage could actually kill you. Not as fun as you thought, eh? Some of the world’s highest alcohol percentage liquors, like Spirytus vodka from Poland, gets as high as 96% alcohol by volume. Yes, you read right. There is no set maximum alcohol percentage in drinks, so it can get really hot. You can call them spirits from hell, burning like hell.

You won’t find many such alcoholic drinks in your local liquor stores. Some are not even available in Africa, let alone Kenya. There is no best alcohol percentage since it depends on personal preference and taste. We have prepared a list of the strongest alcoholic drinks available in Kenya.

If you are one of those daring souls, then these options will wow you out. A little water or a mixer will successfully tame the heat and you can enjoy it with ease.

Enjoying the best Champagne is one of life’s elegant extras. It is the world's most popular toasting beverage for our most joyous occasions and it naturally connotes class, luxury, and elegance. Most of the top brands are quite expensive. However, there are remarkably affordable premium Champagne brands that you can buy online. So, there is something for everyone! Whether you need an ideal bottle to serve at dinner, the perfect gift, or the right bubbly to celebrate a special occasion, Drinks Zone got you.

To ease your hunt for the best bottle for a gift or to toast to happy moments, here are our 10 best champagne brands in Kenya.

No doubt the world of liquor is full of exciting and wonderful drinks that are unique in their own way. Some liquors stand out in the crowd and are cherished by many people. If you are new to the world of drinks, it can be extremely daunting and confusing to search for the best drinks for your event, the most trendy liquors for your fun time, or premium pocket-friendly drinks that you would love to add to your shopping list. We have compiled a list of the top 10 trendy liquors in Kenya and the most popular liquors brands that are perfect to enjoy neat, on the rock or in a delicious cocktail and mixed drinks. No matter whether you are looking for the best whisky, fine inexpensive wine and champagne, cheap vodka, prestigious cognac or great tequila for a shot, you will get your poison in this list of the most well-known drink brands to raise a glass to the happy hour.
Tequila has gained so much popularity in recent years and has been attracting high price tags. Regardless of the high price for premium tequila brands, they are excellent tequila brand options at pocket-friendly prices. These best cheap tequilas are of high quality and offer excellent value for money. While many ultra-premium tequilas come with a steep price tag, there are a variety of tequilas at different price ranges. Everyone looks to pick the right tequila bottle that fits his/her budget. Regardless of what type of tequila you are looking for, they are budget-friendly and quality tequila options available right at your fingertips. You do not need to spend your whole salary to enjoy these delicious agave spirits of Mexico. Check out our online liquor store, and you will be surprised by the incredible tequilas available that are within your budget. Since the definition of "cheap and expensive" can be different for different people, we have sampled some of the best-selling tequilas that are quite affordable. We have rounded up some of the best cheap Tequilas you can buy at the liquor store near you. These inexpensive on-demand tequila brands are perfect to enjoy in mixed drinks, on the rocks, sipping straight, or taking a shot. Don’t let a tight budget stop you from enjoying the great taste of the best of Mexico's Agave spirit. Log in to the Drinks Zone website and get spoiled with our collection of premium budget tequila brands. Here are the top 7 best cheap tequilas in Kenya.