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Best cheap Tequilas you should try – top 7 budget Tequila to buy

Tequila has gained so much popularity in recent years and has been attracting high price tags. Regardless of the high price for premium tequila brands, they are excellent tequila brand options at pocket-friendly prices. These best cheap tequilas are of high quality and offer excellent value for money. While many ultra-premium tequilas come with a steep price tag, there are a variety of tequilas at different price ranges. Everyone looks to pick the right tequila bottle that fits his/her budget. Regardless of what type of tequila you are looking for, they are budget-friendly and quality tequila options available right at your fingertips. You do not need to spend your whole salary to enjoy these delicious agave spirits of Mexico. Check out our online liquor store, and you will be surprised by the incredible tequilas available that are within your budget. Since the definition of "cheap and expensive" can be different for different people, we have sampled some of the best-selling tequilas that are quite affordable. We have rounded up some of the best cheap Tequilas you can buy at the liquor store near you. These inexpensive on-demand tequila brands are perfect to enjoy in mixed drinks, on the rocks, sipping straight, or taking a shot. Don’t let a tight budget stop you from enjoying the great taste of the best of Mexico's Agave spirit. Log in to the Drinks Zone website and get spoiled with our collection of premium budget tequila brands. Here are the top 7 best cheap tequilas in Kenya.
Best budget-friendly tequila brands
1.   jose cuervo silver
2.   jose cuervo gold
3.   olmeca blanco
4.   Olmeca Dark Chocolate
5.   el Jimador Silver
6.   camino gold
7.   tequila reserva 1800 silver

1.  jose cuervo silver

jose cuervo silver
Jose Cuervo Silver is a true silver tequila that is irresistibly clean, sweet, and smooth. For people who like inexpensive sensational tequila, Jose Cuervo Silver is a perfect drink for them. It is an affordable tequila that is of incredible quality, that is uniquely balanced blended, and masterfully crafted to bring out pleasing notes and aroma profile of agave, along with fresh, clean flavor and warm finishing. Jose Cuervo Silver's exciting and smooth taste profile makes a perfect tequila to enjoy neat and mixed-in classic tequila cocktails such as margarita and Paloma. Get this exciting tequila at our liquor store and make your leisure time more fun. We have the most affordable Jose Cuervo prices in Kenya and offer swift delivery services within Nairobi.

2.  jose cuervo gold

jose cuervo gold
Jose Cuervo Gold is an iconic top-shelf tequila made from a blend of aged and young (Reposado and Blanco) tequilas. It is a high-quality tequila brand that is golden-style, with pleasant aromas and a clean, crisp, and smooth taste. Cuervo Gold played a critical leading role in the invention of the famous classic Margarita cocktail. This popular spirit is extremely versatile, giving it a wide range of serving options for every time of day. You can enjoy the refreshing delights of Jose Cuervo straight, on the rocks, in a classic cocktail, or with a mixer. Want to try something a little different? Get a bottle of this top-shelf tequila brand at our shops and enjoy the best Jose Cuervo tequila price in Kenya. Cheers!

3.  olmeca blanco

olmeca blanco
Being an unaged blend directly from Los Altos Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, Olmeca Blanco is a superior cheap tequila that rules the fun night with friends. It makes your happy moment more fun and brings unexpected vibes to your occasion. The Olmeca Blanco is doubly distilled and popularly recognized for its naturally sweet, fresh flavor with soft citrus notes and smooth finish. Olmeca Blanco is a versatile spirit that is easy to sip neat. It is a special and trusty Tequila to mix in cocktails. It is usually considered as the Margarita cocktail champion. Take your party to another level with Olmeca Silver! Get a bottle of this exceptional premium inexpensive tequila at our online liquor store and enjoy the most competitive Olmeca tequila prices in Kenya!

4.  Olmeca Dark Chocolate

Olmeca Dark Chocolate
Olmeca Dark Chocolate is a delicious and unique blend of dark chocolate and authentic Mexican Olmeca silver Tequila. The combination of dark creamy chocolate and fresh agave tequila gives birth to a unique spirit that is sure to spice things up. Olmeca dark chocolate is an easy-to-drink tequila with a smooth, silky texture. Grab a bottle of this unusual tequila from our stores to keep the party going. We have the best Olmeca dark chocolate price and swift delivery services.

5.  el Jimador Silver

el Jimador Silver
El Jimador Silver is a premium cheap tequila made with 100% hand-harvested blue Weber agave and double distilled with sparkling clarity. It is a young and fresh silver tequila that comes forward with authentic character. It is rich in flavor, and every sip gives the sensation of life. El Jimador Silver is a versatile spirit that is excellent to sip straight or in a mixed classic cocktail. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy this top-shelf spirit. Drinks Zone liquor store has the most competitive El Jimador tequila and fast delivery service.

6.  camino gold

camino gold
Camino Gold Tequila is an unexceptional inexpensive tequila with distinctive golden amber-appearing that results from oak barrel seasoning and distilling from the finest blue Weber agave. It delivers light, bittersweet taste and mild flavor and aromas of agave. Camino gold is perfect to sip neat or mix in a classic cocktail such as Tequila Sunrise. This Tequila liven up your evening with friends and creates unforgettable moments. Get yourself a bottle of this unexceptional tequila at the most affordable Camino tequila price and enjoy the quickest alcohol delivery service in Nairobi.

7.  tequila reserva 1800 silver

tequila reserva 1800 silver
1800 Tequila is a fabulous super-premium tequila brand crafted from 100% handpicked Weber blue agave. Tequila 1800 silver is created in its original formula, double distilled, and blended with specially selected white tequilas to add complexity and character. Tequila reserva 1800 Silver is well-known for its super-smooth taste with exceptionally clean and refreshing flavors. This tequila is ideal for long drinks and is great to sip it neat or in a cocktail. It is a perfect spirit for any party. Tequila 1800 silver is available at our stores at the most affordable Tequila 1800 prices in Kenya.

Are you craving for a classic margarita or taking a shot? Let the price not put you off. Nothing wrong with a quality cheap bottle of liquor. Your taste bud is the key to the type of liquor you choose. They are incredibly inexpensive top-pick tequilas you can order online that are of high quality and delicious. Explore our wide range of tequilas and pick what fits you. You do not have to sacrifice the tequila’s taste because of a tight budget. Let us transport you to Jalisco, Mexico with a super-premium bottle of tequila that is budget-friendly!