Drinks delivery Nairobi

viceroy 10 years
750 ml @ Ksh 3500
kyron brandy
750 ml @ Ksh 1800
dom perignon
750 ml @ Ksh 24449
belaire rose
750 ml @ Ksh 5399
750 ml @ Ksh 3000
1 litre @ Ksh 3500
750 ml @ Ksh 2500
1 litre @ Ksh 3000
750 ml @ Ksh 2300
1 litre @ Ksh 2700
750 ml @ Ksh 1700
glenfiddich 12 years
750 ml @ Ksh 4200
1 litre @ Ksh 4500
glenfiddich 21 years
750 ml @ Ksh 26000
jack daniel's old No. 7
1 litre @ Ksh 3500
750 ml @ Ksh 3000
monkey shoulder
750 ml @ Ksh 4000
1 litre @ Ksh 4500
vat 69
750 ml @ Ksh 1800
1 litre @ Ksh 2000
smirnoff vodka red
750 ml @ Ksh 1800
1 litre @ Ksh 2000
frontera caberbet sauvignon
750 ml @ Ksh 1499
1.5 litres @ Ksh 2000
namaqua dry red cask
5 litres @ Ksh 3099
veuve cliquot
750 ml @ Ksh 10000
frontera merlot
750 ml @ Ksh 1200
1.5 litres @ Ksh 2000
gentleman jack
750 ml @ Ksh 5400
chivas 12 years
750 ml @ Ksh 3500
1 litre @ Ksh 4000

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Are you someone who likes enjoying a good bottle of whisky, champagne, wine and other alcoholic beverages? Does shopping time constrain deny you the privilege to enjoy your favourite drink? Relax, time constrain will no longer be a hindrance to your enjoyment. Online drinks delivery Nairobi has made shopping easy, quick, comfortable and very convenient. Drinks zone alcohol delivery Nairobi, provides you with a robust shopping platform. With just a dial a delivery, you are able to purchase all the drinks you need.

Why buy on online drinks delivery Nairobi?

Online drinks delivery Kenya is a fairly new industry that is faster growing due to technology growth and awareness. However, a lot of people are still unaware of the fact that they can buy drinks online in Nairobi drinks. Online drinks delivery services in Kenya offer customers fast and timely services and have proven beneficial as it offers customers a more comfortable way of shopping. 

 It is worthwhile to buy drinks online other than to spend a few hours of your precious time going to a liquor shop. Online buying is convenient, easy and quick and it gives more varieties drinks choice, from whisky delivery Nairobiwine delivery Nairobi to beer delivery Nairobi. The best thing about online drinks delivery Kenya shopping platform is that your order is delivered directly to your home. There really is no sweat in buying your favourite drink from Drinks Zone as we offer 24 hour alcohol delivery Nairobi to remove the time limit for ordering drinks. The list of all the types of drink we sell is well given including the price, package size and essential features. 

 Why drinks zone

Drinks Zone offers a solution to those who have busy daily routines. People who work long hours or unsociable hours can access our online store at any time of the day. With a view clicks you can access our online stores and save yourself the hassle of travelling to shop for that drink you cherish.

The convenience of staying at home and buying through the internet is what many people love about our online drinks delivery services. You do not need to take some time off from your busy schedules just to visit shops and purchase a drink. With a reliable online Nairobi drinks delivery shop, you have the luxury to stay at home and shop online after your work or daily routine. Best of all, there is no picking of your order as we deliver it right to your home which saves you time.

We give you a better choice and broader selection of your preferred drink since we have a wide array of drinks. If you like tasting something unique, you are better placed to shop from us. The local liquor store may probably not have a large selection of those less popular drinks that you enjoy especially if your tastes are more expensive and refined drinks. Even if you don't know what drink you want, just click on our website and have a look at our wide array of drinks and make a choice and your drink is then delivered to you.

We also often keep our valued customers up to date with the latest offers and deals so as the customers can get excellent value for their money. We notify our clients of any promotions on our drinks so that they can take advantage of reduced price to replenish their stock. We also usually give discounts and perks to our customers on various drinks from time to time. Our payment models are simplified for easy and secure payment. You can either pay cash on delivery or through our m-pesa line.

 For those, who like enjoying a drink at a salinity of their home, and want unprecedented access to excellent drink at lower prices online alcohol delivery is the place to shop. For all your drinks need, log in to the drinks zone product page to start reaping the benefits of our free alcohol delivery services. Ordering from us is effortless as you will never have to even think about leaving your home or to hop into your automobile on a muddy road towards your local liquor store. This saves you money because you never have to burn even a drop of gasoline, and your favourite taste of the drink will almost magically appear in front of your door.


Advantages of ordering alcohol delivery online

As a beer/whisky/champagne lover, online is most convince mode of shopping as you eliminate the pesky middlemen and a load of inconvenience. Buying your cherished alcohol drink online is a great way to make your purchase as it gives the following advantages.

Best affordable prices on drinks delivery Nairobi

Buying a good bottle of beer in a local store can be very expensive. Drinks at the supermarket or the local stores are a bit costlier as they include overhead charges like the shop rent, wages and other miscellaneous expenses that pile on the overall cost of the drinks. When you buy on online wine delivery Nairobi store, these charges are nullified, and beverages are made available at affordable rates. With online, you can also get varieties which are usually not available in local stores. Online drinks delivery also offer delivery services straight to your doorstep within a short time, saving you travel cost.

You make further savings by placing bulk orders on 24-hour alcohol delivery Nairobi as they usually offer hefty bulk purchase discounts. Online liquor stores also help to save you time as websites offer a quick search for a particular drink. If you don’t know the name of the alcohol that you want to buy, but you know the colour and nature of the liquor, you can by visiting online drinks delivery Kenya site, choose from the various options by filtering search available online and order it at once.

Wide range selection of your favourite drink

  When you enter in a liquor store and look through the counter, but do not like anything, in particular, most people are obliged to buy the drink just because they spent a considerable amount of time looking around. This is avoided when you buy your bottle online. Online beer delivery Nairobi furnishes you with a wide variety of beer, wine, whisky, brandy, gin, vodka and other drinks from all over the world at your fingertips. This allows you to explore thousands of alcohol varieties. With just a quick click on your computer, your screen will be jammed with different brands of wine to choose from. The wide varieties of drinks brands offer you the liberty to compare among different drinks. 

A swift way to send the gift of a drink

A gift speaks volume to your relationship with a friend, and it is the best surprise when someone delivers it on your behalf. Drinks zone- wine delivery nairobi gives you an opportunity to order a unique drink for a friend and have it delivered to them directly. We offer customized packaging to drinks and wine basket gifts. These alcohol gifts delivered will ensure that your friend will feel incredibly touched and moved by your sensitivity. Buying on online drinks delivery service is a swift and quick way to send an elegant gift to someone special to you.

Massive discounts

When you purchase alcoholic drinks online, you benefit more from wonderful deals offered and you will be assured of getting good value for the amount of money spent. Online wine shops always highlight drinks with special offers and discounts. Also, e-commerce provides attractive discounts for purchasing more bottles. We not only add in free delivery but also offer regular discounts to various alcoholic drinks you buy. The discounted percentage of prices plus free delivery goes a long way in lowering total cost to a reasonable amount.

Online offers useful information

By buying alcohol online, you get the advantage of reviewing product details which are posted alongside the drinks. When in doubt you can look out for other customers review to have an insight of experienced user and be able to make an informed decision. Shopping online is a lot more interesting than personally visiting liquor grocery, especially if you know nothing about alcohol beverages. At times it is not easy to remember the distinct tastes of each alcoholic drink you have tasted, but the Drinks zone guides you to narrow down your choices that suit your specific preference. Online shops provide guiding tips, to new buyers by furnishing buyers with essential feature information regarding which wine types blend well with others, and which goes well with different meals.


 Purchasing the popular drinks online, you will experience a high level of satisfaction. There is nothing as comfortable as being able to sit down behind your computer and buy your preferred drink without disrupting your daily schedule. Online drinks delivery Nairobi is a shopping platform choice for many people due to its convince of not needing to leave where you are or make a trip to the shopping mall to buy a drink. This gives you ample time to take care of other issues as you wait for your order to arrive.

Fast drinks delivery service

As gasoline prices continue to edge higher and higher, many people are now doing a tiny calculation on the trips to make and why they need to go there. Going to a liquor store may seem costlier as it may be found on the outskirts of Nairobi city. Some people are ignoring the trip meaning he/she will forego enjoying a bottle sometime. With online Nairobi drinks delivery, such experience should not hit you any longer. Rather than driving across town, shopping online from home is a logical alternative. When you purchase your beer online, you don't have to worry about the delivery. Your order is delivered right to your very doorstep. This way, you can save on the gasoline, time and energy. The moment your doorbell rings can imply your drink has arrived.

Whenever you feel like enjoying a cold drink, and you realize you don’t have it in the house, don't worry, get wired up to your computer, and dial a drink and within a few minutes, you will be enjoying it. Purchasing drinks from us is pocket-friendly, and you get the right product. We list drinks alongside their details such as its price, quantity, its manufacturer, etc. While placing an order online for drinks delivery service, you need to give us your collect location for smooth delivery. Buying your drink from us is an easy process, and it saves your time as well as energy.

 We also offer massive bulk purchase discounts. Also if you have a party and you don't have a car to carry your drinks, there is no worry as we offer free deliveries. You will be assured the alcohol delivered will be exactly in the amount and the brands you ordered, with no mistake. We ensure the drink delivered is carried along safely so that the bottles don't shake too much. Online stores take extra care to ensure you get perfect quality alcohol at your doorstep.

Drinks zone – make a purchase

Drinks zone alcohol delivery Nairobi- drinks delivery Kenya has redefined the whole aspect of buying by bringing an easy, quick and convenient purchasing process. We bring the bar to your home just place your order of whisky delivery Nairobi, wine delivery Nairobi or any drink delivery Nairobi by;

·        Sending us an SMS to +254743646618/+254710164456 or use the WhatsApp

·        You can also dial a drink on the call button provided

Once we have received your order, processing starts immediately and is delivered to your doorstep within 30 min or as per your request.

Ø Delivery is free within Nairobi and its environs

Ø Be on the lookout of our regularly offers and discount

Ø You can pay cash on delivery or use M-Pesa number.

Payments are made once you receive your order, however, should you make a request the order to be sent to someone else as a present or gift you are required to pay before delivery.


       I.           Sales:-no sales or receiving of alcohol deliver to a person aged below 18 years. Be advised.

     II.           Healthwise:-excess full consumption of alcohol is not good for your health. Be warned.

   III.           Safety:-don’t drink and drive. Take care.

shop by brand


Glenfiddich 15 Years | Johnnie Walker Double Black Cragganmore 12 Years | Aberlour 18 Years | Jura 16 Years | Glenkinchie 12 Years | Glen Grant Talisker 10 Years | Talisker Storm | Macallant Amber | Laphroaig Quarter Cask | Dalwhinnie 15 Years | Jameson Black Barrel | Glenfiddich 12 Years | Glenmorangie Original | Glenmorangie 18 Years | Glenlivet Founders Reserve | Glenlivet 12 Years | Singleton 12 Years Dufftown | Jack Daniel Single Barrel | Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 | Maker's Mark | Wild Turkey | Jim Beam Honey (Liqueur) | Ballantines | Chivas 18 Years | Famous Grouse 12 Years Gold Reserve | Best Whisky | Johnnie Walker Black Lable | Johnnie Walker Red Label


 4th Street Sweet Rose | Cellar Cask White | Nederburg Sauvignon Blanc | Altar Wine | Sweet Lips Rose | Robertson Winery Rose | KWV Shiraz | KWV Merlot | KWV Cabernet Sauvignon | Nederburg Shiraz | Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon | Nederburg Merlot | Frontera Caberbet Sauvignon | Caprice Red Sweet | Carlo Rossi | Four Cousins Sweet Red | Mateus Red | Namaqua Dry Red Cask | Overmeer Red Dry | Nederburg Chardonnay | KWV Chardonnay | KWV Sauvignon Blanc


Absolut Vodka | Smirnoff Vodka Red | Flirt Vodka Green Apple | Class 21 Vodka | Smirnoff Vanilla | Smirnoff Raspberry | Skyy Ginger | Skyy Vodka | Skyy Cherry | Ciroc Red Berry | Ciroc Snap Frost | Belvedere Citrus | Absolut Citron | Seagram's Vodka | Neon Pineapple | KGB Vodka | Ciroc Blue Steel


Dom Perignon | Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut | Taittinger Brut | Belaire Brut | Belaire Luxe | Belaire Rose | Veuve Cliquot | Piper Heidsieck | Perrier Jouet


Bavaria Original | Smirnoff Guarana Electric | Heineken Can Smirnoff Double Black Ice | Heineken Bottle | Carlsberg Can | Faxe | Snapp | Guinness | Tusker Lager | Tusker Malt | White Cap | Plisner | Summit Malt | Atlas 12 | Redd's Vodka | Smirnoff Guarana


 Amarula Fruit Cream | Amarula Gold | Tia Maria | Baileys Irish Cream | Four Cousins Strawberry Cream | Southern Comfort Grand Marnier | Frangelico | Best Cream | Patron Citronge | Meukow Xpresso | Zappa Black | Zappa Blue | Tequila Rose


Bardinet Vsop | Kwv 10 Years | Richot | Viceroy 10 Years | Kyron Brandy | Excellency Brandy | Beehive Napoleon | Viceroy


 Bisquit Vsop | Hennessy Xo | Courvoisier Vs | Courvoisier Vsop | Martell VS | Martell Xo | Remy Martin Xo | Camus Vs | Courvoisier Vsop Tripple Oak | Hennessy Vs | Remy Martin Vsop