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Featured products
baileys irish cream
750 ml @ Ksh 2,400
1 litre @ Ksh 2,780
frontera sauvignon blanc
750 ml @ Ksh 1,300
1.5 litres @ Ksh 1,800
martell VS
700 ml @ Ksh 4,200
1 litre @ Ksh 4,700
amarula fruit cream
750 ml @ Ksh 2,100
1 litre @ Ksh 2,700
robertson winery natural sweet white
750 ml @ Ksh 1,300
1.5 litres @ Ksh 2,000
glenmorangie original
1 litre @ Ksh 5,200
750 ml @ Ksh 4,900
malibu caribbean rum
750 ml @ Ksh 2,095
1 litre @ Ksh 2,600
Glenfiddich 15 years
750 ml @ Ksh 6,999
1 litre @ Ksh 7,800
moet & chandon imperial brut
750 ml @ Ksh 7,000
johnnie walker double black
1 litre @ Ksh 4,700
hennessy vs
700 ml @ Ksh 4,200
1 litre @ Ksh 5,490
belaire luxe
750 ml @ Ksh 4,800
Products on offer
rosso nobile cioccolata
750 ml @ Ksh 1,999
bombay sapphire
750 ml @ Ksh 2,200
1 litre @ Ksh 2,500
cellar cask red sweet cask
2 litres @ Ksh 2,200
5 litres @ Ksh 3,700
Tommasi amarone
750 ml @ Ksh 5,900
baileys irish cream
750 ml @ Ksh 2,400
1 litre @ Ksh 2,780
4th street red sweet
750 ml @ Ksh 1,199
1.5 litres @ Ksh 2,000
glenfiddich 12 years
750 ml @ Ksh 4,500
1 litre @ Ksh 4,995
jack daniel's old No. 7
1 litre @ Ksh 3,399
750 ml @ Ksh 2,850
hennessy vs
700 ml @ Ksh 4,200
1 litre @ Ksh 5,490
jose cuervo gold
750 ml @ Ksh 2,100
1 litre @ Ksh 2,300
chivas 12 years
750 ml @ Ksh 3,500
1 litre @ Ksh 3,700

Nairobi Liquor Delivery

Indeed, times have changed! The technology is revolutionizing the overall ways we shop today. Buying the best brand of whiskey in Kenya or any other drink is just a few clicks away. Online alcohol shopping feels more comfortable, easy, quick, and is more convenient. Combined with an excellent delivery service, shopping becomes fun. That perfectly defines us. We are focused on offering the most efficient online drinks delivery services than any other online wines and spirits shop in Nairobi. We bring the fun of your favorite drink right to your home. We are well stocked online drinks shops with a selection of top quality drinks ranging from the luxurious and expensive drinks to the most affordable ones, some not even found in the best wine shops in Nairobi. All this is in our quest to ensure you have your fun just the way you like it. Fast, reliable and affordable alcohol delivery . Our wines and spirit delivery services are tailored to deliver a drink at your convenience. We have gained experience in drinks delivery over the years having delivered over hundreds of thousands of online drinks orders. 

Drinks Zone’s online liquor shop has made shopping very convenient by providing the buyer with an advanced shopping platform. You just need to dial a delivery and order all the drinks you need online. While you can reap most of the online shopping benefits from most online wine stores, the Drinks Zone offers you extra benefits making it your number one online alcohol delivery in Nairobi. Drinks Zone is the most reliable online wine and spirit store in Kenya. This is why:


Quality Services


Have you ever visited a shop where you rarely get noticed? It sucks, right? With our online alcohol delivery services, you are relieved from dealing with an uncooperative salesperson or waiting on counter lines. Our few agents that you will interact with understand your contribution to our success story. For this reason at Drinks Zone online liquor store, customer satisfaction is our priority. We have the best customer service team who will respond promptly to your inquiries, complaints, compliments, or any other thing of interest you would like to share with us. We value all our customers, whether you are buying a single bottle of your favorite gin or buying in bulk for a house party.


Dated Drinks Delivery


Want to order drinks online for same day delivery or do you prefer specific drinks delivery date ? Have you been searching for “Alcohol delivery near me” ? We got your back. If you wish drinks delivered at specific time intervals, either daily, weekly, or any other desired intervals, we create individual date certain delivery orders to ensure you always enjoy your preferred booze. Also, these orders come with some bonuses. You see? With Drinks Zone’s online liquor shop, no need to worry about passing by a liquor shop for drinks after a busy day. At the comfort of your office or home you can order drinks online and get alcohol delivered at your door.  

Easy To Use And Order Alcohol Online.

We value your time and for that, we have made it easy and quick to search your desired drink in our online wine and spirit store. You can easily search your favorite booze by simply typing the name or part of the name. We have also arranged our site in such a way that you can search using category, sub-category, brand, top picks, region, size, and price range. For instance, if you are searching for wine, you can narrow down to red wine in Kenya, white wines in Kenya, sparkling wines in Kenya, or fortified/dessert wines in Kenya. We also have articles that provide an in-depth description of specific types of liquor or categories, making it easy for beginners to find their favorite drink. We also provide in-depth search options such as the best wines in Kenya, best sweet red wines, merlot wines, best whiskeys in Kenya, and so on. This significantly saves you time on finding a specific drink. You can do all this while sitting on your couch, and our agents will deliver your order in minutes.


Total Alcohol Buying Control

Want to buy drinks online? Online liquor stores have a vast collection from all over the world just for you. Buying at the regular walk-in shop, you are exposed to unnecessary pressure. At times, we end up purchasing unnecessary drinks and regret later spending the extra money buying them. We all want to do shopping in a conducive and relaxed environment with no attendant on our heads, constantly trying to influence our choices. Online shopping is flexible, hassle-free, and free of pressure. Here, you are the only one responsible for your shopping decision based purely on personal preferences. By buying from us, you have full control over the choice of wine/whiskey/champagne that suits your requirements and budget. You have the opportunity to do a detailed search for your drinks online with no hurry and with all available options at the comfort of your home. This is an excellent opportunity to find the best drinks in Kenya at the right price. Dial us today and enjoy this total shopping control and best home delivery services..


Late-night Alcohol Delivery Services


The convenience of staying at home and buying through the internet is what drinks zone online drinks home delivery services bring to you. We are the solution to those who have busy daily routines. People who work long hours or unsociable hours can access our online wine and spirit store anytime and at night. With a few clicks, you can order liquor online at any time and save yourself the hassle of walking to shop at night for that drink you cherish. We offer 24-hour alcohol delivery in Nairobi.

No Hidden Charges


Nothing is frustrating like ordering something online, expecting to pay a certain amount of money as indicated online for a product, only to find an extra cost when it reaches your doorsteps. Sometimes the product is not what you ordered. Well, that is not us! You will get exactly what you ordered with no extra charges. Our drinks delivery in Nairobi is free, and in case we do not deliver for free to your destination, we will let you know how much it will cost to deliver to your location in advance. Dial us, and experience transparency and excellence in wine/whiskey delivery in Kenya. Have a look at our Hennessy price list, Jack Daniels price list, Glenfiddich price list, Remy Martin price list, Johnnie Walker price list and more. 

Free Liquor Home Delivery


It is normal to feel the urge to enjoy your drink with no disturbances. For that, you choose to enjoy a drink at the serenity of your home. You decide to make it fun by drinking while half immersed in your swimming pool, Jacuzzi, or even in your bathtub. Drinks zone beer, wines, and spirits delivery services make your fantasies a reality by delivering drinks at your doorstep without you moving an inch. To ensure you have unprecedented access to excellent wines brands in Kenya, whiskey brands, cognac brands, or your favorite champagne brand, we have a broad variety of drinks to widen your choice horizon. We also have the most affordable wine and spirits prices in Kenya. We ensure drinks delivered are in good condition, with no damages. We have a well-managed online liquor delivery system to ensure your best wine brand reaches you as quickly as possible.


 Liquor Gift Delivery

 A gift speaks volumes to your relationship with a lover or a friend. The best surprise is when someone delivers it on your behalf with a card expressing your love. Do you know what follows? A phone call from your lover that lasts long enough for you to express your love. There is lots of appreciation too! We make your romantic fantasies a reality. Drinks zone online drinks Kenya, allows you to order a unique drink for a lover or a friend and deliver it to them directly, conveying your warm regards even if you cannot physically present yourself. We offer customized packaging of drinks and wine basket gifts. What’s more romantic than a bottle of wine like Asconi Kiss Me Now delivered to your lover while beautifully presented in a wine basket and a card expressing your warm regards? You just need to dial us, give the delivery address, delivery time, any personal message, and your alcohol gift will be delivered accordingly.

There is no sweat really in buying your favorite drink from Drinks Zone as we offer 24-hour alcohol delivery Nairobi. With us, there is no time limit for ordering drinks. The list of the types of drinks we sell is well presented, including the price, package size, and essential features. With this, you get to shop within your budget and while staying within your comfort zone. We offer a lot of informative content to help you learn more about wine and other drinks and give insights to help you plan wine parties or wine-food pairing. We also often keep our valued customers updated with the latest offers and deals. At our online liquor store, our customers get excellent value for money. We ensure enjoyment is fully released by bringing your favorite drinks right to your destination.


How to Order Drinks Online At Drinks Zone.



Drinks Zone Kenya has redefined the whole aspect of buying drinks online by bringing an easy, quick, and convenient purchasing process. We bring the bar to your home. You just need to place your order for excellent whiskey delivery Nairobi, wine delivery Nairobi, or any other drinks delivery Nairobi. You can:

  • Send us an SMS to +254700457373 or use the WhatsApp
  • dial a drink on the call button provided on the website or 
  • add the drink to the cart, click on the cart icon, fill your details, and check out.


Once your order is received, processing starts immediately and is delivered within 30 min or as per your request.


  • Delivery is free within Nairobi and its environs
  • Be on the lookout of our regular offers and discount
  • You can pay cash on delivery or use the M-PESA

Payments are made once you receive your order, however, if you request that the order be delivered to someone else as a present or a gift, you are required to pay before delivery.



I. Sales:- no sales or alcohol delivery to a person aged below 18 years. Be advised.

II. Healthwise:-excess consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health. Be warned.

III. Safety:-don’t drink and drive or operate machinery. Take care.

Drinks Zone’s Home Delivery Guidelines .

Due to the increased infection rate of Covid-19, our drinks and beverage delivery services are guided by World Health Organization : COVID-19 and Food Safety. Our Delivery team are trained to maintain social distance , proper hand hygiene – washing with soap and water for at least 20 second, frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, frequent cleaning/disinfection of work surfaces and touch points such as door handles.