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Moet and Chandon champagne prices in Kenya

Moet & Chandon price in Nairobi
Product Name Price Alcohol contentCountry of origin Liquor category
moet & chandon nectar imperial rose 750 ml Ksh 13,100 12.5% France champagne
moet & chandon ice imperial 750 ml Ksh 13,900 12.5% France champagne
moet & chandon imperial brut 750 ml Ksh 10,500 12% France champagne
moet & chandon ice imperial rose 750 ml Ksh 14,100 12.5% France champagne
moet & chandon nectar imperial 750 ml Ksh 14,300 12% France champagne
moet & chandon imperial rose 750 ml Ksh 12,900 12.5% France champagne
moet & chandon imperial gold brut 750 ml Ksh 8,450 12% France champagne

Moet & Chandon brand

Moet & Chandon, also known as Moet, is fine Champagne and a synonymous champagne name from France. It is one of the most famous Champagne houses and the world's largest champagne producers, with one of the largest vineyards. Moet & Chandon was founded in 1743 by Épernay wine merchant Claude Moet, simply as Moet et Cie (meaning "Moet & Co."). Claude Moet started shipping his wine from Champagne to Paris. Soon after Moet et Cie foundation, Claude Moet son, Claude-Louis, joined the Company. By this time, the demand for the sparkling wine increased, while at the same time, the aristocrats and nobles became Moet et Cie clientele. The Company was renamed to Moet & Chandon in 1833 after Remy Moet's son-in-law, Claude Moet's grandson, Pierre-Gabriel Chandon de Briailles, joined the Company as Jean-Remy Moet.

Moet & Chandon champagne in Kenya

Moet & Chandon champagne has gained massive popularity in Kenya. With brands such as Moet & chandon nectar imperial , Moet & chandon imperial brut, Moet & chandon nectar imperial rose,Moet & chandon imperial rose , Moet & chandon ice imperial and Moet & chandon ice imperial rose taking the lead. How much is Moet champagne in Kenya ? see the table above for an outline of Moet champagne price in Kenya.

Jean-Remy Moet helped to market the Moet champagne to a wider audience and transformed the Moet et Chandon brand into a global symbol of splendor, success, and prestige. It was granted a royal warrant as a supplier of Champagne to Queen Elizabeth II. Moet & Chandon also introduced the concept of vintage Champagne, releasing its first vintage Champagne in 1842. The Company expanded its territory beyond the Champagne region, gaining recognition both domestically and internationally by 1789. As it continued to expand, it formed an alliance with Hennessy Cognac house in 1971 and later on merged with the fashion giant Louis Vuitton in 1987. The merge of these companies saw the formation of the largest luxury group in the world, Louis-Vuitton-Moet-Hennessy (LVMH). Moet & Chandon is the producer of the famous champagne brand Dom Perignon, its best-known champagne label. Dom Perignon is named for its Liqueur Cordial and in the remembering Benedictine monk, legend as the "Father of Champagne."

Since its establishment, Moet & Chandon has developed to one of the a best champagne brands in the world of exception quality and savoir-faire. It is undoubtedly a legendary brand with a drinkable range of vintage, non-vintage, demi-sec, and rosé champagne. Moet & Chandon house has been passing down the unequaled winemaking savoir-faire from generation to generation. It has an innovatively forward-thinking team that is always innovating successful new trends in bottling to creating the best champagne. Moet & Chandon house is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence Champagne brand pursuing new ways to share the Champagne magic with the world. Moet & Chandon, a household name, take the Champagne popularity with several big names attached to it. It has a full range of Champagne brands that are massed produced. Despite the massive output, Moet's wines are very consistent, produced from health grapes drawn from a wide range of terroirs that provide winemakers with endless options to make excellent blends. The crafting process is in the winery are controlled by machine giving blenders more control over the finished wine, and unsurprising mass production.

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