Brandy varieties

bardinet vsop
750 ml @ Ksh 1700
three barrels vsop
750 ml @ Ksh 1600
kwv 10 years
750 ml @ Ksh 3000
750 ml @ Ksh 1800
viceroy 10 years
750 ml @ Ksh 3500
jp chenet
750 ml @ Ksh 2000
kyron brandy
750 ml @ Ksh 1800
excellency brandy
750 ml @ Ksh 1400
don  montego
750 ml @ Ksh 1400
beehive napoleon
750 ml @ Ksh 1400
750 ml @ Ksh 1700

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The word brandy is a generic term for any spirits produced by distilling grapes. Brandies are spirit derived from distilling fruits. They are aged in a wooden cask or where they are not aged they are colored with caramel to give them the aging effect. There are various brandies in liquor shops today but the most know are from the heart of southwestern France are; Armagnac and Cognac. Online liquor stores bring this spirit to your houses. You can order brandy delivery services online and we will get it delivered in minutes.

A minute saved is a big plus. Online shop ensures you save time by delivering your drinks direct to your door front. Buy brandy on drinks zone brandy delivery Nairobi to experience our timely drinks delivery services. We are finest wine and spirit delivery Nairobi, offering great discounts on drinks on offer.

Brandies though produced from wine, doesn’t taste like wine since they are distilled and aged in wood barrels giving them a more like whisky finish. You cannot judge these drinks by their body only. Taste them and you will realize they are a well-balanced spirit. You can drink brandy straight or over ice. It also goes well with little sugar mix, lemon or orange mixers. Place an order today on drinks zone; drinks delivery Nairobi, 24 hour alcohol delivery Nairobi, for your favorite brandy.