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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you offer alcoholic gifts delivery online in Nairobi ?
You can order a drink and request it to be delivered as a gift. Wrapping, card, flowers, or chocolate will be as per your instruction, and you will foot the extra cost.
Do you offer free alcohol delivery outside Nairobi?
We do delivery alcohol outside Nairobi, but it attracts a delivery fee and requires arrangements due to the time it might take.
What time do you deliver alcohol in Nairobi ?
We offer 24hours alcohol delivery services in Nairobi. After ordering alcohol online we deliver in les than 30 minutes dependent on your location. Our online liquor shop is open through out and you can make your order anytime.
Do you offer office alcohol delivery ?
Yes, we do. We make home deliveries and offices as well. If you have an office party or you will be late in the office, you can always order and have your alcoholic package delivered at the office.
Do you deliver on Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays?
We remain open throughout the week, we deliver drinks on weekends and holidays. We open for longer hours, almost 24-hours on holidays and weekends.
What happens if I'm not available to receive my order?
For sale to be complete, there must be a person aged 18 years or over, authorized by you to receive your order. If you are not there and such a person is not available, the driver or rider returns the order to our retail shop. We encourage you to make adequate arrangements to make sure there is someone to receive your order. You can also make your order now and request delivery at later hours when you will be available.
Do you have hennessy price list ?

Hennessy is one of the most popular cognac, taking up the largest market share according to Statista. To get a view of Hennessy prices in Kenya check out Hennessy price list.

What happens if the drinks I ordered are damaged ?
If your alcohol delivery package is damaged or is not the collect one, you can always return it for an exchange. For comprehensive details, look to our return policy page.
How much do you charge for alcohol delivery ?
We offer free drinks delivery services in Nairobi and it environs. Delivery outside Nairobi will attract a fee.
Do drop alcohol at the door if no one is available to receive it?
No. for all alcohol delivery, there must be an adult at least 18 years of age available to receive the order. We ask you to give us the day and a time frame when you'll be available or the most convenient location to deliver your order, like the office.
Who can buy alcohol online?
The law regulating bars and liquor shops in Kenya is the same law that governs online liquor shops. This means alcohol is only sold to a person aged 18 years and above. So for you to order alcoholic beverages online, you must be of the required legal age.
How can I order drinks delivery with my phone ?
You can call our liquor store directly for the wine, spirits, or beer you cherish and make your orders. If you need help such as planning a party, please feel free to call us on 0700457373.
Are invoices included with the order?
Generally, most online liquor store orders are accompanied by invoices. However, Drinks Zone sends invoices directly to the buyer online to his/ her phone. This happens even before the order is delivered. This is in our effort to make sure you receive the invoice first hand to avoid any incorrect invoice from any other source.
what minimum quatinty of drinks can i order online ?
We deliver from one bottle of wine, whisky, and other spirits. For beers, the minimum order we deliver is a six-pack can or bottle. However, there is no minimum order at our retail shop pick-up as long as you are of the legally required age, 18 years and above.
How long does it take to deliver alcohol at my doorsteps ?
We deliver within the shortest time possible. In most areas within Nairobi, we deliver between 10 to 30 minutes. It may take a longer time for regions outside Nairobi, depending on how far you want us to deliver.
How can i reach you for specific question?
Be free to contact us for any question, comment, or suggestion through our email info@drinkszone.co.ke, phone number 0700457373, or our social media channel.
I don't see the beer, wine, or spirit I want on the website, is there any way you can get it?
If your favorite drinks are missing from our online liquor shop, contact us, and we will closely check our stock and with our distributors and advise you accordingly.
What happens if I need to cancel my order?
You can make changes or cancel your order before it is dispatched to your destination. You will not be charged; however, should you make changes or cancel an order that has been dispatched to your destination, you will incur delivery charges.