Real champagne brands in Kenya

piper heidsieck
750 ml @ Ksh 6000
dom perignon
750 ml @ Ksh 16000
perrier jouet
750 ml @ Ksh 13000
g.h. mumm brut
750 ml @ Ksh 8000
taittinger brut
750 ml @ Ksh 8000
laurent pierre
750 ml @ Ksh 6000
belaire brut
750 ml @ Ksh 5500
belaire luxe
750 ml @ Ksh 5500
belaire rose
750 ml @ Ksh 5500
veuve cliquot
750 ml @ Ksh 10000

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Can your differentiate champagne from sparkling wine? Champagne is a popular alcoholic drink derived from the Champagne region in France. It is a bubbly concoction which is truly unique, classy and sophistication and is a recognized as the drink for special occasions. Champagne has been served at some of the finest events in the world and is excellent for your entire guests.

Champagne delivery services; dial a delivery for crucial champagne facts

True champagne must be made in France Champagne region as France holds strict rules on the way champagne is made. Only sparkling wine made in this region is legally called Champagne. Online champagne delivery Nairobi stock this very wine and we are always happy to deliver it to your doorstep. To make true Champagne, a special process; traditional French method is used to create bubbles in the wine. If this process is used elsewhere the wine is referred to as sparkling wine and not champagne. It is only in this France region that Champagne is made and bottled for the world to enjoy.

 To enjoy the full experience that champagne has to offer, you may add champagne flutes in serving it. The champagne flute is a slim glass which tapers slightly inwards towards the top. The flutes help in containing the bubbles for a longer period to allow you to enjoy your Champagne to the fullest.

Champagne should be stored at 55 F in a dark damp place at an angle. Before serving Champagne chill it for a few hours to bring the temperature down to 45 F.

Popping open a Champagne, though fun, leads to drink wastage and to avoid wastage it should be sighed opened, but gently uncorking it at an angle of 45 degrees to allow more champagne to remain in the bottle. Contact a reliable online liquor shop – drinks zone to order a true champagne delivery Kenya for toast in your occasion.

 Champagne stands out great by itself but is excellent when accented with the right food. Champagne can also be enjoyed when mixed with your favorite mixer to get some brilliant smooth and refined taste. Whether you are in champagne drinking or you are trying to find a new drink that you can enjoy your meals with try champagne drinks. There are many different types of champagne you can purchase on our drinks delivery services Nairobi for the unique brand that suit your needs. Don’t get confused any more dial a drink to get your hands on your favorite champagne without a sweat.