The growth and innovations in technology have lead to the growth of Shopping via the internet and has become a trend we all love. Millions of people enjoy alcoholic drink safely and responsibly, however, going to a physical store and staring at racks of bottles can almost seem disorienting as there could be no real clues as to how a given drink will taste or if it is worth the price that one is paying for it. This has led to the birth of easy drinks.

Drinks zone is an established business selling and offering free delivery services within Nairobi, Kenya. We sell and deriver to your doorstep all kinds of alcoholic drinks including wine, whisky, champagne, beer and soda. We deliver as from one bottle or six pack canned beer. You can enjoy our services as late as mid night without leaving the comfort your home.

For those who have a great taste for their favorite drink and want to enjoy it with their family or friends, Drinks zone offer you a secure online shopping which is convenient, easy and quick. The mission of easy drinks is to change the way people buy their favorite drinks. We are set out to bring experiences to your doorstep and offer the easiest way to lift your spirits. We have thrilled to make that a reality, and with just a few taps, you get your drink delivered to your door.

Drinks Zone is more than just an online store. Unlike other merchants, we specialize in the delivery of your drink right at your doorstep within Nairobi area. We offer a whole lot of variety of drinks to bring the selection and tasting to a whole new personal level. This makes it a lot more fun since you can also turn it into an enjoyable experience with friends and fellow lovers. If you have a special event, you can ask for assistance in your drink selection.

This is a platform that combines competitive prices and the widest drinks selection online, we bring the alcoholic beverages store right to your smart phone. You have just to place an order for your favorite drink online, conveniently at your fingertips. Sometimes there are really occasions that are out of your control, and here the Drinks Zone become more convenient than you can ever imagine. At the tap of your finger, your drink is delivered in under 60 minutes when and where you want them.

We pull together information tailored to our customers' particular tastes. They can discover something new from us they wouldn’t otherwise know about, or get their usual Friday night favorite drink with one click of a button.

With our personalized relationship with our customers, drinks and everything related to it ceases to be intimidating. The easy drink has brought drinks closer to its public, making it accessible to all types of drinkers at prices that are truly affordable. Whether you are looking to learn about the perfect drink for a special dinner with friends, to select the perfect wine to gift your colleagues with, easy drinks welcome you with open arms.