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Welcome to Drinks Zone, your happy hour partner.

It all started with the love of a good bottle of wine, beer, and spirits and then sprung the idea of home/office delivery. 

Not many stores that you visit will have a winning collection of rare and popular drinks. For this reason, we established an online liquor store that gives you access to all drinks available in Kenya. We ensured that all drinks on our website can be delivered to you in under 30 minutes

Since 2016, we have seen tremendous success in our modus operandi. Thousands of visitors on our website are interacting with our content and finally finding their favorite drinks. 

With great determination and unmatched passion, we set out to offer the very best alcohol delivery service 24/7. Drinks Zone puts the customer in the center of everything. We source the best personnel from sales & customer services staff and IT staff to the efficient delivery crew in creating the best online beers, wines & spirits shop. We are there when it matters and are committed to great life moments and the people who create them. 

It Wasn't Always Easy

Initially, it was not easy with most people being skeptical about the authenticity of online products and services. We are thankful to those who gave us a chance when starting out, gave reviews, and recommended us to their friends. We wouldn't be where we are today without our loyal customers' support since we began. Today Drinks Zone is at the top of the list of the most reliable online liquor stores in Nairobi. 

Our Customers

Our delivery service covers everyone from individuals having a good time to high-end parties, social events, bars & restaurants, corporate organizations functions like office parties and conferences, and year-end parties. We’re here to help make every minute of your good times count.

It has never been this easy to get connected with your favorite drink. Drinks Zone is a true friend who makes your happy hour even more memorable. We embrace the current technology to offer the most efficient and reliable liquor delivery services in Kenya.

Liquor Shopping Made Easy

Our website is user-friendly and easy to maneuver around. You can use different search parameters such as category, sub-category, price, product name, or brand. No more wasting time in liquor shopping. We offer a rich e-commerce shopping experience loaded with rich content and competitive & transparent rates.

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