Beefeater gin

Beefeater pink gin
750 ml @ Ksh 2,460
1 litre @ Ksh 2,800
750 ml @ Ksh 2,600
Beefeater price in Kenya
Name Price Alcohol content Country of origin Product category
Beefeater pink gin 750 ml Ksh 2,460 37.5% (ABV) England gin
Beefeater pink gin 1 litre Ksh 2,800 37.5% (ABV) England gin
Beefeater 750 ml Ksh 2,600 40% (ABV) England gin

Beefeater Gin is a distinct, famous gin brand from London distilled by Beefeater distillery in Kennington. Trained pharmacist James Burrough founded the Beefeater Gin brand. Ambitiously James bought the Cale Street-based Chelsea distillery, which specialized in rectifying liqueurs and gins from John Taylor in 1862. In 1863 he started distilling his own distinct style of gin. He set out to perfect the liqueurs and gins recipe applying his scientific expertise to create an exceptional quality gin that today defines the London Dry gin style. Beefeater derives its name from the ceremonial guards of the Tower of London, the Yeomen Warders. Through innovation, James discovered the new process of blending a particular recipe of natural botanicals to make a bold and full-flavored Beefeater Gin. Beefeater established itself as a premium gin brand, extending its customer base, and it was made James Burrough Company's flagship product due to its success.

Beefeater gin is distilled from 100% grain that gives it distinctively clean taste. It contains a blend of nine different natural botanicals: juniper, coriander seeds, angelica seeds, angelica root, orris root, liquorice, lemon peel, almonds, and seville oranges to create flavorful, full-bodied gin. In the USA, it is distilled at 94 proof (47%ABV) while elsewhere is distilled at 80 proof (40% ABV). The beefeater distillery applies a unique production process of steeping of the juniper berries and other natural botanicals for a full 24 hours. Afterward, the spirit is distilled for about eight hours to complete. This process allows the full extraction of the botanicals' flavors, giving the Beefeater gin robust flavor showcasing the quality and tradition that goes into every bottle of Beefeater. Beefeater is a full-bodied aromatic gin with juniper characters dominant on the nose along with a long, complex finish.

The method of steeping and distilling method invented by James, along with the unique recipe of Beefeater he created, is still applied to date. Beefeater has come of age, beating all the odds to become the most popular gin in the world and Kenya, claiming the title of the most awarded gin brand in the world. For those who love the real gin taste, worry not, just dial us, and we will deliver the joy of the real London Dry gin to your doorsteps in minutes. Drinks zone have the best Beefeater gin prices in Kenya plus free alcohol home delivery services in Nairobi. Call for your bottle today. Enjoy!