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Singleton Whisky Price in Kenya

Singleton price in Nairobi
Product Name Price Alcohol contentCountry of origin Liquor category
singleton tailfire 750 ml Ksh 5,300 40% Scotland whisky
singleton dufftown artisan 1 litre Ksh 22,000 43% Scotland whisky
singleton sunray 750 ml Ksh 4,800 40% Scotland whisky
singleton 12 years dufftown 750 ml Ksh 5,900 40% Scotland whisky
singleton dufftown 18 years old 750 ml Ksh 10,900 40% Scotland whisky
singleton dufftown 15 year old 750 ml Ksh 7,900 40% Scotland whisky
Singleton Glendullan 18yrs 1 litre Ksh 19,650 40% Scotland whisky
Singleton Glendullan Double Matured 1 litre Ksh 12,650 40% Scotland whisky
Singleton 12 Years Luscious Nectar 750 ml Ksh 5,400 43% Scotland whisky
Singleton Glendullan Masters Art 1 litre Ksh 14,799 40% Scotland whisky

Singleton brand

Singleton is a renowned single malt whiskey brand from Speyside, Scotland, owned by Diageo. The Singleton distillery was established around 1896 in the Dufftown town as "Dufftown-Glenlivet Distillery." The Singleton single malt whisky brand comprises a trio of distilleries, the Singleton of Dufftown, which is (nutty, spicy), the Singleton of Glen Ord, which is green grassy and the Singleton of Glendullan, which is (apple fruity, grassy). The three combined to create the best threesome of single malts whiskey brands. Glen Ord started followed by Glendullan, and later the Dufftown joined, bringing their best skills and materials together to blend the fine and the best Scottish single malts. Singleton is a child of a desire of the best malt whisky that delivers the most irresistible taste.

Singleton single malt whiskey is naturally rich, smooth, sweet fruity notes and perfectly balanced whiskey brand. To offer the customers the very best singleton taste, it has a wide expression of its whiskey, offering more variants styles and tastes to suit everyone. To achieve the best possible singleton taste, time, and exceptional care are taken at every stage of production. Extra care is put into fermenting and distilling. The distillery sources its water from the best local spring, known as "Highlandman John's well." To give Singleton increased depth and more intense aroma, it is matured in European oak barrel that had previously been used for aging sherry. The distillery has continuously dedicated to offering the best single malt whisky, striving to be the world's single best tasting single malt whiskey. Singleton whiskey is excellent for both whiskey enthusiasts as well as beginners.

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