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The Kenya's Top 10 Most Expensive Wines in 2023

I don’t know about you, but if I am going to spend several thousand shillings on wine, it better be good. Buying expensive wines is like a treasure hunt for your tongue. A discerning palate deserves top-of-the-shelf wines made by the world’s best craftsmen. Step out of the ordinary and treat yourself with something exceptional.

This list carries a rich collection of the most expensive wines in Kenya, readily available for order at a click of a button. Like most pricey things, luxury wine brands are usually in limited supply. I invite you to elevate your moments of celebration, connection, and refinement with the world’s exceptional wines while the stock lasts.

Check out these expensive wine brands. You might find a favorite. Any of these is yours, only if you want it.

Top Expensive Wines in Kenya
ProductPriceAlcohol content (ABV)Country of origin
Scala dei cartoixa Ksh 17,000 15% Spain
Rupert and rothschild baron edmond Ksh 17,999 14.5% South Africa
Kanonkop estate pinotage Ksh 14,500 14% South Africa
simonsig frans malan Ksh 11,000 14.1% South Africa
Waterford estate cabernet sauvignon Ksh 9,800 14.3% South Africa
Flechas de los andes gran corte Ksh 9,000 15% Argentina
tre fattori barolo Ksh 9,000 14% Italy
Ernie els red blend Ksh 4,500 14.5% South Africa
Botega Amaronne Ksh 8,500 16% Italy
Kwv mentors sauvignon blanc Ksh 8,000 14.69% South Africa

1.  Scala dei cartoixa

Scala dei cartoixa
Scala Dei Cartoixa is a Spanish wine from the D.O.Q. Priorat. The wine is made from two grape varieties: Cariñena and Grenache. After handpicking, the grapes are vinified and fermented separately. Aging then follows, which takes up to 18 months, usually in different types of barrels like oak, cement tanks, and foudres. It is an award-winning wine for its exceptional vintages. To the nose, the aromas of ripe black and red fruit are evident with a touch of floral notes accompanied by hints of spice and minerality. The intense mature tannins, rounded body, its robust and buttery character combined with a long lingering finish works magic on the palate. This wine is worth spending and is available at our wine shop.

2.  Rupert and rothschild baron edmond

Rupert and rothschild baron edmond
This is a wine from South Africa founded by Rupert and Baron Rothschild families in 1997. Their expertise in wine production resulted in the most elegant and luxurious wine. This wine is among the most expensive wine in the world that never disappoints its drinkers. It is well equipped with fresh aromas of blueberries and blackberries and with a touch of fresh coriander. It is exceptionally balanced with an incredible structure coupled with hints of chocolate. Its complexity unfolds on the palate revealing silky tannins with an exceptional length. This is the best wine to enjoy with roasted beef Sirloin, dried and aged, veal chop as well as wild mushroom risotto. Try it out and discover its elegance.

3.  Kanonkop estate pinotage

Kanonkop estate pinotage

With over 100 years of history, Kanonkop continues to offer the best Pinotage wines expressing South African heritage. Pinotage grape is a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsaut grapes, each contributing its strength to form a super variety; pinotage. Kononkop is South Africa’s equivalent of Premier Cru, known for producing the best grapes and wines. Kanonkop Estate Pinotage is dry, deep red, and full-bodied with complex flavors of red and black berries and oak. Its complex flavors continue to develop with age. The wine can last in the bottle for 8 to 10 years. Value for money is guaranteed with this wine. It is an absolute taste of elegance that you can pair with red meat or spicy Asian dishes. As you buy a wine gift, consider this wine.

4.  simonsig frans malan

simonsig frans malan
Simonsig Frans Malan is a wine from Stellenbosch of South Africa. It is a dry red Cape style blend made from three grapes: pinotage (70%), Cabernet Sauvignon (23%), and Merlot (7%). These grapes contribute to the color and fruit character of this wine. It has a luscious fruity bouquet that paints the entrance with rich notes of plums, a dash of cigar, and vanilla pod. It has a well-balanced structure, soft and supple tannins, and a dry finish that leaves lingering notes of cedar oak and sweet plum. The contributions of the three grapes are notably incredible and together create this complex and elegant luxurious wine.

5.  Waterford estate cabernet sauvignon

Waterford estate cabernet sauvignon

Waterford Estate is yet another region in South Africa known for producing among the finest wines in the world. Cabernet Sauvignon is a popular grape and the most planted in South Africa. Waterford Estate produces Cabernet Sauvignon that has well-structured tannins, earthy aromatics, and a fresh finish. With over two decades of wine production, Waterford Estate has continued to produce Cabernet Sauvignon with an ever-increasing quality while expressing the terroir of the Helderberg Mountain more consistently. This wine expresses pure fruit and earthy notes with a touch of pencil lead aromas. This wine is available for purchase at Drinks Zone liquor shop and other major wine delivery apps.

6.  Flechas de los andes gran corte

Flechas de los andes gran corte

Gran Corte wine of Flechas de Los Andes winery is a blend of three grapes: Malbec, Syrah, and Cabernet Franc. However, Malbec dominates this wine. It is made in Argentina. The wine was made from a partnership between Rothschild and Laurent Dassault families whose desires to produce a unique and incredible Argentine wine were aligned. Gran Corte wine has well-structured tannins and excellent aging potential. It expresses deep aromas of berry fruits and a touch of cheesy oak that contributes to the vanilla and tobacco notes. On the palate, the wine is acidic, choppy, and raw even after years of aging in the bottle. The wine is rich and round with a long-lasting finish. This is wine is among the best wines in Kenya with regards to quality and complexity.

7.  tre fattori barolo

tre fattori barolo

This is one of the elegant Italian red wines that is highly appreciated and loved by its drinkers. Most Barolos have an elegant and refined structure and an incredible flavor profile. The entrance of this wine is painted with bouquets of violets and roses alongside hints of licorice, cherries, and leather. It has well-balanced flavors with a touch of cherry and cassis and refreshing minerals. The vinification uses top quality grapes carefully selected to ensure quality. Aging occurs in large oak barrels that impart oak flavors. This wine has an aging potential of at least ten years, a period during which it matures into a super-premium wine that offers luxury and indulgence. If in a wine store or want to buy drinks online and you are not sure which one to buy and you want a superb wine, this bottle should be one of your best bets.

8.  Ernie els red blend

Ernie els red blend
Ernie Els has for some time been South Africa’s ambassador in the production of the finest wines with a touch of luxury and quality. The Red Blend is a full-bodied wine that features the bold structure of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. It is Shiraz dominated but still expresses waves of Grenache, Morvèdre, Cinsaut, and also Viognier. The wine expresses notes of licorice, ripe blackberry fruits, spice and smoked herbs to the nose. On the palate, Morello cherries and spice are evident. The wine is bold in flavor and at the same time, easily accessible. It has a long chalky finish which is useful in its five years aging potential. A sip of this red wine is a sip of quality and elegance.

9.  Botega Amaronne

Botega Amaronne
Here is another of Italy’s finest wine and luxurious dry red wine. The wine is made from Corvina as the primary grape and Rondinella as the secondary grape, grown in Valpolicella. The land is known for producing the finest grapes since ancient times. The wine produced from these grapes is aged in oak for two years to mature. The result is an intense and full-bodied wine that is rich and weighty on the palate. It expresses notes of raisin, cherry, spice, and light tobacco scents. This wine is an excellent companion for one seeking serenity and is also a commendable accompaniment to game meat, ripe cheese, and red meat.

10.  Kwv mentors sauvignon blanc

Kwv mentors sauvignon blanc

This is yet another South African wine made by harnessing the beauty of nature with skill and knowledge to create a superior Sauvignon Blanc wine. Combined with the elegance and lively nature of Sauvignon Blanc grapes, this wine is expressive of distinctive tropical fruit aromas, floral hints, orange blossom, subtle spice, rose water, and a touch of lime. The wine is crisp and juicy on the palate with a mineral and linear character then a zesty and lingering finish. It is an excellent wine to enjoy on its own to appreciate its elegance, or with seafood and salads.

The expensive wine options featured here represent a longer list of exceptional drinks you can indulge in. Some of the best wines in Kenya require you to dig a little deeper into your pockets. Such wines give absolute value for money. The selection above features high-end wines from renowned wine-producing regions.

If this list somehow doesn’t appeal to your budget right now, you can try our affordable wine options. You can come later when your pockets are full and check buy the trending luxury wines.