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A Definitive Guide To The 10 Best Gin Brands in Kenya

The best gins in Kenya are identified by their unique ability to impart pleasurable indulgence to gin lovers. Everyone likes to enjoy a unique and delicious drink that is best compatible with the palate. The world of alcoholic drinks is full of distinct and eye-catching drinks, and gins are not an exception. Gin is an excellent, distilled spirit that offers gin lovers a unique drinking experience. It has its flavor derived from juniper and other botanicals. These flavors are infused with alcohol to impart amazing herbal aromas. The different botanicals in different gins make each gin brand different from the other in flavor and aroma. The unique qualities of gins make them popular spirits globally. The alcoholic strength is reduced by adding water to bring the ABV to the required strength. Gin spirit is not aged like most dark spirits. Most of the best gin brands in Kenya are excellent in making various classic cocktails, notably Gin & Tonic and the martini cocktail. To ease your task searching for the best gin spirit compatible with your palate or making an easy cocktail for a party, we have rounded up the top 10 gin brands in Kenya. We were guided by market demand, availability, quality, and the best prices. Here are our best gins in Kenya that you can easily buy online at the best gin prices in Kenya.

The Must-try Top 10 Gin Brands in Kenya
ProductPriceAlcohol content (ABV)Country of origin
hendricks gin Ksh 6,100 - Ksh 7,400 44% Scotland
tanqueray Ksh 3,500 - Ksh 3,200 40% England
bombay sapphire Ksh 3,000 - Ksh 3,600 40% England
beefeater Ksh 2,600 - Ksh 2,750 40% England
bulldog Ksh 3,700 - Ksh 4,400 40% undefined
Gilbeys Ksh 1,750 37.5% England
seagrams extra dry Ksh 2,000 40% America
Monkey 47 dry gin Ksh 6,900 47% Germany
gordons London dry gin Ksh 2,550 - Ksh 3,050 47% England
new amsterdam Ksh 2,600 - Ksh 3,000 40% America

1.  hendricks gin

hendricks gin

Hendrick's is a terrific Scottish Gin made by William Grant & Sons. It is remarkably infused with traditional juniper, Bulgarian rose, and selected cucumber along other botanicals to add flavor and give it a unique taste. It was established by Lesley Gracie, who worked at William Grant & Sons distillery in the development of new liquid for some of the company's products. Her work resulted in a super-premium gin enjoyed worldwide.

Hendrick's gin is made using two different stills – a small copper pot still called Bennett still and Carter-Head Still, which holds the botanicals in a copper basket during distillation. Each of these still produces unique and different styles of gin. Only neutral spirit and water are filled in the still, and the botanical added at the very top of the Carter-Head still. Only alcohol vapor passes through the botanicals in the copper basket. The small Bennett still allows most flavors from botanicals to be absorbed in the spirit. The spirit produced from the Carter-Head still is much more subtle with sweet fragrances and lightly floral. To ensure the production process is fully controlled, and quality gin is produced, only a limited number of litres are produced at a time.

Hendricks gin is creamy and savory with fresh notes of cucumber, juniper, oak, citrus, and vanilla touches on the palate. It has a creamy aroma with zesty citrus, rose petal, juniper, and cucumber on the nose. The finish is long, floral, and refreshing. Hendrick's can be excellently mixed with tonic water, soda water, or served over ice garnished. Order Hendrick's gin online in Kenya at Drinks zone wine & spirits shop and have fun with friends. We are one call away alcohol home delivery service in Nairobi and offer the best gin prices in Kenya.

2.  tanqueray


Tanqueray is a famous London dry gin and among the best-selling gin worldwide. Tanqueray gin was founded by a clergyman's son, Charles Tanqueray, in the 1830s. Charles Tanqueray chose to follow his vision over the family calling and opened a distillery in Vine Street in Bloomsbury, London. He put forward bold ideas in creating a unique drink style, inventing the gin recipe meant to entertain that is celebrated to-date. Tanqueray Dry Gin is crafted with a time-tested recipe, a perfect mix of hard work, ingenuity, and heritage.

Tanqueray London dry gin recipe remains a secret but is known to have four botanicals used in making the gin. It is expertly crafted by double distilling grain and blending selected botanicals of juniper, licorice, angelica root, and coriander into a balanced spirit with a unique herbal quality. As opposed to other gins, the botanicals used in Tanqueray are distilled immediately without being macerated first.

Tanqueray is a classic crisp, dry gin with a rich juniper flavor profile. To the nose, it has a predominant juniper aroma. The rich Tanqueray juniper-forward profile makes it stand out in contrast to most other gins with balanced juniper, citrus, and additional botanical spices. The finish is slightly warm, with vibrant hints of the baking spice of angelica, cinnamon, and coriander. Tanqueray London dry gin is a distinct and classic gin to sip neat. It also offers a refreshing taste when used in Gin and Tonic and classic dry martini cocktails. Buy liquor online in Kenya and enjoy the most affordable gin price in Kenya. We have this classic gin in stock, all for your enjoyment. Dial a delivery to buy from your number-one liquor store and enjoy fast, free alcohol delivery in Nairobi.

3.  bombay sapphire

bombay sapphire

Bombay Sapphire gin is one of the most popular gins in the world. It is a uniquely and delicately perfumed gin. Bombay Sapphire is distilled from grains. Its story began in 1986, launched by English wine-merchant IDV, and sold to Bacardi in 1997. The word Sapphire is derived from the violet-blue Star of Bombay that was mined from Sri Lanka. The Star of Bombay blue rock inspired the gin's name and its blue/sapphire-colored bottle. Bombay Sapphire is uniquely flavored by ten hand-selected exotic botanicals; almond, angelica, lemon peel, orris root, liquorice, cassia, juniper berries, coriander, cubeb, and grains of paradise.

Bombay sapphire is a dry style of gin that does not use any artificial ingredients. It is uniquely distilled in a copper mesh/basket called carter-head still. The distilled alcohol vapor is passed through the carter-head still basket containing the ten botanicals. This process gives Bombay Gin the distinct soft flavor profile, lighter, more floral taste, and aroma than other gins. Bombay Sapphire has a smooth and perfectly balanced taste with fresh citrus and juniper flavors combined with an elegant, delicately spicy finish. Bombay Sapphire is an excellent drink to sip straight and perfect to mix into cocktails such as martini and Gin and Tonic. Dial a drink Kenya to grab a bottle of this world's best gin at the best gin prices in Kenya, wholesale, and retail. Enjoy free alcohol delivery in Nairobi from Drinks Zone online liquor store.

4.  beefeater


Beefeater is a world-renowned London Dry Gin. It was founded in 1863 by James Burrough in the United Kingdom. James Burrough's Beefeater gin original recipe dates to 1863 and is used to date. This recipe has been able to withstand the test of time, becoming the most award-winning gin internationally. The distillery enjoys the services of the world's most experienced master distiller - Desmond Payne. Desmond Payne oversees the production of this bold and unique gin. He tests botanicals samples such as juniper and the rest to ensure Beefeater's bold character and flavor are realized. Beefeater London Dry Gin boasts a lovely array of botanicals including strong juniper character, angelica root and seeds, almonds, coriander seeds, lemon peel, Seville oranges, licorice, and orris root.

Beefeater gin is distilled from "100% grain spirit". The production process involves a full 24 hours steeping process of botanicals before distillation. This process helps to fully extract botanical flavors, capturing a wide range of essential oils from botanicals. Master distiller Desmond Payne oversees the distillation process, which takes about eight hours. Every drop of Beefeater is treated with the care needed and attention to detail to produce classic real London Dry Gin.

You can enjoy Beefeater straight, or if you love a mixed drink, you can mix it with other alcoholic beverages such as sweet vermouth or use it in a classic gin and tonic cocktail. Grab a bottle of this world-famous gin online and enjoy the real taste of London dry gin. Order drinks online from your number one wines and spirits online store in Kenya- Drinks Zone, and experience the most convenient buying and alcohol delivery. We have the best Beefeater prices in Kenya and free 24-hour home alcohol delivery in Nairobi and its environs.

5.  bulldog


Bulldog is a famous London Dry Gin which is quadruple-distilled in copper pot stills. It is an iconic and impressive, premium modern London Dry Gin distilled from 100% British wheat. The neutral spirit is distinctively flavored from twelve exotic botanicals, including; unique white poppy sourced from Turkey, lotus leaf sourced from China, and dragon eye, all notably traced in the taste. This botanical blending gives Bulldog Gin a taste of its own that is smooth with multiple distinct layers of flavors not found in other spirits setting it apart. It is a very aromatic Gin.

On the palate, Bulldog is a spicy gin with cinnamon, juniper dominating, and refreshing citrus notes leading to a warm, floral finish. Bulldog Gin is a bold and complex London dry gin ideal for real gin lovers. Bulldog's unique flavor array makes it best gin used to create impressive cocktails, including the dirty dog (dirty martini made with Bulldog). It excellently blends well with sweet flavors in making classic cocktails such as the Cherry Bitch cocktail. You will enjoy the enlightening experience and harmony of botanicals in every bulldog gin sip. Dial a drink to buy this classic gin online at the top online liquor store in Nairobi and enjoy the best drinks prices and free drinks delivery in Nairobi and its environs.

6.  Gilbeys


Gilbey's gin is a popular classic London Dry Gin. It is a clear juniper-led dry gin distilled from neutral grain spirits along with botanicals. No artificial flavors or colors are added. It was originally made in London only, but today it can be made anywhere in the world. It is characterized by assertive and sharp, clean, light, and dry taste with classic botanicals of juniper, coriander, and bitter orange rind. It has inviting light, floral aroma of juniper, angelica, and sweet orange hints on the nose. The finish is moderate with lingering bittersweet orange notes.

It can be excellently enjoyed on its own or as a mixed drink (base distilled spirit for a cocktail). Gilbey's is a great gin to enjoy, relax, and bond with friends or family members. Gilbey's gin is quite an affordable drink in Kenya. You can buy online from Drinks Zone online liquor store at the best Gilbeys price. Enjoy free drinks delivery in Nairobi.

7.  seagrams extra dry

seagrams extra dry

Seagram's Extra Dry gin is popular in Kenya and reigns as America's number one gin. Since it was launched in 1939, Seagram's gin has led in making classic cocktails in America. It is crafted from a fine grain spirit and exotic aromatic botanicals and distilled at low temperatures to preserve the botanicals' rich aroma, resulting in a uniquely flavored gin. Every drop of Seagram's Gin displays the heritage value of integrity and craftsmanship of distilling premium quality and smooth, flavored gin that distinguish Seagram's from other gins. Seagram's Extra Dry Gin is smooth and mellow, with a unique citrus taste, hints of cinnamon, and orange peel. It imparts a lilac aroma on the nose.

Seagram's gin fits every occasion and can be enjoyed neat or mixed drink and in cocktails. It makes a superb classic martini cocktail, and it is excellent for tonic, soda, and juice mixed drink. If I were you, I would search for alcohol delivery near me to get a bottle of this wonderful gin. For that, we got you covered. Order alcohol online at Drinks Zone online liquor store and enjoy free drinks delivery Nairobi and the best Seagram's gin price in Kenya. We will deliver at your doorstep in less than 30 minutes.

8.  Monkey 47 dry gin

Monkey 47 dry gin

Monkey 47 dry gin is a uniquely flavored and an exotic gin from Germany's black forest. It contains 47 different botanicals hence the number 47. The botanicals include lingonberries as the ideal botanical in Monkey 47 gin. It defines its inherent flavors combined with a host of other botanicals, including angelica root, chamomile, acacia flowers, coriander, bramble leaves, and a whole lot of others sourced from the Black Forest. The botanicals are perfectly balanced, each playing their part in the Monkey 47 flavors and aromas revealed in every sip. The extensive botanicals define the extent of flavors a gin can have. The Monkey 47 distillers set out not only to make a brand but also a classic, quality, and possible best gin with unique aroma and fragrances. Before distillation, the ingredients are steeped in molasses alcohol. The distilled spirit is aged for three months in earthenware containers before being brought to 47% ABV with Black Forest soft water. The distillery produces a limited number of bottles each year, the idea being to deliver high-quality spirit only and harness the inherent Monkey 47 flavor profile.

Monkey 47 Gin is one of the world's best gins in flavor depth, spirit quality, packaging, and price. Apart from the complex botanical profile, Monkey 47 Gin bottles are themselves a treat combining a great story with excellent design to create a formidable package. The style shaped brown glass with a ring around the cork completes the monkey 47 admirable package. Monkey 47 is a bold, complex, and well-structured gin with refreshing acidity, slightly sweet, and lingering bitterness. It is spicy with deep flavors of herbal juniper, lingonberries flowers, citrus, and bitter fruit expressed on the palate. To the nose, there are prevalent woody aromas, lime, fresh grassy, fleshy berries, citrus notes, and botanical sweetness undertone that gives this gin both levity and depth. The finish is balanced long, woody, and rich. Monkey 47 gin is a great spirit to sip neat to appreciate the full spectrum of its flavors. On top of delivering intense flavors, it makes terrific classic cocktails. Dial a drink in Kenya to have a taste of this exquisite gin. We offer the best gin prices in Kenya plus fast drinks delivery in Nairobi.

9.  gordons London dry gin

gordons London dry gin

Gordon's is a London Dry Gin developed by Alexander Gordon, and first produced in 1769. He invented a high-quality gin with a unique recipe. This gin is skillfully distilled using a unique recipe that remains unchanged to date. Gordon's is one of the best London dry gin globally, produced by British spirits company Diageo. Gordon's gin comprises the finest handpicked juniper berries, coriander, citrus, angelica root, and other selected botanicals, blended to form a unique and best-tasting gin. These herbs' combination gives Gordon's Gin its distinctive refreshing crisp taste, mellow intensified flavors, and fragrant citrus aroma that defines it.

Gordon's gin is a drink to be enjoyed, and it is an excellent drink for the ladies' night, Friday night out, weekend catch up with friends, or when sharing light, relaxed moments with people we love. Order Gordon's Gin online at Drinks Zone wines & spirits online shop and enjoy the best Gordon's prices in Kenya and free home alcohol delivery in Nairobi.

10.  new amsterdam

new amsterdam

New Amsterdam Gin is a uniquely flavored gin that has taken a modern approach to the classic spirit. It is named after New Amsterdam that became New York City. New Amsterdam is a relatively affordable gin in Kenya. It is a citrus-forward gin with light hints of juniper. The botanicals deliver a crisp, clean and smooth taste. To the nose, New Amsterdam gin exhibits citrus, light lemon, sweet orange, and light notes of juniper. Citrus flavors dominate along with hints of juniper, lemon oil, lime, and orange notes. The finish is smooth.

The smooth taste of New Amsterdam makes it a great gin to sip straight. You can also use it in making easy classic cocktails. Order this excellent and affordable gin online at Drinks Zone online alcohol shop and enjoy our fast, free drinks delivery in Nairobi.

All of these incredible top 10 gins in Kenya offer something distinct and exceptionally unique. No drink is like the other. Each is worth trying to discover incredible flavors and elegance. You can enjoy them straight or use them to make classic cocktails. Several other best gins in Kenya, such as Tanqueray no. 10, Beefeater pink gin, Plymouth sloe gin, and Sense London dry gin, offer pleasurable experiences. Buy gins online on your leading online liquor store in Nairobi and enjoy the most affordable gin prices in Kenya and quick and free alcohol delivery services in Nairobi.