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Most Affordable Premium Whiskeys in Kenya

The world of whisky is full of fantastic and quality whisky brands ranging from the most affordable whisky brands, most expensive whiskies to premium whisky brands offering whisky lovers something unique and enjoyable. Navigating through these numerous prestigious whiskies sitting on liquor shops' shelves can be difficult, especially for beginners. We have compiled the best whisky brands list containing quite affordable and the most demanded whiskey to offer a helping hand. This list of best budget whisky is a starting point for exploring more exciting options and breaking from the most famous whiskeys you have always known. These brands bring a unique flavor profile, rich and incredible character, vibrant aromas, and warm taste with every sip.

There's no shortage of this iconic spirit for anyone searching for wonderful premium spirit or seasoned sippers looking for an affordable premium whiskey. These whiskies are excellent to enjoy on their own or in a mixed drink and are perfect for regularly sipping, serving on special occasions, and sharing with friends. Whether you have a taste for smoky Scotch whisky, sweet, spicy, or want to stretch your whiskey palate, here are the most affordable whisky brands to try. You can choose from classic single malts, blended whisky, Scotch whiskey, Irish whisky, to American bourbon and Tennessee whisky.

Top 11 Affordable Whiskeys in Kenya in 2023
ProductPriceAlcohol content (ABV)Country of origin
glenfiddich 12 years Ksh 7,600 - Ksh 9,200 40% Scotland
johnnie walker black label Ksh 4,300 - Ksh 3,400 40% Scotland
johnnie walker red label Ksh 2,250 - Ksh 2,650 40% Scotland
jack daniel's old No. 7 Ksh 4,650 - Ksh 3,700 - Ksh 14,700 40% America
ballantines finest Ksh 2,850 - Ksh 3,500 43% Scotland
Chivas Regal 12 years Ksh 3,960 - Ksh 4,550 40% Scotland
famous grouse Ksh 2,000 - Ksh 2,300 40% Scotland
Jameson Irish Whisky Ksh 2,850 - Ksh 3,650 40% Ireland
tullamore dew Ksh 2,700 - Ksh 3,450 40% Ireland
wild turkey Ksh 3,180 40% America
J&B rare Ksh 2,200 - Ksh 2,400 40% Scotland

1.  glenfiddich 12 years

glenfiddich 12 years

Glenfiddich 12 years one of the most popular single malt scotch worldwide. Flowing from the Valley of the Deer, Glenfiddich appears in the list of the world's most awarded single malt Scotch whisky, with 12 years expression remaining the Glenfiddich brand signature. It is carefully matured for at least 12 years in the fine American bourbon and Spanish sherry oak casks. William Grant patiently nurtured a dream to make the 'best dram in the valley.' With his family's help, he finally realized his vision, fulfilling his lifelong ambition in 1886. Glenfiddich whisky ranges are the most awarded single malt Scotch whisky than any other single malt whisky since 2000, with the classic Glenfiddich 12 year's expression receiving Gold Medal in 2007 and 2015 in IWSC awards.

William's pioneering spirit, passion, and determination have continued to guide the production of the best premium Single Malt Scotch Whisky enjoyed today. Glenfiddich single malts quality consistence is a true reflection of William's innovative nature, passed down through the generations. The 12-year-old is a Glenfiddich unique Speyside style, beautifully crafted and delicately balanced, resulting in an easy-to-drink spirit proclaimed the best dram in the valley and loved by many people.

It is distinctively fresh with fruity aromas, honey, malty, and pear hints on the nose. On the palate, this whisky is characterized by soft sweet light, fruity, floral, and spice notes with creamy, malt, and subtle oak flavors developing. The finish is long, smooth, and mellow with ripe fruity and oak touches. Glenfiddich 12 years is an astonishingly affordable whisky to spice your evening, a great weekend drink, and perfect for serving your guests on your special occasion. Buy this premium whisky online at Drinks Zone, the leading online liquor store in Nairobi, and enjoy the best whisky prices.

2.  johnnie walker black label

johnnie walker black label

Johnnie Walker's whiskies color range makes a difference in the whisky world. Johnnie Walker Black Label is among the best premium Scotch whiskeys in the world, recognized as the benchmark for all other deluxe blended whiskies. Created in 1820, JW Black Label was initially known as "Walker's Old Highland Whisky." It was relaunched in 1909 and renamed; Black Label. It is masterfully crafted from approximately 40 exceptional single malt and grain whiskies aged for no less than 12 years. These whiskies are sourced from the four corners of Scotland. Blended to perfection, Walker Black Label is an iconic blend with a multi-dimensional taste with an unparalleled, perfectly balanced depth of flavors and unique complexity.

With a belief in capturing the best of what the whisky industry provides in a single blend, the Walker family pursued their goal of creating a premium whisky brand. Today Johnnie Walker Black Label is a much-loved, respected 12 years old blended Scotch whisky and highly regarded spirits of its kind. It has an unmistakable smoothness, perfectly balancing intense flavors, silky texture, unique complexity, and deep character. It is popularly known for its complexity, luxurious scent of rich and tropical dried fruits, with hints of sweet vanilla and toasted oak on the nose. It is rich and smooth with hints of barley, cereal, and creamy toffee that linger at the tip of the tongue with notes of wood smoke and dry spice on the palate. It is incredibly well balanced, sophisticated, delivering a smooth and warming mellow smoky finish, a signature character of the Johnnie Walker brand.

John Walker Black Label is a complex blended scotch whisky that is surprisingly affordable, considering its taste and quality. Since it offers a nice, perfectly balancing depth of flavors, it is a great introduction to Scotch whiskey's taste. Enjoy Walker Black Label on the rocks or with dashes of water, ginger ale, or soda. It is an excellent whisky to share on any occasion, night out with friends, and perfect for entertaining at home. Johnnie Walker Black Label also makes a terrific special whisky gift. Buy this iconic whisky brand at Drinks Zone, the leading online wines and spirits shop in Nairobi, and enjoy the best whisky prices and free home whisky delivery service.

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3.  johnnie walker red label

johnnie walker red label

Johnnie Walker whisky brand is a big name in Scotch whisky, offering an impressive portfolio of blended scotch for every taste and budget, from the most affordable quality whiskeys to the most expensive whisky types. Johnnie Walker Red Label is one of the most popular whisky in Kenya, known initially as "Walker's Special Old Highland whisky" before being renamed to John walker red label in 1909. Red Label is a highly versatile blended Scotch whisky with universal appeal, bold and distinctive flavors that shine through even in mixed drinks.

Red Label blended Scotch whisky is a blend of 30 single malt and grain whiskeys from Scotland's four corners. It carries no age statement. It engulfs the nose with fresh hints of a fresh spark of zest, apple, oaky, and pear from the elegant Speyside and Highland malts. On the palate, it cracks with fruity sweetness, exotic spices of cinnamon, black pepper, and mellow vibrant vanilla, smoky flavors. The finish takes on the signature of all Johnnie Walker blends – soft, long, and smoky.

Red Label is a perfect dram to enjoy in mixed drinks and cocktails as well on its own. Red Label is the most affordable Scotch whisky found in almost every bar, club, and wine & spirits store. It is an excellent whisky to enjoy with friends, at home, at parties, and family get-togethers. You can get almost any bottle of your favorite liquor at the top online liquor stores in Kenya, such as Drinks Zone, Drinks Vine, Dial A Drink Kenya, Jumia, and Oak & Corks, at the best Johnnie Walker whisky price.

4.  jack daniel's old No. 7

jack daniel's old No. 7

Jack Daniel's name is very popular in the whisky world, particularly in Tennessee, and is easily distinguishable from other whiskeys. Jack Daniel's Black Label, also popularly known as Old No. 7 or simply Jack Daniel, is one of the best-selling whiskeys in the world and the original Jack Daniel's label. Jack Daniel's Black Label is the signature whisky brand that defines Tennessee whiskey, and it commands a legion of fans globally. Quality consistency, sweet smoothness, and approachability are the hallmarks that define Jack Daniels, making it the top-selling premium spirit worldwide. Jack Daniel's whiskeys have no age statement as they do not follow any set specific aging calendar. This whisky is aged "as long as it is needed," and it is only ready when Jack Daniel's tasters say it is, judging by its body, appearance, aroma, and tastes. This is primarily due to dramatic weather changes that have a significant effect on barrel time. This is how Jack Daniel did it, and it is how it is done today.

Jack Daniel's whisky production meets the regulatory criteria for classification as a straight bourbon; however, Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 is marketed as Tennessee whiskey. What sets Jack Daniel apart from other whiskies is an additional step of filtering it undergoes, known as the "Lincoln County process." This process involves charcoal mellowing the fresh spirit drop after drop through sugar maple charcoal before maturing. Jack Daniel's Black Label is produced from the selected finest barley malt, corn, and rye, mixed pure water from the natural Cave Spring on the Jack Daniel distillery grounds. This unique process imparts Black Label's distinct smoothness and unique sweet taste. From there, it is matured in hand-crafted barrels of Jack Daniel's own making.

Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 is characterized by a medium body with a deep golden hue. It has appealing flavors, complexity, and depth. It provides a balanced, gentle aroma of caramel, vanilla, and butterscotch with apparent hints of wood and toffee notes on the nose. It is unmistakably soft, smooth, and a smoky sweetness with a touch of caramel and brown sugar syrup notes. All Jack Daniels whiskies have a reputation for a light licorice note present in Black Label. The licorice note in Black Label is not overwhelming, and it lends nice background flavors of vanilla, nuts, freshly brewed coffee, and toasted oak. The finish is quick and sweet with excellent wood polish, oak notes, and hints of spices, warm caramel, and some lingering char.

Black Label is a perfect drink for Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, and other special occasion celebration. You can enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or with your favorite mixer. Indeed Jack Daniel's Black Label is a good quality cheap whisky that has remained true to its root. Buy this iconic whisky brand online at Drinks Zone Kenya and enjoy the most affordable price coupled with free, quick whisky delivery in Nairobi and its environs. Apart from Black Label, you can order other Jack Daniel's whisky brand whiskeys, including Gentleman Jack, Single Barrel Select, and other limited edition offerings.

5.  ballantines finest

ballantines finest

Ballantine's Finest is a classic blended Scotch whisky making it in the list of best whiskeys in Kenya. It is the first and the oldest recipe of the Ballantine's brand and was Jim Murray's No Age Statement Blend. It has remained true to its original recipe since 1910. It holds the No.1 title for Scotch whisky in Europe and the world ranking No.2. This blended Scotch whisky is crafted from more than 40 malts, mostly from Miltonduff and Glenburgie, and single-grain whiskies carefully selected from the four iconic Scottish regions.

The careful selection of malts and grains used in crafting Ballantine's Finest premium blend imparts a soft, fresh, sweet, and complex character and a light golden color of this whisky. It is a satisfyingly modern blend. The Ballantine's Finest burst with soft and elegant aromas of honey, smoky, and wood, along with spicy hints on the nose. It is rich and slightly sweet with well-balanced, subtle milk chocolate, vanilla touches, and gentle peat on the palate, followed by a sweet, fresh, soft, floral, and rounded finish. Ballantine's Finest is a perfect blended Scotch to start your evening and an affordable choice to serve on any occasion. Buy online at Drinks Zone at discounted whisky prices coupled with free home alcohol delivery service in Nairobi.

6.  Chivas Regal 12 years

Chivas Regal 12 years

Chivas Regal 12 years is a famous premium, award-winning Scotch blended whisky. It is more than a scotch whisky; it is a classic blended whisky produced from selected finest malt and grain whiskies matured for 12 years resulting in a luxurious, rich, and smooth whisky. Chivas 12 years is an original luxury blended Scotch whisky, warm and generous, born to thrill and steals hearts. It is described as "the blend for grown-ups." The Chivas craft of blending was inspired by the founding brothers James and John Chivas, whose mastery forms the basis of all that is Chivas Regal. The two had two fundamental blending principles: 'old, mature stocks and a distinct Speyside accent.' The Chivas master blender adheres to these same principles.

Crafted from different fine malt and grains whiskies, Chivas 12 years old is a refined whisky loaded with vanilla, wild herbs, honey, and orchard fruits aroma on the nose, with hints of lemon curd and toffee. It offers blockbuster taste notes of creamy barley, honey, and fruity flavors of vanilla hazelnut and ripe apple on the palate. On the finish, it is sweet and creamy, lingering with light spicy notes. Chivas 12 years is an overall beautifully balanced and superb blend in its price category, offering great value for money. It is a great dram to enjoy straight or serve with ice and soda in a highball glass. It is a perfect drink for a special occasion, as well as a liquor gift. Dial a delivery to buy this blended whisky from the best online alcohol delivery in Nairobi at the most affordable price; wholesale and retail.

7.  famous grouse

famous grouse

The Famous Grouse is a popular finest blended Scotch whisky and Scotland's favorite whisky. It was first produced in 1860 when it was just 'The Grouse' and rebranded in 1896 to The Famous Grouse, and it has been the best-selling Scotch whisky brand in Scotland since 1980. The Famous Grouse blend is crafted from the finest single malt whiskies, including Highland Park and The Macallan, exceptionally married with grain whiskies and matured in hand-crafted seasoned oak casks. This blending delivers a premium blend with a distinctive personality, unrivaled high-quality spirit, smooth and perfectly balanced, bringing the whisky character to life.

Carefully crafted by the Grouse dedicated team of experts, the Famous Grouse is a high-quality, full golden bright appearance premium whisky, with rich, sweet, and well-rounded, smooth flavors. The spirit is matured for extended periods in quality wood carefully selected, giving the ingredients ample time to create well-balanced flavors. It is then filtered at a high temperature to achieve smoothness and richness. It is crisp, light on the nose with a hint of citrus and candied fruits aroma. It is balanced, smooth with gently subtle flavors of toasted oak, creamy malt, and brighter fruity notes on the palate. It is slightly sweet, long, and clean on the finish. The Famous Grouse is a standard priced premium blended Scotch whisky of its category, representing excellent value for money. It perfectly works in whisky-based cocktails. It is an affordable whisky suitable for any occasion, from Christmas, dinner parties, birthdays, to a little luxury weekend drink. Add this classic whisky to your shopping cart and have a taste of the Famous Grouse creamy, sweet, and well-rounded superior taste.

8.  Jameson Irish Whisky

Jameson Irish Whisky

Jameson is the most popular and by far the best-selling Irish whiskey in the world. It is a blended whiskey that has been a popular choice for whiskey lovers for years, boasting an exceptional smoothness – signature. Producing the best blended Irish whiskey takes a lot. The Jameson family has taken the courage to produce a premium Irish whisky brand focusing on collective appreciation for taste employing vast crafting skills. Jameson whiskey is crafted by blending rich Irish pot still whiskey with the finest grain whiskey. Irish pot still whiskey is a style exclusive to Ireland, made from both malted and unmalted barley. Both whiskies are distilled three times, which imparts Jameson's smoothness. It is matured for at least four years in American bourbon and Spain sherry oak casks. Founder John Jameson pioneered the signature triple distillation process, and the distillery upholds this legacy to date that gives Jameson whiskeys their exceptionally smooth taste. The barley used in this whisky is grown locally in Ireland, and purer water used originates from the Dungourney River that flows through the distillery. However, due to poor climate, the Jameson sources its maize from the South of France.

At Jameson, commitment to quality is apparent, and a great deal of attention is given to the very last grain. The resulting spirit is a high-quality Irish blended whisky with toasted wood and sherry undertones aromas. It is sweet and smooth with vanilla flavor, woody-spicy, and nutty notes on the palate, completed by an incredibly smooth finish. Jameson whisky can be enjoyed over ice, in a refreshing Jameson Ginger Ale & Lime, or classic whisky cocktails like the Whiskey Sour. It is a perfect alcohol gift to your special person, and it is a great drink to serve on special occasions such as dinner parties, Christmas celebrations, valentine's date, and other special events. This premium, affordable whisky brand is available in many liquor shops in Nairobi. You can order online at Drinks Zone and enjoy the most affordable whisky prices plus free home delivery services in Nairobi.

9.  tullamore dew

tullamore dew

Tullamore Dew, mostly branded as Tullamore D.E.W., is a resoundingly popular blended Irish whisky. The D.E.W. initials are derived from the general manager, who later became the owner of the original distillery Daniel E. Williams (D.E.W.). It is one of the best-selling Irish whiskey brands globally. Tullamore dew is a whiskey with an exceptional character derived from its unique making process. It is triple blended from three Irish spirits (grain whiskey, malt whiskey, and pot still whiskey), triple distilled, and triple matured in traditional refill barrels, ex-bourbon barrels, and ex-sherry cask. Tullamore dew is the only whiskey in the world that undergoes this kind of process. The triple blend gives a balance of flavor like no other. Triple maturation gives it great gentle complexity, depth, and balance, while triple distillation gives it unrivaled smoothness.

Tullamore dew is a complex yet approachable premium whisky offering whiskey lovers a true Irish blend character profile of light, apple, sweet citrus, and leafy green aromas combined with vanilla undertones on the nose. It is lovely on the palate with biscuit flavor, citrus, fruity, toasted wood, and soft spicy notes. The finish is long, combining with delicious vanilla sweetness and buttery mellowness. Get this uniquely made whiskey and taste an incredibly smooth and pleasing tasting whisky. It is a great drink to enjoy straight or in mixed drinks. It is best shared and enjoyed with friends. Buy online at the best Tullamore Dew price and enjoy free whiskey delivery to your doorstep.

10.  wild turkey

wild turkey

Wild Turkey is an authentic super-premium American bourbon whisky, crafted by Kentucky Bourbon Hall-of-Famer Eddie Russell. It is expertly crafted with conviction by Wild Turkey Master Distillers, using high-rye mash before being aged in American White Oak barrels with the deepest number four "alligator" char. This iconic bourbon is aged for longer than most other bourbons, between six to eight years, to deliver more character and to give it a more complex taste – the Wild Turkey signature kick. It stands above other whiskeys in its category.

Wild Turkey is only slightly diluted and distilled at a low proof giving it a fuller and more robust bourbon flavor and authentic bourbon taste. It is not too sweet, with honeyed fruit, caramel, and spicy notes. It has bold notes of sweet vanilla, pear, honey, and hints of spice on the nose. The finish is flavorful and robust. Wild Turkey is enjoyable on its own or in a mixed drink. It can boldly stand up to any mixer or cocktail such as Old Fashioned and Manhattan. Dial us to buy online this premium whisky at the best whisky price in Nairobi to spice your evening or event.

11.  J&B rare

J&B rare

J&B Rare (Justerini & Brooks' blend) is a famous blended Scotch whisky with an unconventional heritage. Unlike any other Scotch whiskey, J&B Rare never fails to deliver quality, style, and value for money. It brings together 42 single malt and finest grain whiskies carefully blended to create a subtle, smooth and complex flavored premium whisky. At the core of J&B Rare malt whiskies are superior single malt whiskies from Speyside, giving J&B Rare light color and the fruity, fresh quality. The combination of these whiskies gives the J&B delicate balance and unique taste attributed to its distinctive character.

This Scotch whisky has an appealing medium body and a nose with toffee apples, malty, oak, and orange zest hints. On the palate, J&B is well-balanced and smooth with rich, fruity notes and malt. The finish is short with oaky touches and cinnamon spices. J&B Rare is a great party whisky whose unique flavors and blend make it perfect for mixed drinks and cocktails. Order online from us this affordable premium whisky for celebration and enjoy the best prices and free delivery in Nairobi. Drinks Zone is your number one online wines and spirits shop in Nairobi.

These affordable premium whiskies are introducing new whiskey-making tricks that bring unique flavor profiles and unusual aging methods to switch things up, offering something special to enjoy neat or in mixed drinks. They are excellent to celebrate a special day and as ideal liquor gifts, where you don't have to dig too deep into your pockets. Explore more affordable premium drinks at the leading online liquor shops in Kenya and enjoy free drinks delivery in Nairobi. We have a 24-hour alcohol delivery service, and delivery takes less than 30 minutes in Nairobi and its surrounding areas. Buy whisky online and enjoy the best alcohol deals