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Jameson Irish Whisky

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Jameson Irish Whisky price in Nairobi
Product Name Jameson Irish Whisky
Volume 750 ml - 1 litre
  • 750 ml @ Ksh 2,850
  • 1 litre @ Ksh 3,650
  • Country of origin Ireland
    Alcohol content 40%
    Brand Jameson
    Type whisky
    AvailabilityIn Stock
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    Jameson Irish Whisky in Kenya

    Buy Jameson Irish Whisky online in Kenya at the Drinks Zone liquor store.

    Jameson Irish Whisky is the perfect choice for those looking to elevate their whisky-drinking experience. With its rich history and smooth drinking experience, Jameson is a force to reckon with among premium whiskeys.

    Jameson is a blend of pot still and fine-grain whiskey, triple-distilled for its signature smoothness. It is finally aged in bourbon and sherry oak casks for a minimum of 4 years, resulting in a unique smoothness and perfect flavor balance.

    Jim Murray, the world's most influential whiskey critic, awarded this iconic Irish blended whisky an incredible 95 points.

    The Jameson whisky price in Kenya is incredibly affordable, considering the quality and reputation this whisky has set among Irish blends.

    Jameson Tasting Notes

    Jameson is a top Irish whisky brand. Its mellow flavor makes it easy to drink on its own or in mixed drinks.

    Nose: Light floral fragrance, hints of spicy wood, and a smooth sweetness.

    Palate: A perfect balance of vanilla, spice, sweet cherry, and exceptional smoothness.

    Finish: Medium-length, smooth, and lingering with spice and honey.

    The light body ,fruity flavor, and floral fragrances make Jameson very approachable, making a perfect whisky introduction to new drinkers.

    How to Drinks Jameson

    The light and mellow flavor make Jameson very approachable and easy to drink straight. Sip and nose it before diluting it with water, ice, or any other drink to taste the flavors and smell the fragrances. Swirl your glass gently to allow it to open up flavors. A few water drops enhance the flavors even more.

    Jameson Irish whisky is also great with mixed drinks or cocktails. Try making the following cocktails at home with Jameson:

    • Irish mule
    • Irish whisky sour
    • Irish old fashioned
    • Whisky highball
    • Irish coffee

    Find more Jameson cocktail recipes at Drinks Zone, Jameson whisky page, and A Couple Cooks.

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