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The 10 Best White Wines in Kenya to Drink in 2023

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Wine has come a long way to be one of the most sophisticated, classy, cherished, and most popular drink of all drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines. However, if you don't know about wine, like all other popular drinks, it poses a real challenge that makes head spin in selecting the best wine compatible with your palate and perfectly pairs with your meal. Like the best red wines in Kenya, Kenya's best white wine brands also offer consumers vastly diverse and complex white wine brands selections. As a leading online liquor store, we endeavor to ensure you have the best drink at your disposal. Wine is classified into different categories, i.e., red wines, rose wines, white wines, sparkling wines, and champagnes. To better understand various best wine brands, let us narrow down to Kenya's most popular white wines types.

Different types of white wines are seductive to a wine fan's palate. White wine can be enjoyed by itself or paired with a wide variety of foods. Most white wines are renowned for being great apéritifs, taken before meals, and refreshing drinks to pair with meals, especially seafood dishes. The individual character of various types of white wine is determined by the main grape varietals used. Since there are many excellent white wines you can order online in Kenya, we have rounded up the top 10 white wines in Kenya judging by market demand and availability. Let us look at these best white wine brands in Kenya and their prices to order online on the online wine shops near you comfortably.

The 10 Best White Wines You Need in Your Cellar in 2023
ProductPriceAlcohol content (ABV)Country of origin
frontera sauvignon blanc Ksh 1,650 - Ksh 2,480 12.5% Chile
robertson winery natural sweet white Ksh 1,650 - Ksh 2,350 7.5% South Africa
4th street white sweet Ksh 1,250 8% South Africa
drostdy-hof white sweet Ksh 1,500 12% South Africa
four cousins white sweet Ksh 1,200 - Ksh 2,000 9.5% South Africa
birds & bees white sweet malbec Ksh 1,600 12.5% Argentina
nederburg chardonnay Ksh 1,950 13% South Africa
simonsig chenin blanc Ksh 2,700 12% South Africa
culemborg chenin blanc Ksh 2,000 12.5% South Africa
bianco nobile white sweet Ksh 2,000 9% Germany

1.  frontera sauvignon blanc

frontera sauvignon blanc

Frontera Sauvignon Blanc is the best-selling Chilean white wine and among the most popular white wine in Kenya. This wine is 100% Sauvignon Blanc, and it brings the Chilean style by displaying the varietal's character in each of its delicious wines. Frontera Sauvignon Blanc is a dry, well-balanced, light-bodied fresh white wine with crisp and fruity flavors of green apple, peach, and citrus aromas with a lingering finish. This wine is excellent with seafood, sauces, and salads. Serve this wine chilled to bring out its bright and crisp character. Dial a drink Nairobi to enjoy every drop of this best white wine in every sip.

2.  robertson winery natural sweet white

robertson winery natural sweet white

Robertson Sweet White is a famous medium-bodied wine. It is a uniquely blended young, fragrant, and refreshing sweet white wine from South Africa. It is a blend of fresh varietals (Chenin Blanc, Colombard, and Muscadel) that result in a very quaffable wine that is low in alcohol, packed with the natural sweetness of tropical fruit and salad flavors. Robertson Sweet White wine is best served chilled. It can be enjoyed on its own or with your preferred dessert dishes and is perfect as an aperitif. Enjoy free wine delivery Nairobi from Drinks Zone online wines & spirits shop. We are stocked with top sweet white wine brands at the best wine price in Kenya. We offer the most reliable drinks delivery services in Nairobi and its environs.

3.  4th street white sweet

4th street white sweet

4th Street Natural Sweet White is a light, fresh, easy to drink wine from South Africa. 4th street wine brands are among the most famous wines in Kenya and the best ladies' wine brands in Kenya. 4th Street wines are made from high-quality grapes sourced from selected vineyards, harvested at optimum ripeness, and a careful blend of the full sweet grape juice to ensure a maximum fruity burst and low alcohol wine. 4th street white sweet is an excellent special occasion wine, as it is inspired by sharing and friendship. It is a perfect wine choice whenever you want to have fun, relax, and bond with friends or family members. You can enjoy this fruity sweet white wine on its own or pair with your favorite meal, especially creamy pizzas. 4th Street white wine is best served chilled. Buy 4th Street Wines from Nairobi's best online wine shop whenever good times pop-up.

4.  drostdy-hof white sweet

drostdy-hof white sweet

Drostdy-Hof White Sweet is a light, young, fragrant white wine from South Africa, Western Cape. It is made by blending natural grape juice of Chenin Blanc, Colombard, and Sauvignon Blanc varieties. Drostdy-Hof White wine is low in alcohol, and on the palate, it is crisp and full of delicately fruity flavor. It bursts with fruity aromas of the grape varieties with a clean sweet finish. Drostdy-Hof White Sweet wine is tasty and very easy to drink and can be enjoyed on its own, and it also excellently complement light salads, seafood, and snacks, making it an ideal wine for lunchtime. Dial a bottle to order this sweet white wine in Kenya on the best liquor store with alcohol delivery Nairobi. We deliver to your doorstep in minutes.

5.  four cousins white sweet

four cousins white sweet

The Four Cousins Sweet White is a deliciously fruity wine from South Africa, blended from white cultivars grape juice by Retief cousins. The grapes are hand-picked at their optimum ripeness stage. Four Cousins white is a fragrant, sunshine-colored, sweet white wine with fruity flavors of nougat, luscious apricots, rich tropical fruit salad, and a gentle honeysuckle aroma. The finish is soft and lingering. Four Cousins Sweet Wine is one of the best sweet white wine in Kenya and makes a great everyday drink. It is an excellent aperitif and pairs well with spicy dishes, fruit, and desserts. We are the best online wine shop, offering wine home delivery in Nairobi. Grab a bottle of this fragrant wine to have a good time.

6.  birds & bees white sweet malbec

birds & bees white sweet malbec

Bird & Bees White Sweet Malbec is one of the most popular and the most distributed Argentine wine brand globally. This wine is packed with delicious grape sweetness and fabulous fruity flavors. It is made from grapes harvested in their optimal ripeness stage to create a sweet and fresh Bird & Bees White Sweet Malbec wine. This excellent sweet white wine has enticing fruit flavors of pineapples and tropical mangoes and a charming aroma of ripe peaches, pear, and jasmine. You can best enjoy Bird & Bees White Sweet Malbec on its own, and it also excellently pairs with dried fruits, cheeses, cream, and dark chocolates. This wine is also excellent to serve on a special occasion. It evokes passion and romance with its elegant flavors and aromas. Dial a delivery in Kenya to purchase this enticing sweet white wine for your party or meal pairing. Get the best Birds & Bees wine price in Kenya at Drinks Zone and have a pleasurable indulgence.

7.  nederburg chardonnay

nederburg chardonnay
p> Nederburg Chardonnay is crafted by one of the most decorated and award-winning South Africa's winery - Nederburg. Nederburg Chardonnay wine is a dry, full-bodied white wine crafted from 100% Chardonnay variety. The grapes are sourced from Western Cape vineyards and are hand-picked at the season they are best ripe. Nederburg winemakers are always keen on details to craft the best Chardonnay wines for the world to enjoy. They use the top quality fruits to ensure only the best wine is made and maintain the Nederburg winery's long-established tradition of excellence in winemaking.

Nederburg Chardonnay displays a lemon green color. It is a lovely refreshing white wine full of rich and abundant fruity flavors, acidity, and a classic structure. It exhibits lime and melon fruit aromas with beautifully integrated oak notes in the background. It is quite refreshing and delicious with apricot and citrus flavors and a creamy texture on the palate. You can enjoy Nederburg Chardonnay on its own or pair it with grilled fish, oriental, and cream-based sauces dishes. Buy wine online in Kenya on the Drinks Zone liquor store and enjoy the best Nederburg wine price in Kenya.

8.  simonsig chenin blanc

simonsig chenin blanc

Simonsig Chenin Blanc is a full-bodied, dry white wine from South Africa, Stellenbosch Simonsig Wine Estate. It is crafted from 100% Chenin Blanc grape varietals. It was founded by Frans Malan, who first released it in 1968. Simonsig Chenin Blanc has grown from strength to strength over the years to become one of the most famous white wines and one of the best-selling wines in Kenya. Chenin Blanc grapes play a vital role in crafting the best Simonsig Chenin Blanc. The grapes are harvested by hand at various ripening stages to get the best from the fruit.

Simonsig Chenin Blanc wine is a lovely, fruity, and easy to drink wine that displays a bright straw color with a green tinge. On the nose, it reveals aromas of apricot fruit, ripe pears apple, fresh melon, and kiwi fruits with intense tropical fruit salad flavors. On the palate, it is delicious showcasing layers of fresh fruit with intense fruit flavors. Simonsig Chenin Blanc wine has an excellent structure with well-balanced natural acidity and a lingering fresh finish. Enjoy Simonsig Chenin Blanc wine on its own or pair it with a variety of meals. This wine is available in our online liquor store in Nairobi at the best Simonsig wine price in Kenya. Dial a drink today and enjoy this fantastic white wine.

9.  culemborg chenin blanc

culemborg chenin blanc

Culemborg wines borrow their name from Holland, Culemborg town, where its founder Jan van Riebeeck was born before settling in South Africa. Culemborg Chenin Blanc is an aggressive dry white wine with fruity aromas of orange, ripe yellow peach, lime, pineapple, and lemon. It has balanced lively acidity and subdued fruity notes, dominated by melon on the palate with a gentle fruity finish. Culemborg Chenin Blanc is an easy to drink wine and can be enjoyed on its own. It is also perfect when paired with roasted chicken and soft cheese. Dial a delivery to buy this excellent wine online on the leading online liquor store in Nairobi at the best wine price in Kenya.

10.  bianco nobile white sweet

bianco nobile white sweet

Bianco Nobile is a charming wine from Germany, classified as sweet white wine. It has a superb velvety texture and an exotic, decadent vanilla taste engulfed with rich chocolate. It is delightful with fruity white grape aromas, delicately balancing with warm vanilla on the nose with an elegant finish. This irresistible white wine goes well with fruit desserts dishes and soft chocolates. Order drinks online in Nairobi to grab a bottle of this excellent sweet white wine in Kenya.

These best white wine brands in Kenya are worth tasting. They bring a different taste from the famous red wines types. The best white wines in Kenya will surprise you with their distinct texture and flavor. There are other outstanding white wine types worth trying, such as Vina Lastra white sweet, Kenwood Pinot Gris, and Ama la Vida white. If your best white wine does not appear on this top 10 white wine, be sure to visit our wine page for more white wine brands in Kenya. Please find the best wines in Kenya and their prices at our online liquor store as well as in Drinks Vine wines and Spirits online shop. Dial a drink now for the best white wine delivery in Nairobi, and we will deliver in minutes for free.