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8 Best South African wines in Kenya You Need To Try Now

South Africa has been producing quality wines, and it is a global player in the world of wine. It is renowned for its eclectic variety of wines, elegant, fruit-forward, balanced, and well-integrated wines offering at very reasonable prices. South African white wine brands remain consistently of high quality delivering freshness and complexity. The country produces more wine variety and diversity than most wine-growing countries. The South African wine showcase the versatility of South Africa's terroir and its winemakers' skill. Like other premier winemaking countries, South Africa has adapted to customers' tastes and changing climatic conditions to produce high-quality varietal wines and stunning blends. Most South African wines brands are produced around Cape Town, in regions like Paarl, Constantia, Stellenbosch, and Swartland, which are synonymous with top quality wines.

South African wine types offer impressively good value with taste, which is food-friendly and classic elegance on its own. The most popular South African wine variety is Pinotage, South Africa's red grape, which is a genetic cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault. Pinotage is a key grape variety in Cape, offering great single-variety and incredibly interesting wine. Other South African varieties include; long-established red varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Cinsault, Chardonnay, and pinot noir. The country also has excellent white wine types of crisp, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc, making impressive dry and sweet wines. Here are some of the best South African wines list of high quality, great value, and quite affordable. You can easily buy these top South African wines online at the top wines and spirits store in Kenya.

The Top 8 South African Wines You Must Try
ProductPriceAlcohol content (ABV)Country of origin
KWV pinotage Ksh 1,700 14% South Africa
4th street red sweet Ksh 1,280 - Ksh 2,400 12% South Africa
namaqua pinotage Ksh 1,500 8% South Africa
nederburg pinotage Ksh 1,950 14% South Africa
robertson winery sweet red Ksh 1,650 - Ksh 2,350 8% South Africa
four cousins sweet red Ksh 2,100 - Ksh 1,200 9.5% South Africa
KWV chenin blanc Ksh 1,800 13% South Africa
simonsig shiraz Ksh 3,900 14% South Africa

1.  KWV pinotage

KWV pinotage

KWV Pinotage is one of the classic and most popular red wines brand from Western Cape, South Africa. It is crafted from 100% Pinotage variety (South Africa's red grape) by KWV, one of South Africa's leading wine and spirit producers. KWV Pinotage is a fascinating, classic, fresh, fruity, and elegant South African red wine with its own timeless character. It is a rich and flavorful Pinotage, with intense aromas of strawberries, black currant, red cherries, blueberry, wild berries, plums, and subtle nuances of wood spices showcasing true varietal characteristics. It is seductively soft and sweet on the palate with juicy tannins of chocolate and pomegranate hints. The finish is lingering and gentle, which rewards every sip. You can enjoy KWV Pinotage now or aged in oak from eight months up to three years from vintage. KWV Pinotage is fine when served on itself, and it perfectly complements flavored foods, beef, fillet, or risotto dishes. Get this classic South African wine on the top wines shop at the best wine prices in Kenya and benefit from free home alcohol delivery services in Nairobi.

2.  4th street red sweet

4th street red sweet

4th Street is a delicious South African wine brand and rapidly grown wine brand internationally since it was first launched in May 2009. 4th Street wine heated the market with only a rose wine brand and expanded later in 2011 to include red wine brands and white wine brands. It is a trendy South African wine in Kenya as it is created in simplicity to cater to every person and every occasion. 4th street wines are crafted with the social gathering concept and ladies' night in mind, inspired by the passion for friendship and sharing. It is more popular with the women, youth, college students, and urban townships residents who want to enjoy wine their way. 4th street wine is one of the best ladies' wine brands.

4th Street wines come in naturally sweet red, naturally sweet white, and sweet rose wine categories. These wines are sweet, tasty, uncomplicated, fresh, and affordable wine types. 4th Street wine brands are made from quality grapes sourced from selected vineyards in the Western Cape, harvested at the best ripeness stage to ensure a maximum burst of fruity flavors and aromas. The winemakers employ the standard winemaking practices resulting in the best 4th street wine brands possible, which are sweet, easy to drink, and low alcohol. 4th Street is a wine to share, and whenever a good time pop-up, it is time to open 4th street wine and have fun. This wine complements a variety of meals and is great on its own. Buy 4th Street wines online and enjoy easy to drink, palate-pleasing wine with a perfect combination of playful, edgy, and sophistication. For all your celebrations, dial a drink to buy your favorite 4th Street wine, and we will deliver in minutes and for free in Nairobi.

3.  namaqua pinotage

namaqua pinotage

Namaqua is a popular South African wine brand produced by Namaqua winery. It is one of South Africa's best-selling wine brands with a substantial local market share. This wine is best known for its easy to drinking bottled and boxed wines. The conducive climatic conditions support the growth of quality grapes that grantee the production of world-class wines of exceptional quality. Namaqua has a wide range of best red wine and white wine brands, from everyday wine to a more sophisticated brand and varietal wine such as Namaqua Pinotage. These wines are customer-driven, created to cater to every wine lover's taste, and are pocket friendly.

Namaqua wines revere the region's viticulture tradition, and it embraces the bio-diversity of its surroundings. The collection of Namaqua wine range is meant to be enjoyed. It is a welcoming wine created pure and simple to be shared with friends, and it fits into any occasion. The most popular Namaqua wine is the Namaqua red wine. You can also pick Namaqua classic white wine or rose wine and taste an exceptional experience of natural secret ingredient of true West Coast hospitality, and the spirit of the region abounds in every Namaqua wine drop. Whatever your choice is, Namaqua wine is great meal time's best friend. This famous South African wine is easily found on the best online wine shop in Kenya at the most affordable wine prices, which also offer free drinks delivery services.

4.  nederburg pinotage

nederburg pinotage

Nederburg is a famous and South Africa's most awarded winery and has continually strived to maintain its reputation of excellence. It combines winemaking tradition, talent, passion, and great patience to produce classically structured wine brands with vibrant flavors. Every drop of Nederburg wines range demonstrates an unwavering commitment to world-class vineyard and cellar skills. Unique to South Africa, Nederburg Pinotage is a popular premium wine named to honor the Nederburg winemakers and its long-established tradition of winemaking excellence.

The winemakers collaborate with nature to bring you classically styled and food-friendly wines. Crafted from top-quality 100% Pinotage grapes, Nederburg Pinotage is a classically styled full-bodied vibrant dry red wine. It has abundant fruit flavors, soft tannins, lingering aftertaste, and vanilla hints making it a versatile partner to various dishes. On the nose, it has a bounty of plums and prunes aromas along with banana hints and well-integrated oak spices in the background. Nederburg Pinotage is excellent served with flavored foods, pasta, pizza, grilled meat, and spicy cheese. Dial drinks zone to buy this classic wine online at the most reasonable wine price in Nairobi.

5.  robertson winery sweet red

robertson winery sweet red

Robertson Winery is not just a name but is an important role player in the South African wine industry. It produces some of the best wine brands with a distinct style, great individuality, and exceptional quality from its very humble beginnings. For Robertson, they believe winemaking is a natural process supported by the Robertson Valley favorable conditions conducive to the growth of quality grapes. The valley's good soil conditions, the fresh-water that feeds the vine, the sun-drenched mountain vineyards that support the growth of select varietals, and the human touch influence the production of the best wine we all love. The grapes are gently pressed and handle so as to capture the natural fruit flavors in the wine and craft the best award-winning wines to share. Robertson offers the best wines and most affordable price points ranging from sweet red wines, classic white wines, dry wines, sweet, dry red wines, and rose wine brands. Robertson is a great wine to be shared and enjoyed, making it the best occasion wines. Shop now this trendy wine on the top online wine store in Nairobi, from its most famous Robertson red wine to the best sweet white wine.

6.  four cousins sweet red

four cousins sweet red

Four Cousins is a much-loved and South African favorite wine brand. The South African love this wine so much that they affectionately refer to it as the country's favorite vino in a bottle. Some Four Cousins wine fun refer themselves as the fifth cousin. The four Retief cousins, Hennie, Neil, Bussell, and Phillip, are the force behind the production of the best-selling wine, the Four Cousins wine brands that everyone is fond of. The Four Cousins wines are of high-quality, sweet, and fresh. Every bottle of four cousin wine is authenticity worth sharing crafted with a passion for holding together the family values and friendship. It is a wine to be enjoyed wherever a good time pop-up with friends and at the family gathering.

The popular Four Cousin sweet red wine is blended from noble cultivars and quality grape juice. It is fragrant and ruby-red with soft rose petal aromas. On the palate, it has ripe plums, strawberries, and exotic spices flavors. The finish is soft and lingering. Four Cousins Natural Sweet White wine is fragrant and sunshine-colored with gentle honeysuckle aromas. On the palate, it bursts with luscious apricots, rich tropical fruits salad, and nougat flavors. The finish is long and soft. Four Cousins wines are wine for everyday occasion and enjoyment. These wines go well with a variety of meals and can be enjoyed as an aperitif. Buy Four Cousin wine online on drinks zone wine store and enjoy the best wine prices in Kenya, coupled with free home wine delivery in Nairobi and its environs.

7.  KWV chenin blanc

KWV chenin blanc

KWV Chenin Blanc is a classic modern-styled South African White Wine that shows true elegance and South Africa's wine quality. It is crafted with extraordinary skill by KWV's dedicated team of winemakers from 100% Chenin Blanc variety sourced from the Western Cape. KWV Chenin Blanc wine is easy to drink, offering an exceptional drinking pleasure and rewarding experience. This wine displays upfront green apple, fresh-cut grass, tropical fruit, peas, and ripe paw-paw aromas with guava and asparagus hints on the nose. It is vibrant and fresh with a linear acidity on the palate. The finish is nice lingering. You can enjoy this wine on its now or cellar for up to two years. It is an excellent wine on its own, and it perfectly complements light seafood, a variety of salads, sushi, and white meats. Dial us to get this classic white wine and have a taste of what South African white wine has to offer.

8.  simonsig shiraz

simonsig shiraz

Simonsig Shiraz is among the best South African wine produced by the Malan family at Simonsig Wine Estate in Stellenbosch region. On Simonsig Estate, Shiraz is the most planted grape variety because the region terroir is perfectly suited to produce excellent and quality Shiraz grapes. At Simonsig, the Malan family values drive the Estate's passionate commitment to produce the best wines possible of international standards, expressing the unique and Stellenbosch region terroir diversity. Simonsig winemakers believe in making the best wine brands for everyone's enjoyment with the help of nature's gift. This wine is crafted from 100% Shiraz grape variety. The grapes ripen earlier with great fruit flavor intensity, high natural sugar levels, and excellent color.

Simonsig Shiraz is a full-bodied, richly flavored dry Shiraz red wine displaying a dense opaque plum color with enticing notes of spices and blueberries on the nose. It has delicious hints of blackcurrant coats, oak spices, vanilla, and well-grafted tannins that express a well-integrated wine on the palate. The finish is long pleasant dry with supple tannins and repetition of blackberries. Simonsig Shiraz is excellent to enjoy now though aging from 3 to 5 years is greatly rewarding. This Simonsig classic wine can be enjoyed on its own and perfectly pairs with red meat (lamb or beef). Explore the various Simonsig wine brands on the top online wine shop in Nairobi and enjoy a great South Africa wine at the best wine prices in Kenya.

This list of top eight South African wines is not exhaustive of the best South African wines as the country has more great wines such as Drostdy-hof wineCulemborg cape red wine, and Cellar cask red wine, which are reasonably priced. Whenever you visit your favorite liquor store, you're spoilt for choice with outstanding best South African wine from superbly elegant red wine to classic white winesDial us and discover all these beautiful wines and experience what the tremendous wine-producing region of South Africa has to offer. We have the best wine prices in Kenya and quick, free home wine delivery services in Nairobi.