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Highest Percentage Alcohol Drinks in Kenya

It’s tempting to test how much alcohol you can handle, right? Well, some liquors with the highest alcohol percentage could actually kill you. Not as fun as you thought, eh? Some of the world’s highest alcohol percentage liquors, like Spirytus vodka from Poland, gets as high as 96% alcohol by volume. Yes, you read right. There is no set maximum alcohol percentage in drinks, so it can get really hot. You can call them spirits from hell, burning like hell.

You won’t find many such alcoholic drinks in your local liquor stores. Some are not even available in Africa, let alone Kenya. There is no best alcohol percentage since it depends on personal preference and taste. We have prepared a list of the strongest alcoholic drinks available in Kenya.

If you are one of those daring souls, then these options will wow you out. A little water or a mixer will successfully tame the heat and you can enjoy it with ease.

A List of the Highest Percentage Alcohol in Kenya
ProductPriceAlcohol content (ABV)Country of origin
Hapsburg Absinthe Original 89.9 Ksh 4,950 89.9% Switzerland
Godet Vsop Exclusive Edition Cask Super Strength Ksh 11,850 71.4% France
Wuliangye Ksh 24,650 68% China
Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength Ksh 8,999 60% Scotland
Caol Ila 15 Years Ksh 19,700 59.1% Scotland
Aberlour Abunadh Ksh 14,600 59% Scotland
Four pillars navy strength Ksh 9,875 58.8% Australia
Plymouth navy strength gin Ksh 7,300 53% England
Paul John Classic Select Cask Ksh 13,350 55.2% India
Marylebone Gin Ksh 8,400 50.2% England
Bunnahabhain cruach mhona Ksh 6,499 50% Ireland
Arak Haddad Elite Ksh 4,999 50% Jordan
Belvedere Intense Ksh 7,350 50% Poland
Rhum Longueteau 50 Ksh 3,850 50% Guadeloupe

1.  Hapsburg Absinthe Original 89.9

Hapsburg Absinthe Original 89.9

89.9% ABV

Hapsburg absinthe original has the highest alcohol percentage among vodkas in Kenya. The Hapsburg Absinthe brand has different expressions of absinthes or of which have an alcohol percentage of above 50%. Absinthes are mostly used in mixed drinks and cocktails, rarely taken on their own. They are unique, daring, and great tasting.

Vodka is a highly versatile distilled spirit. This is the class where you will find all crazy types of liquor, even with the highest alcohol percentage. Absinthes are mostly vodka, and they are known to have a very high alcohol content of up to 90% ABV. We have seen ridiculous comments of some people who actually have tried taking shots of Hapsburg absinthe. You can try it too… if you have a death wish.

2.  Godet Vsop Exclusive Edition Cask Super Strength

Godet Vsop Exclusive Edition Cask Super Strength

71.4% ABV

Godet VSOP Cask Super Strength is not for the faint-hearted. You cannot compare or classify this cognac. It is one-of-a-kind, most powerful release made for the most daring and courageous persons. This expression is aged in a single cask then bottled at cask strength without dilution, no sugar added, and no blending. Godet VSOP cask super strength edition is a stand-out sensory exploration at its best. On the palate, you will experience a powerful and long finish, with an internal fire burning throughout the tasting experience.

3.   Wuliangye


68% ABV

Wuliangye is grain alcohol under the class Baiju of Chinese origin. Production of this superior spirit still follows traditional processes, from fermentation to years of brewing and finally blending. Fermentation is done in ancient Chinese cellars, creating a unique high-proof spirit.

4.   Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength

 Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength

60% ABV

Glenfarclas 105 is an amazing cask strength Highland single malt with a history dating back to 1968. It is probably the whisky with the highest alcohol content available in Kenya. It is named 105 to refer to its alcohol content in British proof equal to 60% alcohol by volume. A few drops of water to the whisky will open up incredible flavors. It’s generally sweet and richly spicy.

5.  Caol Ila 15 Years

Caol Ila 15 Years

59.1% ABV

From Islay, Scotland, Caol Ila unpeated style is a limited edition natural cask strength whisky. Aging in first-fill bourbon casks brings out sweet spiciness, a clean and fresh palate. It is bold and rich, rolling through your tongue to grace your palate with waves of the absolute intensity of flavor.

6.  Aberlour Abunadh

Aberlour Abunadh

59% ABV

Aberlour Abunadh cask strength has been made for the bold. For those going out of their ways to get a whisky that gives you chills for its intensity, robust flavors, and boldness. Aberlour Abunadh has been hand-made from start to finish. Every step of the way embodies a rich and complex flavor of moist raisin and a touch of fruit. Bottling at cask strength imparts robustness and deep intensity. Find more exciting expressions from the Aberlour whisky brand.

7.  Four pillars navy strength

Four pillars navy strength

58.8% ABV

The Navy Strength expression of the Four Pillars gin takes the brand’s style a notch higher by turning flavor slightly beyond the normal. The freshness is all ginger and the weight and incredible earthiness are brought about by turmeric. The native finger limes dominate the botanical basket. The balance in flavor and botanicals is out of this world. Four Pillars Navy Strength is probably the gin with highest alcohol content in Kenya. If we find more options that goes further than this, we will update this article with trending top alcohol percentage drinks.

8.  Plymouth navy strength gin

Plymouth navy strength gin

57% ABV

The Navy Strength expression of the Plymouth Brand is an award-winning gin, with enough power to fire a cannon, or at least give you an alcoholic punch that you crave. It’s bold, intense, and deeply aromatic.

9.  Paul John Classic Select Cask

Paul John Classic Select Cask

55.2% ABV

When you hear of Indian whiskey, most of the time you think of the low-quality spirits fermented from molasses, which are technically not whisky. Well, the Paul John brand is not one of those. You will find some great Indian Single Malts like Paul John Classic Select Cask that will blow your mind. It’s an unpeated single malt, matured in ex-bourbon barrels, bottled at cask strength without chill-filtration. It’s an exciting expression packed with character indeed.

10.  Marylebone Gin

Marylebone Gin

50.2% ABV

Mary-Le-Bone is a perfect combination of 13 botanicals made with a unique recipe into a surprisingly delicate and floral gin. You will taste balanced flavors of citrus, juniper, grapefruit then more intense floral notes. The finish is warming with notes of liquorice, cassia, and cloves. You will never go wrong with Mary-Le-Bone dry gin, no wonder it has won several awards since 2018. Check out more expressions in the Mary-Le-Bone Gin Brand.

11.  Bunnahabhain cruach mhona

Bunnahabhain cruach mhona

50% ABV

What a magnificent Islay Single Malt Scotch, a Gaelic stack of peat with strong influences of peat and sea salt. Cruach Mhona is a limited edition release, sweet and smoky, and an exceptional whisky and a perfect treat for peated whisky lovers. It bursts in flavors and aromas, from peat and vanilla to oak and malt and hints of sand dunes. Here is more of Bunnahabhain whisky brand.

12.  Arak Haddad Elite

Arak Haddad Elite

50% ABV

Arak is a popular type of distilled spirit favored in the Middle East. The fame around arak alcoholic drinks is attributed to their high alcoholic percentage and the translucent milky appearance when water is added. Due to its high alcohol percentage, arak is taken over ice or with water. While mostly classified as brandy, arak is in a class of its own since it’s largely different. However, it is made from grapes and aniseed. So there is a little similarity with brandy. You can buy arak online in Kenya at Drinks Zone.

Talking of Arak Haddad Elite, it is a one-of-a-kind arak. Distilled four times and aging in wood, the Haddad Elite arak becomes the epitome of richness and elegance. It has complex aromas and flavors of the finest aniseed, smooth and refreshing. To tame the high alcohol percentage, use equal or double amounts of water and serve with ice.

13.  Belvedere Intense

Belvedere Intense

50% ABV

A few glasses of Belvedere Intense and the only intensity you’ll be feeling is the incredible complexity and smoothness. Delicious and elegant. Belvedere intense is perfect for classic vodka cocktails and mixed drinks. It’s also great over ice. See more Belvedere vodka brands.

14.  Rhum Longueteau 50

Rhum Longueteau 50

50% ABV

Rhum Longueteau 50 is an exceptional rum made from pure cane juice, fermented naturally and distilled in a Savalle copper and stainless steel column. The unique rum has won several awards because of its pure, fine, and aromatic character excellently enjoyed neat or in cocktails. At 50% ABV, Longueteau has the alcoholic punch you need to kick start a celebration on a high note.

The next time you go shopping for high-strength alcohol, you now have a list of the highest proof alcohol brands in Kenya to choose from. Remember not to get too excited and end up intoxicating yourself excessively. Always take caution when drinking these incredible booze options. Use a mixer, water, or drink in cocktails. You can access these drinks at our online liquor shop. We offer the best liquor delivery services in Nairobi and the best liquor prices in Kenya.