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Hapsburg Absinthe Vodka Price in Kenya

Hapsburg Absinthe price in Nairobi
Product Name Price Alcohol contentCountry of origin Liquor category
Hapsburg Absinthe Original 89.9 500 ml Ksh 4,950 89.9% Switzerland vodka
hapsburg absinthe quartier latin 500 ml Ksh 4,980 53.5% Switzerland vodka
Hapsburg Absinthe Black Fruit 89.9 500 ml Ksh 4,700 89.9% Switzerland vodka
hapsburg absinthe classic 500 ml Ksh 4,950 72.5% Switzerland vodka
Hapsburg Absinthe Black Fruit 53.5 500 ml Ksh 4,440 53.5% Switzerland vodka
Hapsburg Absinthe Red Fruit 89.9 500 ml Ksh 4,950 89.9% Switzerland vodka
hapsburg absinthe cassis X.C 700 ml Ksh 5,100 89.9% Switzerland vodka

Hapsburg Absinthe brand

Hapsburg Absinthe is more than just a tasty vodka. It is an expertly made spirit from Switzerland with a great heritage and charm, offering drinkers true indulgence. It is a unique and flavorful vodka brand, representing a diverse generation from the young to the edgy and more seasoned Absinthe drinkers. Absinthe brand consists of a series of high ABV (alcohol by volume) vodka types, ranging from 53.5% to as high as 89.9% alcohol.

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The Hapsburg Absinthe brand craft team is passionate about creating a unique, flavorful, and delicious spirit, embracing fresh ideas and innovations, pushing the boundaries to the edge. They have perfected the art of making the best spirit brand providing a varied range of exquisite Absinthe vodka products usually categorized by alcohol content. Every style in the Hapsburg Absinthe vodka range offers a remarkable drinking experience, usually in mixed drinks and cocktails. There are designed to enhance lifestyles and excite every drinker. It is one of the modern spirits best fashioned for people who are bold enough to make a statement of uniqueness and who want to stand tall from the crowd.

The flavors of this iconic vodka vary depending on the product, from the classic-flavored, strong flavors profile to extra-strong absinthe, joining the intense herbal flavor with notes of blackberry, blackcurrant, and peach along with the distinctive scent. The unique flavors of Hapsburg Absinthe and high alcohol strength provide an adventurous and refreshing flair to cocktails and mixed drinks. The most daring of individuals cannot resist drinking even the strongest Absinthe straight. Due to its high alcohol content. I would urge that you resist the temptation of drinking it undiluted.

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