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The 10 Best Vodkas Brands in Kenya At All Price Points

Everyone enjoys the best drinks when relaxing after a busy day, complementing a great meal, over the weekend, and special events. Alcoholic beverages are excellent to enjoy over a good conversation and after a day's work. There are broad categories of great alcohol types such as vodkas to choose from. Without the proper information about these wonderful drinks, it may not be easy to navigate through the long best vodka list available. That's why we deem it fit in this article to ease your task by breaking down the top 10 vodkas in Kenya. A good and high-quality vodka balanced, clean, and smooth needs special attention from the quality ingredients, exceptional pure water to the careful and skillful distillation process.

For many people, Vodka might not be their first choice drink for a sipper, for they consider it as either tasteless or flavorless spirit. However, today's super-premium vodka brands offer something unique from the ordinary brands, moving the bar higher. The market is full of many different excellent types of vodkas, flavorful and best-tasting vodkas to cater to everyone's palate. With health concerns and the rise of good health trends, gluten-free vodkas are now available, forming a group of healthiest vodka brands in the world.

There are excellent vodkas, the best tasting from across the world, making it quite challenging to choose the best vodka to buy. We have brought together the top 10 picks for the best vodkas across the popular vodka production regions, including French vodka, American vodka, best Polish vodka, and Russian vodka with varied flavor profiles. We've included brands with long, rich histories, best-selling vodka, and most demanded vodkas. You can order from super-premium vodka brands, most expensive vodka brands, best cheap vodka brands to the most popular vodka brands. For those who enjoy the spirit more when mixed, Vodka makes a cracking cocktail or mixed drink for a perfect dinner party. Vodkas are the world's renowned base spirits for the best cocktails globally, such as the famous vodka martini, bloody Mary, and others. Check out the following vodkas and choose your favorite.

Top 10 Vodka Brands to Drink in 2022
ProductPriceAlcohol content (ABV)Country of origin
absolut vodka Ksh 2,100 - Ksh 2,600 40% Sweden
smirnoff vodka red Ksh 2,000 - Ksh 2,480 35% Russia
flirt vodka red Ksh 1,500 - Ksh 1,800 37% Bulgaria
skyy vodka Ksh 1,999 - Ksh 2,299 40% America
grey goose Ksh 5,600 40% America
ciroc snap frost Ksh 5,000 - Ksh 5,500 40% France
belvedere Ksh 6,500 - Ksh 7,300 40% Poland
KGB vodka caramel Ksh 2,000 37% Mauritius
seagram's vodka Ksh 2,000 40% Canada
beluga gold line Ksh 18,000 40% Russia

1.  absolut vodka

absolut vodka

Absolut is a superb Swedish vodka exclusively made from natural ingredients with no additives. The Absolut distillery practices a one source production philosophy to produce unique and authentic Vodka, making Absolut one of the world's popular spirit brands with bold character. It is exclusively produced in Southern Sweden; all ingredients, water, and wheat sourced only from the Ahus, Sweden, and distilled using the continuous method. Made with natural ingredients and distilled using the continuous method, Absolut vodka is a unique vodka in taste and design with rich, smooth, complex, distinct grain character, cleanest, and purest Vodka. The Absolut recipe founded by L.O. Smith behind the clean and natural taste of Absolut vodka has not changed for decays, and the taste remains the same.

Absolut vodka is quite affordable and can be enjoyed neat, and it is perfect for great cocktails and mixed drinks to serve on different special and social occasions. Explore the Absolut vodka offering on your leading online wine & spirit shop in Kenya and enjoy the best Absolute vodka price in Kenya and free alcohol delivery in Nairobi.

2.  smirnoff vodka red

smirnoff vodka red

Smirnoff vodka red is a famous crystal clear in appearance Russian Vodka. Smirnoff vodka is made using a unique traditional charcoal filtration method developed by P.A. Smirnoff, while the red Smirnoff No.21 Vodka recipe was created by his son Vladimir. Smirnoff vodka red is triple distilled and ten times filtered for purity and exceptional smoothness. Smirnoff Red has a clean aroma of faint black pepper and charcoal along with cracked black pepper spice notes and peppermint freshness sensation on the palate. The finish is delicate with black pepper spice notes.

The classic taste of this iconic Russian Vodka has inspired other vodka varieties globally. Smirnoff vodka is among the world's best-selling spirit brand in Kenya and the world. Smirnoff Red is the perfect Vodka to enjoy on its own or as a base spirit for most long mixed drinks, and it is an excellent vodka to serve at any party and other special occasions. Dial drinks zone to buy your Smirnoff bottle and enjoy the most reliable, fast, and free liquor delivery in Nairobi and its environs. We offer this Vodka at the best vodka price in Kenya, both wholesale, retail price.

3.  flirt vodka red

flirt vodka red

Flirt vodka is a remarkably pure and clear Bulgarian vodka made of100% grain. It is a high-quality vodka with a "soft" feel that offers spirits lovers an ultimate vodka experience. It is run through a complicated process of continuous multiple distillations. It is well filtered in an exclusive silver filtration system using silver ions to produce pure vodka. This process ensures all impurities are removed with precision. The silver filtration system and the continuous distillation process require high care and constant control to ensure the desired ultra-pure and high-quality vodka is attained.

Flirt vodka is created to appeal to the younger generation, and it has achieved it through its purity and smooth taste. It is a vodka to share, and you will enjoy every drop of it. It promises to take you on an exquisite nature drives of adventures and free of inhibitions through limits and culture. Apart from the red flirt vodka, you can explore other flirt vodka flavors from green apple, lime, and orange on the leading online wine & spirits in Kenya. Dial a delivery and grab a bottle of flirt vodka red or your favorite flirt flavor and have an ultimate vodka experience of the highest quality full of purity and exciting aroma.

4.  skyy vodka

skyy vodka

SKYY Vodka is a clear American vodka spirit produced from American grains and packed in clear, adhesive labeled cobalt blue bottle. SKYY Vodka was founded out of the need for a better tasting vodka to make a perfect martini cocktail. The founder was frustrated when searching for the best tasting Vodka for his Martini and did not find it. This motivated him to make his vodka brand and set out to make a superior tasting and exceptionally smooth spirit, with fewer impurities and the best quality vodka for his perfect Martin.

The distiller set the distillation and filtration standards and pioneered the innovative proprietary quadruple distillation and triple filtration process. The combination of quadruple distillation and triple filtration resulted in creating a super-premium, an award-winning, smooth, and crisp Skyy vodka brand. Quadruple column distillation removes most impurities to deliver a dry, medium body spirit with a nice creamy mouthfeel. The triple filtration process imparts a citrusy and warm spice scent. The quadruple distillation and triple filtration process approach to vodka-making inspired the brand expansion, and the distiller offers other seventeen flavors known as SKYY Infusions, all made with fruit.

The Skyy makers are committed to producing flavorful spirit and making a premium spirit that offers an authentic fruit vodka experience and budget-friendly. SKYY creates the ultimate Vodka for a classic vodka martini, without the fuss or need for a mixology degree. Skyy Vodka offers something distinctive and elegant when served at a party or any special occasion such as a Christmas celebration. No matter what the event demands, SKYY Vodka steps up to deliver memorable cocktails to everyone. Dial us to buy online this pretty smooth tasting Vodka at the most affordable Skyy vodka price in Nairobi and have it delivered to your door in just minutes and for free in Nairobi.

5.  grey goose

grey goose

Grey Goose is an elegant, premium, clear Vodka made in France. It is made from France's finest ingredients, soft winter wheat sourced from the Picardy region, and natural spring water filtered through Champagne limestone from the Cognac region. Born out of desire and determination to create unique French Vodka, Grey Goose is a super-premium, luxury spirit brand. The blend of finest French ingredients, pristine limestone-filtered spring water, an exclusive custom-calibrated production process, and unrivaled craftsmanship commitment come together to create the best tasting Vodka. Grey Goose is a beautifully smooth and creamiest vodkas. It has very citrusy undertones and peppery on the palate with hints of spice and toasty notes. It has clean, fresh floral aromas along with hints of almond, subtle citrus notes, and black pepper on the nose. The finish is creamy, spicy, warming, and satisfying.

Grey Goose distiller designed a versatile distinctive bottle showcasing an innovative and sophisticated decoration. It is packed in a smoked glass bottle featuring French geese in flight and uses replaceable cork to bottle it rather than a screw-top cap. The Grey Goose signature smoothness, an exquisite clear, fresh, and elegant aromatic taste make it an excellent choice liquor gift and a perfect spirit to grace any special occasion. You can enjoy Grey Goose straight on its own or whip it up with a classic Grey Goose cocktail. Grab a bottle of this classic, super-premium spirit on the leading online liquor store in Kenya at the best grey goose price in Kenya and enjoy it with your friends.

6.  ciroc snap frost

ciroc snap frost

Cîroc Snap Frost is a world-renown French vodka and the original Cîroc Vodka. This is a clear, smooth, and fresh Vodka made entirely from fine French grapes and distilled five times in traditional copper pot stills. The grapes are harvested late, giving them optimum time for ripening and have higher sugar content. The fine optimum ripe grapes make this Vodka gluten-free, while five times distillation ensures Ciroc snap frost is of an ultra-premium taste with the best possible flavor. Combining the best grapes, distilling expertise, and skill ensures Ciroc snap frost is of exceptionally superior quality. On the nose, Cîroc Snap Frost has a pronounced aroma of mixed citrus. It is smooth, fresh, with citrus notes on the palate, medium-dry, and gently warming with a crisp, spicy and clean finish.

CÎROC is a truly modern vodka, playfully sophisticated, filled with flavor and style, and a popular drink linked to a luxury hip-hop lifestyle. You can enjoy this Vodka straight or in a mixed drink. Dial drinks zone to grab your bottle of Ciroc Snap Frost and have a taste of the luxurious smooth spirit.

7.  belvedere


Belvedere is a high-quality vodka, marketed as the world's first super-premium vodka. Belvedere, which means "beautiful to see", is named after the presidential palace in Warsaw, Belweder, whose illustration adorns every of its bottle as the brand's heritage. Belvedere Vodka is the original, an all-natural with zero artificial additives, making it a true luxury Vodka expression. It is exclusively crafted from Polish Dankowskie Rye, purified natural artesian water from its wells, and it is quadruple-distilled. Polska rye, purified water, and expert quadruple-distilled combine to create a perfect, luxury vodka representing the world's best vodka making tradition. It is gluten-free, has zero additives, and is naturally smooth.

The Dankowskie Rye imparts the Belvedere distinctive flavor and character, while the purified water provides a flawless backdrop that allows the rye character and complex flavors to shine. The quadruple distillation process draws out the perfect balance of character, purity, and depth of Polska rye, delivering Belvedere Vodka nuanced flavors and velvety texture. Belvedere vodka tastes incredibly smooth, elegant, palatable, and balanced with a subtle sweetness, rich creamy and vanilla notes, which gives it the right kick and a clean finish. Belvedere vodka is a drink for both vodka enthusiasts and beginners.

Belvedere is one of the best vodka to drink straight or as a mixed drink. It is an excellent base spirit for classic vodka cocktails. Belvedere brands also have other best flavored vodka ranges, produced through maceration. Belvedere flavored vodka types are made by combining a macerated fruit with a pure spirit. This Belvedere fruit Maceration brands include Lemon Tea, Mango Passion, Black Raspberry, Bloody Mary, Orange, Citrus, Pink Grapefruit, and Ginger Zest. If you want to taste good, high-quality Vodka that is pocket friendly, then Belvedere is the Vodka for you. Get your bottle of this super-premium Vodka at your leading online wine & spirit shop in Kenya at quite an affordable price plus quick, free home alcohol delivery.

8.  KGB vodka caramel

KGB vodka caramel

KGB vodka Caramel is a Mauritian premium triple-distilled cane-based Vodka embodied in a unique, stylish recyclable aluminum bottle. The recyclable bottle of KGB vodka is created in the concern of environmental protection. The KGB vodka chills faster and comes in innovative phenomenal flavors that appeal to diverse vodka customers. Caramel flavored KGB is lightly carbonated and refreshingly fizzy for a perfect drinking experience. KGB Vodka Caramel is a popular vodka that graces numerous special occasions. It is offered at most pocket-friendly prices. You can easily buy this high-quality cane-based Vodka on the top online liquor shop in Nairobi and enjoy fast, free delivery services within Nairobi.

9.  seagram's vodka

seagram's vodka

Seagram's is an award-winning smooth vodka made with high-quality American grain and five times distilled. Seagram's distillers put quality above all else to produce a quality spirit. The best quality grains from America and five times distillation are the key to creating a clean, extra smooth premium vodka at a great price. Seagram's Vodka is a great drink to enjoy straight or to make cracking delicious cocktails. Serve this Vodka on your occasion, and it will not disappoint. Dial us to explore what this popular, awarding-winning Vodka has to offer.

10.  beluga gold line

beluga gold line

Beluga gold line is a limited edition, super-premium Vodka from Beluga, Russia. Vodka Beluga Gold Line is a grain spirit made using pure and clean water from Siberian artesian springs. It also contains rice extract and Rhodiola Rosea extract ingredients. Beluga Gold Line vodka is not produced in bulk and takes ample time, effort, and careful processing of each element to make it. Every phase of production undergoes constant quality control to ensure only the desired premium high-quality spirit is produced. Unlike other Beluga varieties, which undergo triple filtration, the Beluga Gold Line series is filtered five times using quartz sand. It is three months aged, during which time this Vodka acquires a balanced structure and irreproachable taste. An individual serial number is manually put on each bottle and is cork closed with a wax seal as a mark of authentic Beluga Gold Line, with the highest and stable quality.

Beluga Gold Line is a clear spirit with a pure and fresh aroma along with a creamy note and cinnamon hints. It is impressively crisp, pure gentle spirit with a remarkably smooth, creamy texture along with white pepper, vanilla hints, and sage notes on the palate. The finish is long, crisp, and clean. Beluga Gold Line strength and gentle taste highlight its class, sophistication, and target connoisseurs and enthusiast of strong, Premium vodkas and gentle alcohol.

This Vodka is packaged in a precious handmade bottle, closed with a cork held by a delicate wire muzzle along with a serial number to show its uniqueness. Each bottle comes with a beautiful hammer to open the bottle and a small brush to dust off the sealing wax, highlighting its authenticity. The Vodka Beluga Gold Line extravagant handcraft bottle and delicate taste make it a perfect liquor gift. Buy online on drinks zone this superb and elegant Vodka and enjoy quick alcohol delivery services in Nairobi and its environs.

Whether you like classic vodka neat or cracking vodka cocktails, these top vodka brands in Kenya won't disappoint. These fantastic vodka brands are changing the way we view vodka, and they are excellent for unique liquor gifts, a good drink with friends, or after-dinner drinks, and they deserve a place in your shopping cart. If you are looking for the best vodka for no hangover, top-quality vodkas are your best option. Luckily, we have just that! You can visit our online liquor store for best vodka brands and prices are favorable to your pocket. Other vodka brand list includes Maya vodka, Hapsburg absinthe classic, Neon lemon vodka, and Ketel One Citroen, among others. We are stocked with the best vodka in the world that you can order online and have it delivered to your doorstep. You can buy other alcohol types online at Drinks Zone, such as EABL beers, prestigious wines, expensive whiskey brands, and other premium types of spirit. Dial us to buy your favorite Vodka, and we will deliver to your destination in minutes and for free in Nairobi.