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Top 10 Most Expensive Spirits in Kenya in 2023

Spirits enthusiasts would not mind taking the most expensive shot in the world. We make this possible by providing you the most expensive liquor in the world. The access is made easy by enabling you to order drinks online from our online liquor store. To allow you to do that, it is of the essence to know what to order whenever you seek a luxurious treat. The following expensive liquor list contains the top ten most expensive spirits alcohol of major types.

Top 10 Expensive Spirits in Kenya in 2023
ProductPriceAlcohol content (ABV)Country of origin
Macallan No.6 Ksh 599,700 43% Scotland
Remy Martin Louis XIII Ksh 465,000 40% France
hennessy paradis Ksh 249,000 40% France
johnnie walker odyssey Ksh 251,000 40% Scotland
glenrothes john ramsay Ksh 150,000 46.7% Scotland
macallan oscuro Ksh 128,000 40% Scotland
Glenfiddich 30 years old Ksh 95,000 43% Scotland
Johnnie walker private collection (2017 edition) Ksh 90,500 46.8% Scotland
camus XO borderies Ksh 68,000 40% France
Johnnie Walker King George V Ksh 62,300 43% Scotland

1.  Macallan No.6

Macallan No.6

This is the most expensive single malt Scotch whiskey in Kenya. It belongs to the Macallan brand, one of the best expensive whisky in Kenya and the world. The cost should tell you what to expect. Macallan No. 6 whisky is rich and elegant with an attractive and unique dark color. It has a rich and complex character developed from sherry seasoned oak casks handcrafted in Spain. The sherry casks are from a single cooperage, which ensures infinite quality, which is the core for this single malt whisky. Macallan No. 6 whisky is rich in spice and dried fruit flavors with hints of orange groves. Combined with unique flavors imparted by oak seasoned with sherry, these flavors delivers an exquisite Macallan character and a touch of luxury.

2.  Remy Martin Louis XIII

Remy Martin Louis XIII

This is the most expensive Cognac in Kenya. It is a French cognac produced by Remy Martin Company. The name was coined from King Louis XIII of France, the reigning monarch when the Remy Martin family moved to Cognac. Louis XIII cognac is blended from up to 1200 different euax-de-vie obtained from the Grande Champagne appellation. Some spirits blended are as old as 100 years, which adds the complexity and richness to this genuinely stunning cognac. The aging occurs in antique oak barrels, which impart amazing oak flavors, which adds bulk to its unique taste. Every drop of Louis XIII cognac expresses elegance and a touch of luxury. Its presentation in a crystal decanter with a 24-carat gold neck and the packaging in a leather box is by itself an illustration of how deep you will dig in your pockets, but it is totally worth it!

3.  hennessy paradis

hennessy paradis

This cognac is a blend of over 100 eaux-de-vie aged for many years. This cognac is the most sensual facet of the famous Hennessy house. It is known for its voluptuous and harmonious aroma that makes it unique. The euax-de-vie blends of Hennessy Paradis are a reflection of its delightful character. The cognac is skillfully blended to create an excellent spirit with a silky character coupled with finely nuanced and incredibly balanced aromatic qualities. The many years of aging in oak casks impart beautiful coppery gold color expressions. Hennessy Paradis is inspired by art, and its personality, a combination of smoothness and strength, is a representation of symphonic music. Maurice Fillioux is the master blender for this cognac, and he was an art lover. Hennessy Paradis offers a touch of luxury to its users and elegance in every sip. It is no wonder to find it in the expensive liquor list. Buy online at the best Hennessy Paradis price in Kenya.

4.  johnnie walker odyssey

johnnie walker odyssey

Johnnie Walker whisky is among the most popular and the best whisky brands in the world. Among the different Johnnie Walker labels available, Johnnie Walker Odyssey offers a touch of luxury that you will love, making it the best expensive whiskey. It is made from three single malts skillfully blended and aged in oak to impart intricate flavors and exquisite smoothness. The elegance of this Scotch whiskey is attributed to its incredible taste contributed by rich tannins, hints of toffee and honey expressed in the first sip. This is then followed by notes of cooked berries, delicate citrus, and roast walnuts. A sublime finish concludes the flavor with a lingering rich smokiness. You can take it straight or on the rocks. Sip water to freshen your palate in between sips of this exquisite whisky to gain the full experience.

5.  glenrothes john ramsay

glenrothes john ramsay

This is yet another Scotch whiskey that is among the most expensive whiskey in the world. This exceptional whiskey from Glenrothes distillery is named after the former master of malt John Ramsay. The whiskey is made by blending from thirty casks selected by the master of malt. These casks are second fill American sherry oak. The distillation is skillfully done to produce a smooth, rich, and complex spirit with intricate flavors. Glenrothes John Ramsay whiskey is full-bodied, soft, smooth, and long, a character that is developed by unhurried aging in oak. This is coupled with rich and spicy flavors with hints of vanilla and orange marmalade aromas. The finish is long and sweet, filled with tropical fruit flavors and vanilla.

6.  macallan oscuro

macallan oscuro

Macallan distillery is popularly known to produce expensive alcohol brands and top quality single malt Scotch whiskeys. Macallan Oscuro is among the Macallan top collection of the best whiskeys the distillery produces. Macallan Oscuro is exclusively made from oak casks seasoned with Oloroso sherry. This is usually first-fill casks, at least the high proportion, which imparts deep color, rich and complex flavor to the whiskey. The whisky is brought to an alcohol level of 46.5% at the peak of maturation using pure water from the natural springs of The Macallan Estate. Maturation is then continued for at least six months to harmonize flavors. The filtration is done at ambient room temperature, maintaining the concentration, and then the whiskey is bottled. The resulting spirit has an incredible taste that guaranteed enjoyment.

7.  Glenfiddich 30 years old

Glenfiddich 30 years old

Glenfiddich single malt Scotch whiskey is available in different age expressions, with 30 years old version being among the world's best well-aged whiskeys. It is a rare single malt and among the most expensive Scotch that has been made skillfully and carefully with the directions of the master of malt. The production process ensures that the whisky reaches the highest quality standards with a unique character, such as a rich taste and harmonized flavors and aromas. Maturation occurs in Oloroso and Bourbon sherry casks that imparts a sublime harmony to the whisky. Glenfiddich 30 Years Old whisky has incredibly balanced with rich chocolate flavors with hints of sherry and fig. The quality is also unmatched, making it an enjoyable whisky perfect for any celebration.

8.  Johnnie walker private collection (2017 edition)

Johnnie walker private collection (2017 edition)

Johnnie Walker whiskeys are known for their elegance and luxury. It is one of the most expensive alcohol in Kenya. The 2017 edition is a limited release of Johnnie Walker’s finest spirit featuring the blenders' innovation and skill. The 2017 edition has been made to express distinctive flavors from selected rare oak casks in which this finest whisky is matured. The whiskeys are matured in American oak selected by Master Blender and his colleague, which impart vanilla sweetness and increase the flavor's complexity. The whiskeys are allowed to harmonize for several months and then combined to form the 2017 Edition of Johnie Walker Private Collection. The resulting whisky is a sumptuous spirit rich in oak and fruit notes. Order this whisky online and get the best whiskey price in Kenya at Drinks Zone online wines and spirits shop.

9.  camus XO borderies

camus XO borderies

Camus XO Borderies is a French cognac made from eaux-de-vies from the smallest terroir of the Cognac region of France. This is a single growth cognac made from grapes grown exclusively in Borderies and distilled in small copper stills then aged in Limousin oak barrels. This skilled distillation and aging transform into a powerful round cognac with a delicate aroma of hazelnut and violet. This is accompanied by a smooth feel and richness that is felt on the palate. In addition, notes of sweet pastry plus old port, dried fruit, and cinnamon add bulk to the fantastic flavors. It is no wonder that it is an award-winning cognac appreciated by people all over the world. It is among the best alcohol types in Kenya that you need to try out!

10.  Johnnie Walker King George V

Johnnie Walker King George V

This Scotch is among the most expensive alcohol types in the world. This special Johnnie Walker edition was made to celebrate the royal warrant given to Johnnie Walker and Sons Company by the monarch in 1934. It is made from the company’s rarest stocks, including Lochnagar, Port Ellen, and Cardhu. These are the finest whiskeys of the distillery blended to express a distinctive Johnnie Walker’s style. It is intense and rich, extremely complex, and luxurious. It has incredible flavors and aroma expressing hints of dark chocolate, roasted nuts, and an excellent sweet smokiness that complement citrus orange, honey, and rose petals aroma. The whiskey is sensuous, elegant, and luxurious, a rare combination of magnificence.

Whenever you seek a luxurious treat, you now know some of the most costly drinks in Nairobi that you can order. You can buy expensive spirits from our liquor store at the click of a button. Enjoy free delivery to your door. Let us know your favorite drink. Chat with us anytime.