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10 Recommendations Of The Best Red Wines in Kenya in 2022

Wine is a trendy alcoholic beverage and is loved by many people. It is classified in multiple categories such as red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, rose wine, fortified/dessert wine, and champagnes. These categories are further classified under various sub-categories making wine study a broad topic. The numerous types of wine make ordering this loved drink on an online wine shop or at the liquor store a daunting task. To navigate through the broad range types of wine and come up with a tasty wine that is compatible with your taste and preference, especially for a beginner, you need to understand the various wine categories. In this guide, we are narrowing down to the red wine category and pick the best red wine brands that are also the most famous wines brands in Kenya.

Red wine is the most popular wine type all over the world. The red type of wine is made from dark-colored grapes varietal. Red wines tend to have deeper flavors, denser, richer, and more complex than the white wines types. The type of grape used to make red wine and how long the skin is left in with the juice before being extracted influences the distinctive red wine color. Each variety brings a unique shade of red to red wine and the various colors we encounter in wine stores.

We have rounded up some of the best red wine brands list in Kenya to help you choose a fantastic type of red wine that will be compatible with your taste buds. To come up with this best red wine list, we looked to the most popular wines judging by market demand, availability, and the best quality wine that offers value for money. Here are the best red wine brand in Kenya and the world that you can order in our stores.

Top 10 Red Wine Options For 2022
ProductPriceAlcohol content (ABV)Country of origin
nederburg cabernet sauvignon Ksh 1,900 14.5% South Africa
simonsig cabernet sauvignon Ksh 4,049 13.5% South Africa
rosso nobile cioccolata Ksh 2,199 10% Germany
robertson winery sweet red Ksh 1,349 - Ksh 2,050 8% South Africa
four cousins sweet red Ksh 2,100 - Ksh 1,200 9.5% South Africa
frontera cabernet sauvignon Ksh 1,450 - Ksh 2,000 12.5% Chile
namaqua red sweet cask Ksh 3,300 9% South Africa
frontera merlot Ksh 1,450 - Ksh 2,000 12.5% Chile
KWV cabernet sauvignon Ksh 2,000 14% South Africa
4th street red sweet Ksh 1,199 - Ksh 2,000 12% South Africa

1.  nederburg cabernet sauvignon

nederburg cabernet sauvignon

Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon is an excellent rich, full-bodied red wine produced by Nederburg winery, the most decorated South Africa's winery. It is crafted solely from top-quality cabernet sauvignon grapes sourced across the Western Cape vineyards. This wine is crafted by talented and high skilled winemakers, collaborating with nature to create a classic sweet red wine that is food-friendly, styled for everyday enjoyment, and that please the palates. This world elegance red wine is characterized with abundant fruit flavors of ripe berry and cherry along with well-integrated oak spices and vanilla hints, followed by supple tannins and a lingering aftertaste. This incredible wine can be enjoyed on its own, and it also pairs well with grilled lamb, beef, poultry, steak, and matured cheese. Enjoy every drop of this beautiful sweet red by placing an online drinks order with us. We have the best wine price in Kenya, both retail and wholesale, so dial us, and we will deliver in few minutes to your doorstep.

2.  simonsig cabernet sauvignon

simonsig cabernet sauvignon

Simonsig Cabernet Sauvignon is vibrant, dense ruby-colored wine from South Africa, Stellenbosch categorized as dry red wine. It is blended from healthy Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz varieties, which was introduced into the Simonsig wine range in 2003. This wine exhibits youthful notes with an abundance of beautiful fruit flavors of cherries and ripe blackberry along with layers of spice aromas. On the palate, Simonsig red wine is balanced and smooth with integrated soft tannins, and lingering subtle oak notes touch to the finish. This makes Simonsig Cabernet Sauvignon / Shiraz, a famous wine brand in Kenya that is truly quaffable. The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes give this wine the color concentration and fruit sweetness we are proud of. This wine is ready to drink immediately though further aging for around four months makes it tastier. Simonsig Cabernet Sauvignon / Shiraz is excellent with beef, pasta, and pizza. Dial wine delivery Kenya to grab a bottle of this drinkable wine and enjoy it over the meals or on its own.

3.  rosso nobile cioccolata

rosso nobile cioccolata

Rosso Nobile al Cioccolata is a wonderful red wine from Germany, classified as sweet red wine, and is a chocolate-flavored red wine with beautiful chocolate aromas. This wine displays a dark and dense color. It has a carefully blended concentration flavor of dark berries, soft vanilla notes, and exquisite chocolate flavors that give Rosso Nobile Cioccolata an irresistible smooth taste experience. It engulfs the nose with ripe black fruit and cherries aromas along with dark chocolate. It is has a concentrated fine rich chocolate and vanilla notes on the palate and silky tannins. The finish is long with chocolate crunchy.

This irresistible best sweet red wine can be enjoyed on its own or can be paired with dark chocolate, sweet chocolate-based desserts or cakes. Rosso Nobile is a great wine for a casual evening outing and romantic dates as it turns good times into real moments of pleasure. Get a bottle or two by dialing drinks delivery Nairobi on the best wine delivery shop in Nairobi- drinks zone and will deliver to your destination in minutes. We have the best retail and wholesale wine price in Nairobi. So, dial a delivery for a bottle of Rosso Nobile sweet wine and turn the good time to a gratifying moment.

4.  robertson winery sweet red

robertson winery sweet red

Robertson sweet red wine is a soft and smooth wine that is a very popular wine in Kenya and worldwide, from South Africa. This one of the best red wine from South Africa is crafted in a unique way to give it fresh and fruity natural sweet flavors of cherry and ripe berry. It is also, an easy to drink sweet red wine that is low in alcohol of about 7.5% ABV. This is guaranteed by harvesting the grapes at the early maturity stage. This excellent refreshing Robertson sweet red wine is made from Ruby Cabernet varietal and is best served chilled. The fresh taste, low alcohol, and affordable price have made Robertson the best sweet red wine in Kenya and the most popular wine. Enjoy this unique and affordable wine in Kenya by dialing us at your home or office comfort, and we will deliver in minutes.

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5.  four cousins sweet red

four cousins sweet red

Four Cousins is South Africa's best-selling wine brand and much-loved and famous wine in Kenya. The Four Cousins sweet red wine range is fragrant and a ruby-red wine crafted from noble cultivars, ruby cabernet, and merlot grape juice. To ensure only quality grapes are utilized for quality wine, the harvesting is done by hand. This classic sweet red wine has a soft rosy aroma with ripe plums and strawberries flavors, along with exotic spices and a smooth, lingering finish. This makes it the best wine brand for everyday enjoyment. You can enjoy Four Cousins sweet red wine on its own, or you can pair it with spicy dishes, desserts, and fruit salad. This wine finds its way on numerous occasions and whenever good times turn up. Dial a wine to order this famous sweet red wine in Kenya at the best wine price in Kenya topped up with free wine delivery services in Nairobi and its environs. Cheers as you enjoy your Four Cousins red wine bottle.

6.  frontera cabernet sauvignon

frontera cabernet sauvignon

Frontera is a best-selling Chilean wine classified as red wine or dry red wine, and it is one of the most popular wine brands in Kenya. It is rich in flavor, perfectly balanced, deep ruby in color, and fruity wine with a medium body. The fertile soils and natural nutrients of the vineyard the grapes are grown, help to produce an intensive flavored wine. Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon, once opened, releases the aroma of blackberries, cherries, plums, vanilla, and chocolate. It has soft tannins taste with a lingering smooth finish. This award-winning Chilean wine is excellent with both red meat and white meat. It also pairs well with vegetable dishes, hearty dishes, and creamy pasta. Dial a bottle to have a taste of this delicious wine with friends. This wine is available in our store, so dial us, and we will deliver to you in minutes for free.

7.  namaqua red sweet cask

namaqua red sweet cask

Namaqua Sweet Red is a delightfully ruby-colored sweet wine from South Africa, Matzikana region classified as sweet red wine. Namaqua Sweet Red wine is a great everyday wine that is very affordable wine of high quality and skillfully crafted from quality varietals to showcase a fruity and fresh floral flavor. It is soft and comfortable to drink wine with abundance fruity flavors of berry and fresh red fruits with a smoky strawberry nose and long fruity aftertaste. The structure is firm, thanks to the tannin touch of Merlot, Ruby Cabernet, and Pinotage. It is a delicious sweet wine, which favors people of all ages due to its low alcohol content and affordable price. This popular wine in Kenya - Namaqua Sweet Red wine can be enjoyed on its own, or you can pair it with roast beef, pasta, and soft cheeses. Serve it chilled between 8-10˚C. Once this wine is opened, it should be consumed within six months period. Namaqua Sweet Red wine makes an excellent wine for any occasion, and sharing it when having good times with friends does not disappoint. Dial for drinks delivery Nairobi and order your bottle, and we will deliver to you at no extra cost.

8.  frontera merlot

frontera merlot

Frontera Merlot is an intensive deep red colored wine classified as red wine or dry red wine from Chile's Central Valley. It is made from merlot grapes that are hand-picked and mechanically harvested at their optimum ripeness stage to create a flavourful red wine. Frontera Merlot is a fruity wine with aromas of cherry, plums, and slight cacao touch. On the palate, it is perfectly balanced with fruit flavors, making it a smooth and delicious wine with spices, chocolate hints, and a soft finish. This elegant wine perfectly pairs with white meats, red meats, grilled chicken, cheeses, and pasta dishes. To fully enjoy Frontera Merlot flavors, serve it at room temperature. Grab a bottle of this delightful wine by placing an online drink order on our wine shop at the best wine price in Kenya. You can enjoy other ranges of Frontera wine in our shop, just visit our wine delivery shop for amazing wine brands.

9.  KWV cabernet sauvignon

KWV cabernet sauvignon

KWV Cabernet Sauvignon is a fragrant medium-bodied, dark red appearing wine from South Africa; Western Cape classified as dry red wine. It is solely crafted from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes to showcase good varietal characteristics. The KWV Cabernet Sauvignon engulfs the nose with fresh and lively aroma of blackcurrant, raspberry, and cracked black pepper that is complemented by hints of cigar box, herbs, and cedar spice. On the palate, this wine is light and easy with seamlessly soft, fruity, and oaky spices touches. The finish is elegant, with a well-balanced tannin structure lingering on the senses. KWV Cabernet Sauvignon is a classic wine brand that can be enjoyed now or can be aged in oak for about two and a half years from vintage. Serve this top wine in Kenya with grilled meats and barbeques or enjoy it on its own. This wine brand offers excellent value for your money, and it will not disappoint when you serve on your occasion. Dial us to get your bottle of this classic wine delivered at your destination.

10.  4th street red sweet

4th street red sweet

4th STREET Red wine is a light-bodied, easy to drink, fresh, versatile, and naturally sweet red wine from South Africa. It is made from quality grapes sourced from selected vineyards. These grapes are harvested at optimum ripeness periods to ensure a maximum burst of fruity flavors. The standard winemaking practices are employed to create vibrant red wines. The fresh grape juice is preserved, allowing no fermentation to achieve the sweetness in 4th STREET wine. Then careful blending in the cellar the full sweet grape juice, making 4th STREET natural sweet red a fruity, easy-drinking, and low-alcohol wine of about 8% ABV.

4th STREET wine ranges are inspired by a passion for friendship and sharing, making it the best wine brand to compliment any occasion. It is a very popular wine in Kenya and one of the best ladies' wine brands in Kenya since it is crafted with the ladies' night in mind. It is also an excellent wine for beginners. Whenever you want to relax over good times and bond with your friends, or the family members, it is time to open and share 4th STREET wine. If you want to have some fun and share the vibes with your friends, call us for wine delivery Kenya for some bottles of this affordable, delicious, and friendly sweet red wine.

These incredible red wine brands are just a drop in the sea. Numerous best red brands in Kenya are not included here, such as Cuvee Speciale, Asconi Kagor Lux, Carlo Rossi, Caprice red sweet cask, Versus sweet red, and Tommasi Amarone. If your favorite red wine is missing in this top 10 best wine list, be sure to visit our wine delivery Nairobi page, and you will be overwhelmed by the types of wines covered there. These best wines are one of those things that never get old or disappoint and make the wine drinking experience more enjoyable. These wines perfectly combine sophisticated taste with playful and edgy flavors resulting in irresistible wines. For various wine brands in Kenya, just dial us or visit our online shop for expensive wines and extensive wines brands collection that will always satisfy your taste buds. So relax and give us a call for that bottle of wine you cherish.