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13 Unique Liquors You Haven’t Tried Yet

The renewed interest in liquor is attributed to mixology's ability to open up liquor fans' palates, making them eager to try out the next best thing. Distilleries and wineries are on their toes to quench the thirst of eager liquor enthusiasts with distinct alcohol types made in the best quality. While some of the unique liquor brands are new, others stretch back centuries. These exceptional spirits and wine reinvents themselves in every generation, linking the ancient and the modern into a synergy that we all can attest to enjoying.

Now, for our list of 13 unique liquors you (probably) haven’t tried yet, we bring you high-quality and rare bottles available at our online liquor store. Explore and discover what your palate has been missing. Put these distinct, unsung, and couture liquor on your bucket list.

13 Unique Liquors You Haven’t Tried Yet
ProductPriceAlcohol content (ABV)Country of origin
Bunnahabhain cruach mhona Ksh 6,499 50% Ireland
Amrut intermediate sherry Ksh 8,650 57.1% India
Blantons Gold Edition Ksh 14,450 51.5% America
Cles des ducs vsop Ksh 9,200 40% France
Clase Azul Reposado Ksh 64,000 - Ksh 31,500 40% Mexico
meukow vsop Ksh 10,800 40% Russia
crystal head vodka Ksh 6,500 40% Canada
Aviation Gin Ksh 4,950 43% America
Bumbu XO Ksh 7,900 40% Caribbean
Alize Bleu Passion Ksh 3,890 - Ksh 4,450 20% France
Dusse vsop cognac Ksh 11,800 43% France
La fiole du pape Ksh 6,800 14% France
Louis Roederer Cristal Ksh 44,500 12% France

1.  Bunnahabhain cruach mhona

Bunnahabhain cruach mhona

Single malt Scotch whisky is great, but Bunnahabhain Cruach Mhona is incredible. Pronounced Buu-na-havan croo-ach vona, this Islay single malt Scotch is a limited edition release of the Bunnahabhain brand. It is made to intrigue your palate with its intense smoky and spicy character, influenced by peat and sea salt. You will experience a burst of flavors of sweet herbs, burning grass, hay, white pepper, and seaweed. Explore the rest of Bunnahabhain expressions and discover a new and unique whisky experience.

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2.  Amrut intermediate sherry

Amrut intermediate sherry

Trips to India are often filled with spice and some cheap Indian whiskeys. Amrut intermediate sherry whisky is a truly exceptional Indian single malt that will give you a unique whisky experience. It is a high-quality whisky, matured in new and ex-bourbon casks, then transferred to Oloroso sherry butts for a year. This intermediate sherry maturation is then followed by further aging in ex-bourbon casks. The whisky is spicy, oaky, and with heavy sherry notes. It has a strong alcoholic punch, considering its 57.1% ABV. Try out other expressions from the Amrut whisky brand to expand your horizons.

3.  Blantons Gold Edition

Blantons Gold Edition

Blanton’s gold is an incredible bourbon, the world’s first single barrel bourbon created in 1984. It is an award-winning limited edition bourbon bottled at 103 proof. It’s very rare but a favorite among discerning bourbon lovers. You may want to try it before it vanishes from the shelves. Expect complex and balanced flavors, with hints of tobacco and spicy rye on the nose, oak and vanilla flavors that contribute to a long and harmonious finish. This is a true gold standard bourbon. You can also try the 93 proof Blanton’s Original bourbon.

4.  Cles des ducs vsop

Cles des ducs vsop

Cles des Ducs is an Armagnac brandy, not a cognac as it is often confused. Armagnac is a type of brandy, double-distilled rather than triple distilled, which imparts more flavor than cognac. Armagnacs are rare due to significantly lower production than cognac. Cles Des Ducs VSOP is a blend of several Armagnacs aged for at least five years in wood, yielding a delicious and flavorful brandy. It’s unique and prestigious. It’s among the bottles you should try before you die at least. Check out other Cles Des Ducs expressions.

5.  Clase Azul Reposado

Clase Azul Reposado

Clase Azul tequila brand presents unique and luxurious Plata (silver) and reposado expressions. Presentation is in an elegant packaging and a beautiful decanter with a distinctive feathered design, hand-painted in cobalt blue color. Clase Azul is incomparable and a perfect representation of true luxury. Clase Azul Reposado is a rare tequila, a symbol of Mexican tradition and culture. It is masterfully aged in American whiskey casks for eight months, giving it unique vanilla and hazelnut flavors and exceptional smoothness.

6.  meukow vsop

meukow vsop

Meukow VSOP is an unsung and unique cognac adorned with a flamboyant red. It is a fine and intense cognac, expressing beautiful harmony between caramel, nut, and grilled apple aromas. Your palate is graced with pleasant notes of dried fruits. It is a delicious and high-quality cognac that you definitely should try. Also try out other variants in Meukow Cognac Brand.

7.  crystal head vodka

crystal head vodka

Crystal head vodka stirred different reactions when it first arrived, mostly due to its unique skull-shaped bottles. Maybe it evoked some "voodoo" memories if at all that's a thing. The vodka is just as remarkable as its vessel. It has incomparable smoothness achieved by distilling four times and filtering seven times, three of the time is through diamonds. Yes, you read right, Diamonds! New age wisdom associates quartz crystals with positive energy and healing. Whether or not that is true, know for sure that you will enjoy sipping this cool drink.

8.  Aviation Gin

Aviation Gin

Aviation gin is a unique gin from Portland, Oregon. Unlike other gins that are juniper-led, Aviation gin has a perfect balance of flavors rather than being dictated by Juniper. Juniper is also present but it doesn’t come out strongly as in many gin brands. Pull away from the usual and discover intriguing flavors and gin character which is way over the norm.

9.  Bumbu XO

Bumbu XO

Bumbu XO is a thing of beauty. A unique and intriguing spirit, complex, rich, and smooth handcrafted rum created from scratch by Bumbu’s skillful master distiller. It is aged for up to 18 years starting in bourbon casks and finished in sherry casks. This expression is more balanced on the palate than the original Bumbu rum. It offers great value for money. It is a must-try rum that you surely should add to your bucket list and buy before the year ends.

10.   Alize Bleu Passion

 Alize Bleu Passion

Alize Bleu Passion is just one among the many Alize flavors. All bartenders know that life is more fun in color. The different expressions of the Alize Passion liqueur brand make bright and delicious cocktails. You can enjoy it neat or simply chill over ice to experience refreshing flavors. See more of the Alize brand, pick what strikes your fancy, and get busy making homemade cocktails, if you are a fan of mixed drinks.

11.  Dusse vsop cognac

Dusse vsop cognac

You do not have to take a trip to the Cognac region of France to enjoy French Glory. D’usse VSOP is readily available in Kenya. It is a high-quality and unique cognac that many people do not know of. Apart from Hennessy, Courvoisier, or other popular cognac brands, you may want to explore the D’usse brand. D’usse VSOP is naturally aged for at least four years to impart a bold and full-bodied character. It is available in a beautiful bottle representing class and elegance. It is a must-try cognac.

12.  La fiole du pape

La fiole du pape

La Fiole Du Pape is a unique red wine with a distinctive bottle. The twisted bottle and sandy appearance tell a story of its origin. There was a fire in Chateauneuf-du-pape where the raging fire destroyed everything apart from the cellar and bottles of Chateauneuf. Henceforth, the bottles of La Fiole Du Pape were designed in twisted and sandy texture. It is an elegant and evoking wine of the former times into modernity, linking the ancient and the now. It is delicious, fruity, and smooth, a must-try wine.

13.  Louis Roederer Cristal

Louis Roederer Cristal

Let us end the incredible-13 list with a toast of prestigious and unique champagne. Louis Roederer Cristal is refined and remarkably balanced champagne with an inimitable length. It has good keeping capacity. It can be conserved for even over twenty years without losing its character and freshness. Jean Baptiste Lecaillon, the Cellar Master, calls it “A wine of pure pleasure and a sophisticated gastronomic wine, Cristal is both powerful and delicate, combining subtlety and precision.” Buy Louis Roederer Cristal at our online shop and toast to great moments.

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