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Teremana Tequila prices in Kenya

Teremana Blanco product image from Drinks Zone
750 ml   Ksh 14,000
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Teremana Reposado product image from Drinks Zone
750 ml   Ksh 14,750
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Teremana price in Nairobi
Product Name Price Alcohol contentCountry of origin Liquor category
Teremana Blanco 750 ml Ksh 14,000 40% Mexico tequila
Teremana Reposado 750 ml Ksh 14,750 40% Mexico tequila

Teremana brand

Teremana termed as "people’s tequila" is a premium brand crafted from Blue Weber agave. The Agave cores are roasted in traditional brick ovens for about three days and shredded to extract agave juice which is fermented in an open tank and distilled in handmade copper stills. Every step of making this wonderful tequila is meticulously done, resulting in delicious liquor of the highest quality. It puts the people first while honoring the land it comes from. Quality, taste, people, price point, and the land matter most, and the company takes all this into account. This amazing tasting and affordable spirit are available in our online liquor store at the best Teremana prices.

Comparing Teremana with other types of Tequila, it is one of the most affordable premium tequila in Kenya. The brand hit the market with Blanco and Reposado styles but has launched the Anejo style. The distillery gives the entire making process and aging ample time needed to create the smooth and the best tequila possible with a uniquely delicious taste. Teremana is an excellent spirit to share, bringing people together, starting conversations, toasting to the happy moments, and appreciating your friends.

There are no hard rules on the best way to enjoy this exquisite tequila brand and is best enjoyed the way you like it; on the rock, chilled, neat, or in your favorite cocktail. Dial drinks zone to order, crack open a bottle and enjoy. We have the most competitive Teremana prices in Kenya and we offer fast home delivery services.