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Jagermeister liqueur brands and prices in Kenya

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700 ml   Ksh 3,450
1 litre   Ksh 4,150
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Jagermeister gift pack product image from Drinks Zone
750 ml   Ksh 5,949
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Jagermeister manifest  product image from Drinks Zone
1 litre   Ksh 7,100
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Jagermeister price in Nairobi
Product Name Price Alcohol contentCountry of origin Liquor category
jagermeister 700 ml Ksh 3,450 35% Germany liqueur
jagermeister 1 litre Ksh 4,150 35% Germany liqueur
Jagermeister gift pack 750 ml Ksh 5,949 35% Germany liqueur
Jagermeister manifest 1 litre Ksh 7,100 38% Germany liqueur
Jagermeister Charakter Scharf Hot Ginger 700 ml Ksh 3,900 33% Germany liqueur
Jagermeister Cold Brew Coffee 1 litre Ksh 4,850 33% Germany liqueur

Jagermeister brand

Jagermeister German masterpiece liquid defined by perfection

Standing out from the crowd means you are the best. Jagermeister is one of the best liqueurs which has been enjoyed for generations without losing its appeal. It is a type of herbal liqueur defined by perfection with a sweeter taste, flavored created with a very secret recipe.

Looking for the best stuff to take to a party, or to enjoy after a busy work day? Jagermeister is just a call away. Order online at Drinks Zone liquor shop and toast to good vibes.

Where does Jagermeister hail from?

Jagermeister is a German digestive established by Curt Mast in Wolfenbüttel, Germany. Curt was the son of Wilhelm Mast, a vinegar manufacturer, and wine trader. The name Jagermeister means Master Hunter, Hunt Master, or master of the hunt in German. Curt was an enthusiastic hunter but was passionate about spirits and liqueurs production. He was keen on helping his father at an early age, and in 1934, he devised the recipe for Jagermeister. Today, it is a popular liquor poured as cold shots in bars around the world.

Meister ingredients and unique recipe

Blending 56 ingredients seemed impossible. However, the company's master distiller had an extraordinary talent for blending, blessing every barrel with his unmatched expertise and experience, guaranteeing unique Jagermeister taste. Jagermeister's ingredients include the highest-grade herbs, roots, spices, and fruits. The full ingredient list is a closely guarded secret, and since its creation, the recipe has remained unchanged to date. Every drop of Jagermeister is meticulously made true to its German roots, and no detail escapes the uncompromising standards of its head of product. Never mess with a winning formula. Sticking to the original has put this iconic spirit on the front pack of the best spirits in the world. The ingredients are ground, steeped in water and alcohol, then filtered and aged in oak barrels for about a year to become liquid German perfection. Jagermeister is a bold, rich spirit packaged in its signature green glass bottle.

Jagermeister taste profile

Made with nature, Jagemeister’s taste profile stands out in any crowd. It is a liqueur flavored with a secret recipe and a year of barrel-aging for perfection. The Meister was born with sweet notes alongside something sour. It is a bold, yet balanced liqueur with a complex flavor profile accentuated by cold temperatures. You can single out its distinct nuance flavors notes. This liqueur is recommended to be kept on ice and served cold.

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