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Nairobi Whisky Delivery Services - All You Need To Know

Nairobi Whisky Delivery Services - All You Need To Know

Gone are the days when you had to walk or drive to your local liquor store to get your favorite whisky. The trend is taking your phone, sit back on your couch and search for “whisky delivery near me”. Of course you don’t pick any online whisky delivery service provider. You will need to learn a few online liquor shopping tips to aid you in this process. But as long as you know the type of whisky you want, or you have a favorite, buying online should be easy.

Several online whisky shops in Nairobi offers home delivery. Drinks Zone is one of the best online liquor stores that delivers drinks to your door at no extra cost. Your whisky is usually on transit five minutes after ordering, and in less than 30 minutes, you have your drink with you. Drinks Zone whisky shop in Nairobi has dedicated time and resources to give customers the best whisky delivery service. It starts with an efficient online whisky purchasing platform. It is fast and easy to use. Then follows the best customer service, where you get knowledgeable staff who will aid you in your whisky shopping process. By the drop of a pin, the rider is on his way to bring you the best quality whisky sold at the best prices.

Here is what our Nairobi whisky delivery service entails

Events Whisky Delivery

Your plan of having a memorable event is made a reality by ordering the best drinks. We ensure that you get genuine whisky brands at the most affordable prices in Kenya. We are the most reliable whisky supplier in Nairobi and you can trust us to grace your event with exceptional whisky that will impress your guests.

We have a variety of whisky brands sourced from all over the world, including the famous whisky producing regions. We do not restrict on how many bottles for each brand you can take. You can have the variety just as you prefer. We understand that different guests have different whisky tastes and we are ready to satisfy their desires. Make a corporate whisky purchase for an upcoming company’s end of year party or any other celebration in your organization.

Any event, including parties like birthdays, wedding, graduation, a house party, you name it! We are once call away to deliver the best whisky brands of the world.

Whisky Gifts Delivery

Your spouse, your dad, mom or even a friend, who is a whisky fan deserves a perfect treat. I am sure when those holidays dedicated to particular groups of people, you are always online looking for an ideal gift. For instance, you may be looking for the best gifts for dad during Fathers’ Day, best surprise gifts for him and so on. Liquor is a highly unexplored and really effective gift options that makes the impression you most desire.

Imagine presenting a well-wrapped rare bottle of Scotch whisky, a prestigious Japanese whisky or a special Irish whisky to your favorite person. When money is not a problem, you can send one of those expensive whisky brands. These are usually presented in beautiful and classy decanters ideal for the best first impression. The whiskeys are premium and of the best quality, and will satisfy the deepest desires of a whisky enthusiast.

There is something for everyone, we have affordable whisky from reputable brands that will make ideal alcohol gifts.

Our whisky gift options include gift packs presented by various whisky brands or custom gifts that are made on request. You can order gift packs with an inscribed message on the whisky glasses or on the bottle. Choose the best gift package and give details of the message to be written on greetings card if you so wish. We can then deliver the whisky gift on your behalf to your favorite person.

No Order Minimums

It’s in the evening. All the work is done. You had a busy day and you feel you need to relax. You do not need anyone with you, just need alone time. You frisk your pocket and find a dime in your pocket. It’s only enough for one bottle of your favorite whisky. You are too tired to walk or drive to the whisky shop near you. And you wonder, can I order a single bottle of whisky online? The answer is yes. Drinks Zone will deliver even a single bottle of whisky to your door. Enjoy our free whisky delivery service in Nairobi and its environs, even for one bottle.

On other occasions, you may want to spend quality time with your whisky-loving buddies. You invite them to your house or secure a venue where you can have fun. This way, you will need whisky delivery in bulk. You can make large orders at Drinks Zone. You will pay on delivery as long as the order does not exceed sh. 100,000. In the event the total cost exceeds this amount, you will be required to make a commitment fee, and the rest will be paid on delivery.

Companies, organizations and other businesses usually hold events or end of year parties. Treat your employees with the best quality whisky. Buy in bulk from our whisky shop and we will deliver to your preferred venue at no extra cost.

Huge Whisky Variety

Variety keeps things interesting. What if there was only Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whisky, or just Glenfiddich single malts? Wouldn’t whisky be a boring class of alcoholic beverages? Luckily, we have many types of whisky sources across the globe. We have the best quality drams from Scotland, Irish whiskeys, American Bourbons, Indian whiskeys, Japanese luxury whisky brands, and other whisky types from different countries.

We ensure that there is something for everyone. We have cheap but high quality whiskeys, best as regular drinks. We also stock rare and expensive whisky bottles that you can buy anytime you need a luxurious treat. Every whisky you want, we’ve got it. Place your order online and get a delivery for your favorite whisky brand.

It must feel good to know that there is a reliable online liquor store you can depend on to deliver drinks to your door. Try Drinks Zone and find out whether we can engage long-term in Nairobi whisky delivery services. We can be your whisky supplier in Nairobi, bringing you the best quality bottles at affordable whisky prices in Kenya. Host a party, have a drink on your own or buy for a company, we will be there to bring you the most popular are well as rare whisky brands. Order whisky online today and enjoy the best service.