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Best ladies wine in kenya– alcohol drinks for women

Best ladies wine in kenya– alcohol drinks for women

Women drinking alcohol is a major issue in our society, as most people assume that alcoholic drinks are only for men. However, unlike the early days of our forefathers, where women who drink alcohol were considered wayward, it is socially acceptable today for women to drink without raising eyebrows. In the modern society where changes have been embraced, drinking is a common phenomenon, as there is a variety of best ladies wine brands in the market and avoiding them just because you are a woman, is not necessary. Women today no longer just stay at home only to cook and attend other house chaos, they now go out and drink like men. Some women have even postponed marrying and starting a family and choose to enjoy their social life with friends, enjoying their preferred alcoholic drink.


 Alcoholic drink manufacturers are exploiting ladies wine market, by placing certain drinks specifically for women. You get many cocktails and other alcoholic beverages that would not only pamper the taste buds but also, have a healthier side due to its production ingredients. There is though, many questions regarding women drink such as, why women drink? What are the best ladies drinks? Where to buy these drinks? What is the right amount of alcohol to drinks? Which is the best wine for ladies night? Etc. in this article, we will answer most of this question.


Why women drink?


Maybe you wonder why women drink. The reason as to why the women drink is the same reasons as to why men drink; for enjoyment, to relax, to relieve pressure and stress, to get some confidence, to get some sleep, and other reason you may think of. Some women struggle to balance the daily demands of taking care of their families and household responsibilities and maintaining their professional duties, thus they may drink to relieve this daily work pressure and stress. 


What are the effects of alcohol on women?


Each drink affects women almost the same way it affects men. The effect of alcohol is different in different individuals because, it much depends on personal alcohol-tolerance, which is not determined by gender. However, women have less body water than men. Therefore, it will take less alcohol for a woman to become inebriated than men. Some ladies wines, however, have very low alcohol volume to keep our ladies cheerful. 


Can pregnant ladies take alcohol drinks?


There is a lot of conflicting information about pregnant women drinking alcohol, which leaves these women wondering; is it safe to drink wine during pregnancy or not? This issue has been raised to medical organizations. People have different opinions in regards to pregnant women drinking wine. A pregnant mother must take care of herself and the life of the unborn baby she is carrying. Consuming a small amount of ladies drink or wine during pregnancy may not be harmful, but consuming large amounts of alcohol during pregnancy can be harmful to the unborn baby. But, on the other hand, the volume of wine which is safe is undetermined. A pregnant woman who drinks a bottle of wine is something that shouldn't be ignored. To be on the safe side, it is recommended drinking no wine during pregnancy.


To determine how safe it is for ladies to enjoy their best wine brand during pregnancy, a lot of research have been carried out. One major UK research body has suggested that it is okay for women to drink lightly during the second and third trimesters, but advocate abstinence in the first trimester. With this information, it seems that women, who wish to drink a small amount of wine during pregnancy, can do so without worrying about doing their unborn child harm. The benefit of drinking moderate amounts of red wine outweigh the non-benefits and such, women may not give it up altogether during pregnancy. However, if you have any misgivings at all, it's probably best to abstain altogether.


What amount of wine is safe for pregnant women?


The quantity of wine for women that is safe for the unborn baby is quite confusing. According to medical research, there is no specific wine amount that is proven harmful for pregnant women. The major factor that hinders the drinking of alcoholic drinks for women is the hormones. Hormonal levels are different in every woman and alcohol effect do not mainly rely on the amount of alcohol, but the individual hormonal levels. For women with a high level of hormones, it will be easy for their bodies to nullify the effect of alcohol, thus keeping their baby safe. Medical practitioners agree that drink large or small amounts of alcohol if you're pregnant will create the possibilities of harming the baby. But there is still no solid proof of this theory and thus require more tests and studies. How much wine you drink in a week is an important element with regards to the wine effects on the body, however, it is also crucial to take into consideration the hormonal levels.


What are the best alcoholic drinks for ladies?


Since there is no big deal in a woman enjoying a sip or two of her favourite alcoholic beverage, now you may be wondering, what are the best ladies drinks brands? Asking which the best ladies wine, or what are the best alcohol drinks for women, is the same as asking what are the best alcohol drinks for men. The drinks brand one goes for is more of a personal preference and not gender-based. 


About the best ladies drinks and flavour are subjective, as it largely depends on personal likes and preference. So there is no "best", ladies wine, or best girl alcohol drink per se, as there are knowledgeable ladies who adore either whisky, rum, gin, wine, brandy or other brands depending on their preference. Some people associate women with specific drinks but ladies have mastered the art of picking their drinks depending on the occasion and their taste.


For ladies out there who are confused about what alcoholic drinks is best for them, we suggest the best alcoholic drinks to go for are clear spirits like vodka and gin. These spirits contain the least amount of calories per serving. The problem is what you mix them with. The best mixture to use with this girly drinks is anything that is low carb or no sugar. Find low carb tonic for your gin. You can also use any type of club soda for vodka mixture, and it can be the flavoured variety like a berry. So ladies can have their favourite drinks without added calories. Here is a choice of best alcoholic drinks considered as female alcohol drinks, which our ladies will prefer any day


Wines for ladies


One of the best drink usually looked as ladies best friend is wine. However, there is a question if wine drinks are best for women. I would say yes. There is fine best girly wine for our beautiful women made for them. There are many varieties of ladies wine brands that there will love and enjoy, and not just a single type of wine. The winemakers have wide range quality ladies drinks list which is delicious. Picking a single brand as ladies wine may be difficult, as the choice of the drink depends on individual palate and taste. Some ladies, especial the new to wine prefer light and sweet wine than the dry wines, while others will go for heavy wines. The wine sweetness and flavour is influenced by wine varietal, harvesting period of grapes, alcohol content, residual sugar and types of grapes used to make it. Popular Sweet wine includes; dry reds and whites such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Riesling, the rose’ brands and dessert wine Port. Popular off-dry wines for women are; Moscato and Pinot Noir wine. These popular girl drinks brand will make them cheerful. Here is our round-up of the best ladies wine brands in Kenya:

Rosso nobile cioccolate

Four cousins sweet rose


Asconi kiss me now

Drostdy-Hof White Sweet

Bird & bees white sweet malbec

Tilia Malbec

Nederburg chenin blanc

4th Street Sweet Rose

Robertson Winery Sweet Red 


Wine health benefits


Drinking wine has long been a point of controversy among health-conscious people about, what is the best wine for women health? Some say that drinking a glass of wine every day is healthy, while others say that you should stay away from it at all costs. The truth is, there is something to be said for both sides. Biologically view, no drink benefits women more than men, and vice-versa. Moderate consumption of wine is good and it has some health benefit as illustrated here.

  • Red Wine contains Anti-Oxidants called resveratrol which is good for health. This Anti-Oxidants in red wine are beneficial as they help to improve heart health and blood circulation, diabetes and also prevent cancer. 
  • It is also said that some beauty products are made using wine, as they help in reducing the ageing effects.


Ladies Beer


Beer is the oldest alcoholic beverages dating back thousands of years to our cultures and is widely enjoyed by both sex, male and female. People enjoy beer natural fermentation. The various variety of ingredients used to brew it, influences and changes in the taste of different beers brands. Beer is 95% water and has less alcohol than spirits and the ale used to make it provides a natural list of anti-oxidants like, flavonoids and other natural ingredients that positively replenish the body. The main ingredient used to brew beer includes; barley, oats, rye and hops, that makes it have natural health benefits and is the best women drink


Beer health benefits


Moderate beer drinks provide us with the following health benefit;

  • Moderate beer drinking increases HDL (good cholesterol), which helps prevent platelet build-up in arteries and can help prevent blood clotting.  
  • Beer contains B6, which lowers homocysteine levels, a major risk factor of heart disease. This help to reduce the risk of stroke and heart diseases to women as well as to men.
  • The natural nutrients in beer contain B2, B vitamins, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and flavonoids that help nourish the body. Flavonoids are natural antioxidants and help fight the free radicals in the body that create disease. 
  • Other beer health benefits include helping one to relax and sleep and even reduce blood pressure.

 A little moderate beer drinking won't hurt you but will help you immensely, naturally. Moderation is the key. Like it is in everything else we eat and enjoy limiting beer drinking to one or two brews is beneficial. 


Vodka for women


Best drink for women would be vodka. Despite being men drink, Vodka is very pleasant in taste and is very smooth than other hard alcoholic drinks like Whisky, bourbon, rum and gin. Getting high with vodka feels much better too. Ladies can try flavoured vodka to get a better experience and taste since the major problem women face in drinking alcohol is its taste. So flavoured vodka would be much better for ladies. Vodka can also be mixed with a variety of mixer to make best ladies drink.


What is the right time to drink?


Taking pleasure in drinking is not limited to special occasions like parties, weddings, and corporate functions. Ladies can have a perfect bottle of champagne, dessert wine, white or red wine, and beer anytime for their enjoyment and to complement a delicious meal. There are many ways to enjoy your drink, and when you add it to specific activities, magic happens; relaxing, calming, and stress relieved. Ladies can enjoy their favourite wine on their romantic dates, or on a picnic at the park with a light bottle of strong sweet alcoholic drinks. The combination of a good breeze, picturesque view, food, wine and light conversation with a special lady can turn simple picnics into an unforgettable date.


With the wide variety of Ladies drinks brands on leading online drinks Kenya, having to drink anytime you like is much possible. The online wines shop has a drink for everyone, men, to women, young and old. If you are not sure of the alcoholic drink is best for your lady, ask. The biggest mistake made when searching for ladies wine brands is the fear people seem to have with asking for advice. The smartest thing one can do when you are trying to figure out the best wine for women is to ask. Ask the online drinks delivery staff, or read some wine reviews to get an opinion on what type of wine to go for. With the different flavours of the different types of wine, beer, whisky, vodka, gin, brandy and other drinks, women have a variety of alcoholic drinks to choose from depending on their taste and palate.