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The Best Alcoholic Drinks for Ladies in Kenya in 2022

The Best Alcoholic Drinks for Ladies in Kenya in 2022

Should women drink alcohol? I say, why not? Society, especially in the African setup, has been programmed to see drinking in women as a vice. But we are in the 21st century, aren’t we? Such prejudices, I would say, are passed by time.

So, honey, adjust your crown, get out there and drink your favorite bottle. You don’t deserve it any less than a man does. If you are a beginner, or you already have a favorite, we have recommendations for you on the best alcohol for ladies in Kenya to expand the list of favorites.

Before we get there, let’s first set the facts straight on women and alcohol. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about women and alcohol and their answers.

Why do women drink?

Why do men drink? I’m sure you can think of a few answers to this. Women drink for the same reasons as men; to relieve pressure, social drinking with friends, or maybe they just appreciate a good bottle of booze.

What are the effects of alcohol on women?

Men and women have different metabolism rates. Also, the water levels in women’s bodies are lower than in men, hence resulting in the same alcohol amounts affecting ladies more. Studies also have shown that women are more prone to liver and heart diseases. According to Beastcancer.org, alcohol also increases the risk of developing breast cancer by 15% for women having three alcoholic drinks per week compared to those who do not drink at all.

The effects of alcohol are experienced by either gender. Of importance is drinking responsibly, and only taking what you can manage. So, don’t worry, you have the green light to indulge in your favorite wine, beer, or spirit. Cocktails too.

Can pregnant ladies take alcoholic drinks?

Who am I to argue with science? They say alcohol is not good for your unborn child, and I believe them. However, it hasn’t been determined how much alcohol is harmful to the unborn baby. We know though that excess amounts will definitely hurt the little Angel. Instead of gambling, why not choose the easy way out?

Drinks Zone offers you a wide range of non-alcoholic wines and beers perfect for pregnant women. You do not have to entirely let go of the refreshing taste of hops and malt in beer, or the crispness and fruitiness in the wine.

We have high-quality non-alcoholic wines such as Martini Dolce 0.0, Chamdor white and red, Pure Heaven Red and White, Royalty white, and the Rendez Vous brand.

For non-alcoholic beers, Heineken 0.0 and Bavaria 0.0 are at the top of the list of the best-selling alcohol-free beers.

There are other non-alcoholic types that are not yet available in Kenya. We will let you know when we have them. Keep in touch with our updates on social media by following us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

That’s settled. Now let’s get back to recommending the popular and classy alcoholic drinks for ladies. Check them out!

Best Wines for Ladies in Kenya

Wine is on top of the list of favorite drinks among ladies. Popular wine shops in Kenya like Drinks Zone have a large collection of wines from famous wine-producing regions of the world. Several among the available types are fine girly wines that best fit ladies.

Wine choice for experienced wine enthusiasts is mostly based on the personality of the individual. Some ladies enjoy a high-quality dry Cabernet Sauvignon or a crisp and fresh Chardonnay, and others will take nothing less than sweet.

A good number of quality wines have been made to satisfy that girly desire. Most are infused with flavors like chocolate and fruit, presented in attractive bottles, or by retaining natural sweetness from the grapes.

Here is our list of the most popular and best wines for ladies in Kenya.

Apart from enjoying the taste and aromas of good wine, you also get several health benefits. Red wines especially are rich in antioxidants like resveratrol. Don’t mind the complexity of the term if you are not a scientist. Just know it is good for your heart, blood circulation, prevents diabetes and cancer, and is good for your skin.

White wines too have several antioxidants that are beneficial to your body. A glass of wine will do you good.

Wine is not the only class of drinks best for ladies. Here is what else is there.

Vodka for women

Vodka is mostly regarded as men drink, although this has changed over the years. We can base these changes on the wide range of flavored vodkas that have seen increased women fans. Vodka is a versatile alcoholic beverage that can be infused with almost any flavor.

We all know girls and their love for sweet things. Every girl has a favorite flavor, either in juice, ice cream, yogurt, or other food products. Vodka too has all those flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and fruity flavors like citrus, strawberry, pineapple, coconut, watermelon, and many more.

Check out our collection of flavored vodkas and choose your favorite.

Beer for Ladies

Beer brewing companies have been so generous in producing their best collection of the best beers for ladies. You will find a good number of fine cider beers, and other low-in-alcohol brews best suited for ladies. They have a clean and sweet taste, which a lady can most enjoy.

For those planning to get pregnant someday, and who do not want to abandon the taste of beer entirely, then alcohol-free beers will do you good.

Here is a list of the best beers for ladies available at Drinks Zone

  • Savanna Dry Cider
  • Hunters Cider
  • Snapp
  • Sikera Apple
  • Kenya Originals Ciders
  • Tusker Cider
  • Heineken Beers
  • Bavaria 0.0 Original
  • Desperados
  • Smirnoff Guarana
  • 254 Craft Beers
  • Windhoek Draught

We have many other beer types that you can order online at our liquor shop.

Gin for Ladies

Like vodka, gins have flavored expressions that are best suited for ladies. Pink gins especially are most ladies’ drinks of choice. Check out our list of best gins for ladies in Kenya.

  • Gordon’s Pink Gin
  • Mermaid Pink Gin
  • Beefeater Pink Gin
  • Musgrave Pink Gin
  • Blue Bottle Pink Gin
  • Whitley Neill Raspberry
  • Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla
  • Gibson’s Pink
  • Larios Rose
  • Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz
  • Cubical Kiss
  • Gilbey’s Pink
  • Malfy Rosa

You can simply search for any of these products on the search bar above this page.

Liqueurs for ladies

Liqueurs have many lady fans. Most people do not know what “liqueurs” are. Although they are unfamiliar with the category, they are very much familiar with the products in this category.

In general, liqueurs are spirits infused with particular flavors or products and are typically low in alcohol. Popular flavors and products found in liqueurs are cream, coffee, honey, fruit, and other flavors.

Here are some of the ladies' favorite liqueurs in Kenya.

  • Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • Amarula Fruit Cream
  • Sheridan’s
  • Strawberry Lips
  • Tia Maria
  • Disaronno
  • Patron XO Café
  • Harvey’s Bristol Cream
  • Alize
  • Sidekick Toffee Caramel
  • Sidekick Cookies & Cream

We started by encouraging you to adjust your crown and find your favorite bottle. Do not be limited by our list of best alcohol drinks for ladies. Explore other liquor categories like Whisky, Cognac, Rum, Tequila, Champagne, and Brandy found on the top this page. You may find your forever sweetheart in these groups not featured in this here.

Take a little more time on our website and visit our blog and shopping guides. You may learn something new.

Drinks Zone offers you a variety of classy drinks for ladies at the best prices in Kenya. Shop at our online liquor store and get access to lucrative alcohol deals, free alcohol delivery in Nairobi, and the fastest and most reliable delivery service. Buy from us and experience quality at its best.