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Liquor delivery Nairobi | dial a drink Kenya

Liquor delivery Nairobi | dial a drink Kenya

Online beer, wine, and spirit shops are a game-changer in the liquor buying in Kenya, and most Kenyan have embraced online shopping. Online outlets are offering buyers the most convenient and comfortable liquor shopping platform. But this is not without reason. It is due to the convenience and efficiency it comes with. It is the easiest way of shopping, quick, saving time and energy, and saves on the total cost. You could not have imagined buying your best beer in the middle of the night some years back, but today with online liquor delivery in Nairobi, you can now order your favorite drink with your pajama on. Liquor delivery Nairobi offers near 24-hour alcohol delivery services, offering on-demand alcohol delivery up to late night and even others delivering drinks throughout the night. This has seen a rampant growth of online liquor stores in Kenya. Most regular walk-in wine & spirit have started offering online drinks to meet the increasing demand for online customers.

The increased number of online beer, wine, and spirit in Nairobi has led to increased competition in Kenya's online liquor delivery services. This has seen the industry players offering exceptional customers' services and top-notch delivery services to remain afloat in business. The delivery time has reduced tremendously to almost instant delivery or just a few minutes, with most drinks delivery shops offering free delivery services or charging a minimal delivery fee. The drinks price has equally dropped significantly. It is not a surprise that you can now buy a wine a half price of what you could have paid some years back.

There are numerous online liquor stores such as jumia, uber eats, Thirsty Oak, Nairobi drinks, dial a drink Kenya and dial a delivery among others that deliver your booze direct to your destiny. However, it would be best to take care when choosing the online shop to buy from, so as to get the most of your money and enjoy online buying benefits. While most of these shops offer fast drinks delivery services, others may take longer than expected. Also, cross-check the delivery charges since not all online shops offer free home delivery services. If you are in search for the best online wine and spirit shop that you can trust and get most for your money, I don't want to sound biased but try the drinks zone and experience the most efficient online shopping. We offer the best drinks prices in Kenya and massive bulk discounts plus free alcohol delivery in Nairobi and its environs. You should also be certain if the liquor shop does deliver to your destination. Here are some locations drinks zone do alcohol delivery in Nairobi. We may not list every single estate, but I am sure this will help to figure out if your location is covered.

Main drinks delivery location in Nairobi

With better security and better road work in Nairobi, Drinks zone alcohol delivery service has been spread out to cover the entire city of Nairobi and not only concentrate on Nairobi CBD. The major location we deliver to include; Nairobi CBD, Kileleshwa, Kilimani, Lavington, Milimani, Karen, Langata, Parklands, Ngara, Westlands, Upper hills, Hurlingham, Ngong Rd, Nyayo Estate, South B, South C, Buruburu, along Jogoo Road, Nairobi West, Madaraka, Muthaiga, Kiambu Rd, Loresho, Runda, City Park, Lower Kabete, Thika Rd, Kasarani, Roysambu, Zimmerman, Mombasa Rd, Mlolongo, Embakasi, Waiyaki way, Spring Valley, Ruaka and many more Estate. Dial us to enquire about your location. We are always dedicated to provide the most efficient and best drinks delivery services. We do offer home alcohol delivery service, office delivery, clubs & pubs delivery, and party delivery service.

Who can buy from online wine shops?

Online drinks stores are law-abiding entities, and they comply with alcohol sale guidelines in Kenya. If you reside in Kenya and have attained 18 years and above, you are allowed to buy and consume alcohol products. So if you are in this bracket, you are well place to shop with us. However, I know some are hesitant to buy online, assuming it is for the rich. On the contrary, online liquor shops value every client and deliver up to one bottle of drink or six-pack beer. So don't lock yourself out, explore the wide range of drinks offered online, and enjoy the discounted prices and free home delivery services. Fear is our greatest enemy, take courage, and avoid the fear of being duped as you pay for the drinks only when you have received them. Dial a drink to buy the easy way and enjoy the drinks you cherish with friends.

What does an online liquor shop offer?

Online wines & spirits shops offer a fantastic and simple shopping platform. It provides better and most competitive prices, simple comparison/window shopping, and transparency shopping platform. Customers receive dedicated attention, exceptional, and personalized customer services from the online attendant. There numerous advantages of buying online, but let us highlight some extra benefits of online liquor delivery in Nairobi.

Better drink expenditure budgeting

At times we may not have control of how much we spend on alcohol, especially over the weekends. If you are buying in a club, there tend to be extravagant spending. Also, when you get drunk, there are chances that the bartender may increase your bills. The prices in the club are also exaggerated. Some clubs & pubs in Nairobi charge ridiculous prices for a standard bottle of beer, wine, champagne, whiskey, and other drinks. With online drinks delivery, this is a thing of the past. You can make an adequate plan for all the drinks you need and know the extra cost. Online liquor shops display the drinks prices clearly, which are usually low compared to those offered on regular wine & spirit shops and clubs & pubs. In the event you run out of drinks in the middle of the party, you will just make an order, and the prices will not be exaggerated. Also, you have full control of the number of people you want to hang out with. So get it right and save some cash by buying your beer online.

Extra delivery services

Apart from delivering drinks, online beer, wine, and spirit shops offer extra delivery services. They offer condoms delivery service, cigarette delivery, and gift delivery service. As a gentleman you are, you may not have that confidence to go buying condoms over the counter for you have an image to protect. That is when you need a true friend to come on your aid, and that friend is none other than the online liquor shop right on your palm. They will run an errand on your behalf for that packet of condoms you need, a bottle of wine, whisky, and keep things flowing while keeping your catch company. Also, should you be in need of cigarettes, don't stress yourself, for we will deliver right at your doorsteps. If you desire to surprise someone with a unique drink gift we also got your back, we have special gift packages. As there are no specific ways to have a gift prepared since different people have different tastes, we offer different types of gifts prepared according to your instructions, which may include a personalized message. For that special gift for a wedding, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or graduation, just make an online order and give adequate instruction, and we will deliver as per your instruction.


Time is changing drastically, and while it was fashionable to hang out in clubs and public places with ease some years ago, it is today of concern, especially for our politicians and diplomats, especially when with an opposite sex friend. With the technology advancement, you never know, someone may have a bad motive and take a photo of you and send it to your spouse or in the public domain. For the personality of the public figure, this may have a drastic negative effect. Online drinks delivery offers the privacy you need and makes the enjoyment more fun. If you want to enjoy your best drink, cold beer, or wine away from home with a side chick in a secure apartment over the weekend, relax. You need not bother yourself with a trip to the nearest liquor shop as you are fully covered by online wine shop. Make an online drink order for all the drinks, cigarettes, and condoms, you need, and they will find their way where you are. 

At this time of COVID-19 lockdown where our usual Friday night out in the pub has been ruled out and getting your best whisky, wine or beer is faced with a lot of uncertainty, online drinks delivery Kenya is the best place to shop. You can shop safely on a reliable online liquor store while maintaining social distance. Apart from meal delivery and pizza delivery, liquor delivery Nairobi is delivering beers, wines, and spirits to your doorstep, saving your trip to the nearby liquor shop. Simply order your favorite drink online from the drinks zone, and the drink will be delivered to your destination within a few minutes with some lucky nearby location enjoying almost instant delivery services.

Whether you like enjoying a cold beer, prestigious wine, or a classic spirit drink (whisky, cognac, gin, brandy, tequila, vodka, liqueur, and others), we have it for you. No matter your taste, shop safely from your home comfort and get the best value of your money than what you get on walk-in stores. You need not create an account to place an order with the drinks zone as there multiple ways you can buy online. You can order via call, text, WhatsApp, or by just clicking add basket button next to the drink. Best of all, you can make inquiries, buy, and chat through our social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Next time you need to enjoy booze at late hours, don't despair, order online 24 hour alcohol delivery Nairobi, and we will deliver direct to your door. You will also enjoy a massive range of drinks coupled with coupons and discounts for you to use. So buy drinks online from top liquor stores in Nairobi, and you will not only enjoy easy shopping and quick drinks delivery services but will also save some cash. Buy online, stay safe, and enjoy your bottle this weekend in style.