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Special occasion drinks – best alcoholic drinks to drink

Special occasion drinks – best alcoholic drinks to drink

When special occasions pop up, you have a lot to plan for to ensure everything goes well. A successful occasion can be a lot of fun and can make wonderful lifetime memories, however, this special occasion will not be complete without some of the best drinks. Party time is a fun moment, where people relaxes, slowly sipping their drinks, the drinks taste get delicious as well as the dishes served. Everyone is either in deep conversation or bursting with laughter from some old joke. These are good times that create fond memories. Such successful event calls for a true friend to help you plan for the right best drinks and dishes. If you need such a friend, drinks zone drinks delivery Kenya is always ready to offer a helping hand for the success of your party. 

Drinks are as important as the dishes served on special occasions and to hold a memorable event, you have to plan well for the menu and drinks. Serving quality best whisky, the best wine, or best cognac in your party, serve an important purpose as it helps to create an atmosphere that enables the guests to relax and be comfortable. You want a successful event that will satisfy your guests and that will be enjoyable. Whether it is a party between family, friends or corporate gatherings, picking and serving the best alcohol drinksbest whisky in Kenya is very important. Maybe you are worried about the best alcoholic drinks to serve or what alcohol to drink on a special occasion. Worry no more online drinks delivery Kenya is here for. To assist you to narrow down to the best drinks in Kenyabest ladies wine or the best whisky brand to serve, let us first look to some consideration you need to put at the back of your mind to pick the best occasion drink.

Your guests 

The foremost consideration when planning for any occasion is the guests. Serving best drinks for a party along with the meals is because you want your guest to have fun and enjoyable moment. Enjoying an alcoholic beverage with friends, in any event, depends whether everyone will enjoy a serving of champagnewinewhisky, brandygin, vodka, rum or the soft drinks or not. You have to consider the guest number, whether you have people who cannot drink, who are non-alcoholic, the age bracket, whether it is for a formal event for adults, informal teens party, birthday party for little ones or business gathering. Everyone will have a merry moment as long as you offer them diversity and various top drinks brands options to choose from. If you have many men at your occasion it may be a good idea to have some beers. For women is good to have some wines. 

Determining the numbers of guests is vital to plan for a memorable event without a hitch. Knowing the number of guests will help you to estimate the food amount to prepare and the number of drinks to order to avoid shortage. If you are having different types of people it is recommendable to purchase several different types of drinks so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

Know if you have people who cannot drink or who are non-alcoholic. If someone cannot drink maybe because they are on medication, it is advisable to buy non-alcohol drink so that they can enjoy the drink and feel part of the group. You can get this type of drink in online drinks delivery Nairobi Kenya in various varieties such as wine, beer, EABL drinksgin or cider. If someone doesn't like this type of drink maybe a soft drink would be a nice option for them.

Your budget 

If you are on a strict budget and you want a truly memorable day, still there are the best drinks available to meet your pocket. There are a whole range of excellent easy Christmas drinks sold on Nairobi drinks delivery that are of good quality, even if your budget is tight. Drinks prices and wine prices range from the most expensive, premium, expensive, to cheap wine, but with almost equal delightfully quality. If you can only pick one type of drink, it is good to go for either a medium sweet or medium-dry type. Check your alcoholic beverage store and supplier for wine choices available. Compare drinks prices on different online drinks delivery; drinks zone, dial a drinkdial a deliveryjumia food Kenyauber eats, so as to get the best alcoholic drinks prices for the drinks you want.

 The menu

For a great event, make sure that the heart, the stomach, and the drinks palette of the guests are satisfied. The drinks you chose and the food you are serving, should complement each other. Online drinks delivery in Kenya offers you a wide range of drinks brand and what you choose should depend on your preference, your guests and the time of day. It is best if you do not opt for your favourite drink. If you are not sure of what drink to pick, ask the assistance from knowledgeable drinks zone wine store staff and he/she will be able to suggest if you need any changes in your menu. It is also good to go for the online wine delivery Nairobi shop that offers you free drinks delivery service.

Time and the occasion

You should have the occasion in mind, whether it is a birthday party, a baby shower, wedding reception, corporate party, a formal or informal event so that you can plan for the appropriate drinks. Also, the time of the party is essential, if it is an afternoon party, you can serve a few drinks, while for evening party you should have an ample amount of drinks along with spare ones on hand to achieve the expectations of your guest. Also, you need to be in touch with a 24-hour alcohol delivery Kenya shop, so that in case you run a shortage of drinks, you can contact them for more drinks delivery

When it comes to picking the noble and perfect occasion drinkNairobi drinks delivery offers you numerous drinks options to choose from, which includes but not limited to rum, gin, whiskeyvodka, tequilacognacbrandy, or any other distilled alcohol. Having looked to the consideration that you have to consider to pick the best drink for party, now let’s look at some renowned best occasion drinks


Wine has always been a great drink for any occasion, whether formal or informal and indeed it makes any party more fun and livelier. Serving a good wine can convey emotions, set the tone for an event, and compliment the perfect meal. Choosing your wine from the diversity wine brands can be a difficult task. When selecting the best wine for occasion, best wine brand for your occasion. You can learn in detail about the different types of wines on our other pages so that you can choose the best wines to serve your guests.

Serving the wine, it will depend on whether everyone will enjoy it or not. Don’t go for expensive wine, as only people who are knowledgeable about wine will know the difference. Most inexperienced wine drinkers prefer cheap sweet wines over aged wines. Someone new to wine will most likely choose a sweet wine brand, as their first choice as dryer wines tend to be abate bitter for them.

 A wine to accompany the main dish is purely a matter of taste, and ought to be what you prefer. Have a bottle of red wine and white wine and let your guests decide what wine brand they want to drink. When it comes to food pairing, beef, turkey, especially dark meat, duck or goose will suit a good red wine. Some of the heavy oak overtones wine may be too much for white meat such as chicken or fish. The classic wine accompaniment for a cheese course is Port, though red and white wines are also acceptable, depending on the cheeses served. In terms of calories and alcohol volume, wine is a very good choice for guests on a low carb diet. If you are serving baked fruit dishes, such as apple tarts or lemon custards fortified wine can be the best as there are less sweet and more acidic. 

If you are having a large number of people, you can buy box wine, as you don't have to pull all those corks, just serve it in a decanter. Serving any red wine this way is better as it lets the wine breathe, instead of pulling the cork out of the bottle an hour or so before serving. Some renown wine brands you can order on online drinks delivery in Kenya to serve in your occasion include; Cabernet Sauvignon, syrah, pinot noir, Cabernet Merlot, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay. Visit the best online drinks delivery store to find more about various wine brands and different wine prices. 


Beer is the world's most consumed and the oldest alcoholic beverages and is the third most popular drink after water and tea/coffee. When it comes to events, beer is served on numerous occasions. Most people enjoy beer regularly, even those on weight-loss and low-carb diets. Beer can be either light or hard. Hard liquor contains a higher than 20% alcohol by volume. It can be mixed with non-alcoholic liquids to make a "mixed drink,” though most people would be fine to drink hard alcohol in its original form, as a sipped liquor. Though some people especially men prefer the harsh taste of a fiercely hard alcoholic drink some will prefer something light. Light beers are low in alcoholic volume and there usually doesn’t have that harsh taste. Light beer is good for those who are on low carb diets as light beers are low in calories and carbohydrates. You can order the beer that you want on drinks zone beer delivery Kenya including the EABL drinks.


Champagne is a very elegant and popular celebratory drink that often comes out at family gatherings. Today we have a lot of sparkling wines sold on wines shop in Nairobi that is competing with the original Champagne. For your party to be complete, buy a few bottles of champagne for the climax of celebration moment which you pop the bubbles. Whether it is the most expensive champagne or a regular one, there are champagnes for everyone regardless of the champagne brands. So if you want to celebrate in style and do not worry, best drinks delivery stores got you covered with extensive champagne brands at the best champagne prices.


Whiskey is one of the most popular alcoholic liquor there is today. It is served on various occasions but is most popular served at weddings ceremonies. Serving whisky drinks in wedding signifies a couple's lasting relationship in marriage and signifies everlasting friendship among friends. It is good to have a few bottles of whisky to serve at the party. If you just want something a little different and you're not sure just what type of whisky brand to serve for your guest and enjoy, online whiskey delivery Nairobi offers you plenty of options of various whisky brands. Here are just a few suggestions: John walker whisky brandsJack Daniel’s brandsGlenfiddich brandsGlenlivet whiskey brandJameson whisky, Chivas whisky brands among others.


Vodka has found its way into many social gathering, and interpersonal interactions, and is associated with numerous occasions. Vodka brings with it a background of a long and rich history and traditions for generations. People indulge in Vodka drinking when they meet to party, socialize, or hang out as they celebrate a life event like a birth, wedding, promotion or any other event. The rituals of vodka toasting are currently accepted worldwide. If you want to have a vodka toast at your party, drinks delivery Kenya have a whole lot of vodka brands for you. Different occasion calls for a particular toast, i.e. toast to love, toasting a new baby, toast to good health and long life, or toast to a new home, and other live events. 

There are a lot of vodka brands out there and each vodka type is trying to catch your eye, with refreshing stylish bottles. Some of the good quality and popular vodka brands that you can order on vodka delivery Kenya include; Smirnoff, Skyy, Grey Goose, Ciroc and Absolut. Vodka is a tasteless and odourless spirit, and its blind tastes often make most of us not discern between the different brands of vodka. The brand of vodka you chose to serve in the event should be a personal preference. Vodka can be drunk straight, whereas most people mix it with something like tonic water or fresh juices.

Mixed drinks

While some people enjoy a straight alcohol drink, some will like it combined with some mixing ingredients. The best-mixed drink of all time is the gin and tonic. Gin blended with tonic water creates a taste almost similar to soda water, which makes it a perfect occasion drink and popular for those who enjoy a drink without the strong taste of alcohol or hops.

This wonderful drinks, for years, have been used on various occasions and the drink you chose depends on the occasion. So, just remember that when you are about to plan for a party, it is good to plan for a worth-remembering event, Show your guests that you will always go out of your way for them. It is vital to have at least a few nonalcoholic drinks at hand. You don't have to spend a lot of money, only spend serious money on wine, whisky, Champagne or any other drink your choice when you know your guest will recognize the difference. 

Online drinks delivery Kenya offers you enough options and alternatives to allow you to enjoy good beer and other alcoholic beverages, you just need to make smart choices that fit into your celebration. At the end of the day, your event is going to be an enjoyable time. Provided there are no glare errors, the guest will enjoy what you serve because party time is a time of sharing and merriment. If you get stuck about the best occasion drinks to serve, you can visit the leading online wine shop – drinks zone which has knowledgeable staffs and who are ready to advise you about different drinks for everyone. They also offer the best wine prices at attractive discounts and delivery services.