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Angostura Bitters

Category: liqueur
Subcategory: bitters aperitifs
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Angostura Bitters price in Nairobi
Product Name Angostura Bitters
Volume 200 ml
  • 200 ml @ Ksh 3,700
  • Country of origin Trinidad and Tobago
    Alcohol content 44.7%
    Brand Angostura
    Type liqueur
    AvailabilityIn Stock
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    Angostura bitters is a highly versatile product and make a fundamental addition to your kitchen cabinet. The Angostura aromatic bitters intensify the flavor and add a layer of complexity to your dishes, counteracts the harshness of acidic components of meals and drinks, and make a perfect ingredient in cocktails.

    If you are one of those whose palate cannot handle the harshness of spirits, angostura tames it all into a fresh and easy-to-drink tipple. Angostura bitters was a perfect creation whose functions do not end in adding flavor and tame harshness in spirits and acidic components in food. It helps in cleansing the palate and aid in digestion. No wonder a Pink Gin, Mai Tai, or an Old Fashioned Manhattan tastes so good with Angostura bitters as a mixer.

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