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Opihr gin brands in Kenya

Opihr price in Nairobi
Product Name Price Alcohol contentCountry of origin Liquor category
Opihr Gin & Tonic With A Twist Of Orange 250 ml Ksh 470 6.5% England gin
Opihr Szechuan pepper - Far East Edition 700 ml Ksh 9,700 43% England gin
Opihr European Edition aromatic bitters 700 ml Ksh 3,949 43% England gin
Opihr Oriental Spiced 700 ml Ksh 4,700 42.5% England gin
Opihr Arabian Edition black lemons 700 ml Ksh 3,949 43% England gin
Opihr Adventurers Edition 1 litre Ksh 5,800 42.5% England gin
Opihr Exotic Citrus 700 ml Ksh 5,950 43% England gin

Opihr brand

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