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1.5 litres   Ksh 2,300
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Carlo Rossi price in Nairobi
Product Name Price Alcohol contentCountry of origin Liquor category
carlo rossi 1.5 litres Ksh 2,300 9% America wine
Carlo rossi blush 3l Ksh 2,400 10.5% America wine
Carlo Rossi Sangaria Bottle 750 ml Ksh 1,800 10% America wine

Carlo Rossi brand

Carlo Rossi is fruity forward, unpretentious, and value wine brand that comes in a jug from the USA, California. It was established and crafted by the beverage giant E. & J. Gallo. Carlo Rossi brand has its origin in 1962 as Red Mountain, an inexpensive wine in a jug. It is named after Charlie Rossi, who is related to the Gallo family by marriage. The wine became so popular and distributed throughout the nation. It was rebranded in 1970, taking advantage of the Rossi the man personality and Rossi's Italian heritage. This made Carlo Rossi the most popular wine brand in the USA and became the best-selling wine label.

Carlo Rossi offers different types of red and white wine that are of good quality and pocket friendly. Rossi wine brands are famous for their unique packaging in a sturdy glass jug, which has become iconic to the brand other than the usual bottle and cask. Carlo Rossi offers the best red wine and white wine brands, which are blended from the most delicious grapes usually sourced from the Central Coast Valley of California. This results in the quality and great taste of Carlo Rossi wine, taking on the characteristics of grapes used. Rossi believed the best wine should not be expensive, and the Rossi winemakers have held to that belief in crafting the best red wines and best white wines that are approachable and easy to drink. This gives Carlo Rossi brand the different unique taste that keeps you coming for more. For years Carlo Rossi has consistently crafted affordable wine that is of high quality. This wine is great to enjoy and to be shared with friends and family members.

People usually wonder why Carlo Rossi wine is packed in a sturdy glass jug. It is not clear; some people believed it is the way people gathered for a grape stomp and carried the fresh juice home in a jug. Others believe it is about convenience as the ring makes it easy to carry, pour, and share the wine. Whatever the case, the packaging makes the Carlo Rossi wine stands out from the crowd. Dial a delivery to explore the different best red and white wines of Carlo Rossi on your favorite Nairobi wine & spirit shop.