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Non-alcoholic wines & beers in Kenya

Non-alcoholic wines & beers in Kenya

Nowadays, throwing a party is a widespread practice, especially in festive seasons, holidays, and other celebrations. During the Christmas holiday, most people like hanging out with their friends and family members. When throwing a party, most people will make sure they have all of the favorite alcohol drink brands people prefer. This is so because there is a common misconception that unless you have an alcoholic beverage, there will be no fun at the party. This has made many people drink alcohol, even though they do not prefer to drinking alcohol. The host makes sure to have some of the best wine brandslocal beers, and classic liquors. While alcoholic drinks are an excellent choice for those who love alcohol, it does not do much for those who do not like it. It is appropriate to have non-alcohol drinks at your party, especially family parties, church functions, or Christmas celebrations, where you want to incorporate everyone and making sure everyone is covered.

With the sober consciousness trend, it is good to make sure you have interesting non-alcoholic wines and beers to serve your guests. Serving straight juice, and soft drinks may be old-fashioned. It may be boring raising a glass of juice when others are raising glasses of something fine, shimmering, and sparkling. Non-alcoholic wine and beer will allow everyone to join the celebration without getting drunk. Today there are great non-alcoholic wines and beers that anyone can enjoy and feel part of the party. Having great non-alcoholic drinks will ensure everyone from kids, non-drinkers, healthy conscious to wine, beer, and spirits lover will enjoy the party evenly.

Non-alcoholic drinks are also known as alcohol-free wines, beers, and spirits. These wines undergo the same making process as the alcoholic drinks, but the alcohol is taken out of the final product through a process known as de-alcoholization, either by filtration or distillation. The removal of alcohol does not affect these wine flavors. The best thing about non-alcoholic wine is its ability to tickle the taste buds of those who don't want to give up the delicious wine flavors. Actually, non-alcoholic wine tastes the same as regular red winewhite winerose wine, and sparkling wines. Premium grapes are used in making non-alcoholic wine, which undergoes the full winemaking process for alcoholic wine, including the fermentation and the aging process that increases wine complexity, tannins, and flavor. Here are some popular non-alcoholic wines and beers in Kenya you can serve at your party and accommodate every guest's needs, including kids and those on medication.

Non-alcoholic wines in Kenya

Chamdor red (non-alcoholic wine)

Chamdor white (non-alcoholic-wine)

Pure heaven white celebration drink (non-alcoholic)

Pure heaven red celebration drink (non-alcoholic)

Royalty white celebration drink (non-alcoholic)

Non-alcoholic beers in Kenya

Heineken 0.0

Bavaria 0.0 Ginger & Lime

Bavaria 0.0 Original

Why go for non-alcoholic drinks?

Different types of non-alcoholic wines in Kenya are growing in popularity since they offer the same taste and satisfaction as their alcoholic beverage counterparts without feeling drunk. They serve as a healthy substitute since non-alcoholic beers and wines have fewer calories than calories contained in regular beer, wines, and spirits. These types of drinks are also an excellent option for pregnant women, underage, and persons on medications. For designated drivers who like the electrifying taste of wine, non-alcoholic wines and beers are perfect substitutes for driving. This type of wine is also suitable for people who want to keep the taste of wine without the effects of alcohol. For those who desire to recover from alcoholism, non-alcoholic wine provides a way to enjoy the taste of wine without alcohol.

Non-alcoholic drinks are the best events partner.

The best way to enjoy a party and to celebrate any event is by savoring non-alcoholic drinks. Non-alcoholic wines, beer, and spirit allow people to enjoy social events and experience a classic wine taste. It is a perfect substitute for alcoholic beverages and an intelligent choice for a meeting where you have a mixed audience and want to remain sober and focused. It is an excellent option for family dinner partiescorporate eventsChristian wedding parties, and other special celebrations. A glass of non-alcoholic champagne, wine, or a beer at a holiday party is a great drink to feel attached to the festive meal and to have fun so that there's no one missing out on the celebration. Buy non-alcoholic drinks delivery on your favorite liquor store and keep a good time lively with alcohol-free drinks. There is a wide range of delicious non-alcoholic wines, from bubbly champagne, crisp white wines to bold red wine available on online wine and spirits stores in Kenya at very affordable prices. Next time you need a drink to have a good time, make it great by opting for various alcohol-free beverages.

Non-alcoholic drinks cocktails

You can make your party more fun by creating non-alcoholic cocktails, which your guest will prefer drinking over alcoholic drinks, and please everyone at the party. Instead of throwing a few cans of soda and calling it a day, it is possible to create easy non-alcoholic cocktails that everyone can enjoy without having to go through too much trouble. You can create something the kids at the party will like and keep coming back for more. This will encourage others to drink and may mean more time for adults as children are engaged and happy with their drinks. When making non-alcoholic drinks cocktails, the best way to get started is to have a list of ingredients you know your guest will enjoy. You can make non-alcoholic wine cocktails that will taste sweet like dessert wines without adding unnecessary sugar. You can make it more fun and exciting by going through the process of creating from scratch this non-alcoholic mixed drink yourself. Do not be too shy or afraid to ask for suggestions and trying the best combinations that will taste the best. When your guests are happy with your wonderful cocktail creations, it will be more full-feeling, and you will enjoy the happy moments even more.

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