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Most Popular Drinks in Kenya for Christmas and Festive seasons

Most Popular Drinks in Kenya for Christmas and Festive seasons

Christmas and the festive season is an important time of year to get it right. It marks the end of the year and for many, it is a chance to reward themselves for their hard work and take a breather before the New Year starts. It is a season people tend to spend more money on drinks and foods, and if they can't spend it, they most likely to have a bad night. It’s a time to catching up with old friends and long-time-no-see relative. Businesses arrange end-year parties for their staff, and family hold gathering parties and everyone truly enjoys themselves. For the wine and spirit shops in Kenya, this is time to have in stock the best alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and the most popular drinks to keep their customers happy.

Christmas meals and drinks, end year parties and overnights partying around the Christmas period mean you will need an ample supply of drinks. Nothing is frustrating like running out of the best drinks while partying. It is even more frustrating if you do not know where to purchase these drinks at the best price. It's important to remember that this time of year the types of drink people normally consume are not their everyday drinks. Some people who don't normally consume alcohol drinks may do so at this time of year. Stocking up the best winesbest whiskeybest brandy and other drinks for this period is very essential and not an option for the liquor shop. 

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Christmas gifts 

Christmas and the festive season is also a period that people give out gifts. The Christmas gift spread the festive cheer far and wide. Personalized whisky gift, wine, champagne, cognac or even gin is a great gift to give out to people you love. Shopping for the appealing Christmas gift, you will not go wrong by dialling a drink for drinks delivery service gift, as you'll find Christmas wine gifts basketchampagne gift basket or whisky drink gift that suits your pocket. We also deliver the gift to the intended destination as per your request. So don’t miss out the opportunity of surprising your love by buying a surprise classic whisky gift, or wine gift with online drinks delivery and will deliver it on your behalf.

What drinks to drink on Christmas?

The holiday season is filled with large fancy parties, family gatherings, dinner parties and business office parties. Many people dismiss the experience of tasting "every day” drinks and tend to try and taste some of the fine spirits and best wines. These best alcohol drinks and the most popular drinks in Nairobi and globally spice up the Christmas parties. Here are tips of the best alcohol and non-alcohol drinks you can serve during the Christmas holiday.

Have a bottle of champagne. Champagne is an exclusive drink for Christmas and is often considered more expensive than other drink choices. It all the more appealing when we pop-up the cork to splash the Christmas joy with a champagne drink. Champagne is an elegant drink and offers expensive taste and it has a wide range of champagne brands which are of high quality.

You can also serve some of the best wines in Kenya. Even though most people view wines as an expensive drink that they can't afford, some wines are much more affordable which are of good quality and cost a few dollars. These wines spice-up Christmas special occasions when they are opened and shared with family members and friends.

It is also a good idea to have some non-alcoholic drinks for people who can't stomach straight alcoholic drinks. Families looking for ways to involve children in family activities. Cocktails mixed drinks are the best way to involve children and everyone in Christmas celebrations. There are a popular festive cocktail in a mix of orange juice, popular sparkling beverage and Champagne, in proportions to suit the drinker. These drinks mix offers a lighter alternative to straight alcohol drinks and still keeps a great flavour. The idea is to create something which will look like champagne, but without the alcohol. There a lot of drinks you can mix to create unique flavours this Christmas for the whole family.

It is also important to consider people on diet. People who are health conscious and are on weight loss, do everything possible to keep their bodies as fit as possible. Low carb alcoholic drinks are nowadays popular just as low carb diet has become more popular. Dry Wines and distilled drinks like vodka contain very little carbs or are free of carbs completely. These drinks don't contain sugar at all or they have very marginal sugar amounts. The carb-free vodka is true to its label as it is the nature of vodka itself.

Most popular drinks, best wine brands and best whiskies brands range from a cheap bottle to incredible expensive bottles. Many people like to taste these drinks during Christmas because they believe there are of superior taste, and of high quality, that has been taken on by many high-status people in the society. For Christmas celebration, I would recommend the usual festive drinks that everyone will enjoy. These drinks may include, champagne, sherry, sparkling wines, white winered wine, or rose wine. Also, keep an eye on underage and have their drinks. Be careful though when it comes to choosing your Christmas drinks to have some of the best drinks at the best price. 

Budgeting for Christmas wine and whisky – spend less

When it comes to sipping a good quality wine, the price is an important factor, though the taste is equally important in the final verdict of the drink choice. Item prices increase exceptionally on the Christmas period, so it is good to be careful. It is important to avoid the post-Christmas blues that come in the New Year when you realise how much debt you are in, all because you spent more than what you budgeted. parties can be very expensive, so it’s important to keep the cost down while at the same time making sure that the Christmas wine and food is still of a high standard as a poor quality drink can lead to a big letdown. A good way of helping to keep the cost of your party down, while at the same time enjoying Christmas wine, is by looking out which wine and spirit shop save you money in terms of discounts. Take advantage of bulk buying discounts for the drink stock you do not have but you need this Christmas. How much you spend on festive drinks and food depends on your total budget. Whatever your budget parameters are, allocate a maximum budget and stick to it. There's always lots special Christmas offers on online drinks delivery Nairobi specifically aimed at Christmas shoppers.

Christmas period is quite a unique time of year. There is usually a certain degree of self-indulgence that takes place during the Christmas period. Nearly everyone is used to a few weeks of "overdoing it". A lot of people rationalize this idea by saying "once a year blowout doesn't hurt". This can be rough and might leave you exhausted both physically and mentally. So it important not to overdo it and to enjoy responsibly. If it is shopping, keep in touch with drinks zone for all your drinks and we take the load off your shoulders. All you need is to dial a drink to place the order and you are done. Happy holiday!