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The Trends in Online Shopping in Kenya - Drinks Zone

The Trends in Online Shopping in Kenya - Drinks Zone

Online Shopping in Kenya

In the early days, buying was only possible by making a trip to the retailers’ outlet stores or shopping malls. However, today online businesses have thrived with the advent of technological and online buying breakthroughs.

How Many People Actually Shop Online?

Statista estimated over 2 billion consumers purchased products or services online in 2020, with online global sales exceeding $4.2 trillion. Compared to the 2016 statistics, which had 1.6 billion online sales of services and products, the trend shows that more consumers will continue embracing online shopping.

A study by Mastercard revealed that 79% of Kenyan consumers were shopping online since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Considering that people have adapted to the "new normal", this figure is not expected to drop. More and more people will continue shopping online.

Factors That Have Contributed to the Growth of Online Shopping

Information Sharing – consumers have been empowered by technological developments that have kept them informed about trending products and services. Social platforms have contributed heavily to information sharing, forcing businesses, both large and small, to level up and fulfill consumer needs and remain relevant.

B2B interactions have seen an improvement in the way online sellers present their products to their consumers. Businesses share information that is mutually beneficial to all parties. For instance, companies offering SEO services and other digital marketing services share information on how to increase online sales. Businesses take up this information and in return create powerful business models and platforms that improve customer experience, hence attracting more online buyers.

Business Analytics Tools – companies like Google and other behavioral analytics service providers have powerful algorithms that analyze online consumer behaviors, like where they have been online, which interests they had, complete transactions, and many other areas analyzed. Ecommerce platforms in turn use these behavioral analysis data gathered to provide a more tailored online experience.

A tailored experience means that customers will easily find what they need with all the information required. This results in increased customer willingness to buy products online.

Large Products and Services Base –  millions of businesses sell services and products online in the world, and the number grows every day. Think of any product from clothes and apparel, electronics, food, and even liquor.

While local shops have limited options in brands and styles, shopping online gives you access to an ocean of products in different brands, sizes, and varying price points. This way, you can compare products from different brands or even compare different shops to get the best deal.

Delivery services – consumers do not have to get out of their house to buy any product they want. Many businesses in Kenya have embraced delivery services, either by hiring courier services to deliver products to their clients or by themselves taking care of their logistics.

Food delivery is very common, with companies like Uber Eats, Bolt Food, and Glovo dominating the market. Online liquor shopping has rapidly gained popularity and companies like Drinks Zone have seized the moment by offering 24-hour alcohol delivery service in Nairobi. This means that you can buy your favorite liquor online at 3 am and get a delivery in under 30 minutes.

Discounts and Promotions – most e-commerce websites provide lucrative deals and products on offer. They run promotions on their websites. In the past, you had to walk to a shop and hope to find products on offer. You couldn’t go to many stores looking for discounts. Well, that has changed now. You can browse through different stores and find discounts and promotions in minutes.

A shop like Drinks Zone has regular offers on wines and liquor presented on their social media platforms and website.

Mobile Traffic – most consumers use smartphones to browse the internet more than they use desktops and laptops. You can agree that most of the time you are on social media, or reading an article online using your mobile phone. Hence, businesses must use mobile responsive designs for their website to improve customer experience.

Most well-established businesses in Kenya have done exactly that by hiring reputable web designers and software engineers. For instance, you can shop for drinks online in Kenya at Drinks Zone using any gadget and get nothing short of excellence, thanks to Apnest Digital Agency.

Drinks Delivery in Kenya

Alcohol is one of the unusual products available online in Kenya. You may have already interacted with e-commerce websites like Jumia, Jiji, Kilimall, and others that have products like electronics, kitchenware, furniture, baby products and even clothes. Food delivery is also common and maybe it was expected drinks would be the next products to be delivered.

Today, you will find many online liquor shops that deliver alcohol in Nairobi and beyond. Some of the most reputable online stores are Drinks Zone, Drinks Vine, Sherehe Drinks, Dial A Drink, Oaks & Corks, Liquor Stream, Chupa Chap, and others. These give you the most secure and safe online liquor shopping and delivery, with an option to pay on delivery.

Why Should I Shop for Alcohol Online?

Do you still cling to in-store shopping only? Well, I was like you until I desired to purchase a unique sub-woofer. I kept moving from one shop to the other and the only information I got was the price. Every shop attendant needed to convince me that their product was the best and the rest were fake. I could not take their word for it. After all, they are salespersons and everyone wanted to convert me into a buyer.

I needed more information about this Sub-woofer and unbiased reviews. That is when I decided to go online. I was wowed by the information I got. I was able to compare prices of different shops and read buyers' reviews, all while seated on my couch.

I found the one I wanted and the next part was the hardest. Which retailer should I trust?. Again, I just went to google and read buyer reviews, both positive and negative. I also read the company’s policy to know what I can do if I am not satisfied with the product I wanted.

All this information was available openly online, which wasn’t the case with local shops. I bought my sub-woofer and it was in perfect condition. I paid on delivery.

So, what about alcohol shopping?

Here is what you get when you buy alcohol online in Kenya:

1.      Authentic Products

One thing about alcohol is that the chances of fake products are very low, especially when you buy from reputable liquor stores. If you want Jack Daniel’s whisky, there is no way anyone will bring you a different product. Again, you will find rich sources of information about each product readily available online.

2.      Rich Information Sources

Liquor stores like Drinks Zone have shopping guides, web pages, and blog posts that inform you on the trending products, more information about particular products, and fun ways to enjoy your drinks. This is a benefit that you will never find in local liquor shops.

3.      No Crowds

No one likes long queues at shopping malls. You can imagine the crowds you find especially during festivals, weekends, or holidays. These are usually the times you need drinks most. Furthermore, experiencing such crowds makes one feel rushed in buying, which can result in making the wrong choice. When you buy liquor online, you avoid all that.

4.      Variations

Buying online gives you access to a wide range of products without moving through the shelves like in traditional shopping. Drinks Zone, for instance, has over 3000 different alcohol types that you can buy, from rare to popular, cheap to expensive, all that can be brought to you with a click of a button.

5.      Fast Deliveries

Same-day alcohol delivery or even late-night shipping has gained popularity among online liquor sellers. At Drinks Zone, delivery takes between 10 and 30 minutes within Nairobi. In any other part of the country, it may take 24-48 hours depending on your location. Nairobi residents and the surrounding areas enjoy 24-hour alcohol delivery service from Drinks Zone.

That being said, do not be left behind in this digital revolution. It is time you embraced online shopping. More than 2 billion people in the world are already doing it. If you are unsure of where to buy alcohol online, buy at Drink Zone. We are a reputable liquor store in Nairobi with thousands of sales every month. Even now, you can shop online and get a delivery in minutes. It is fast, secure, and safe.