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EABL drinks delivery Kenya – beer delivery Nairobi

EABL drinks delivery Kenya – beer delivery Nairobi

Beer is not a new drink to beer lovers. By just mention of it, mind strikes a scene of people holding glasses filled with beer and the foam coming out of the glasses. It is a favourite and a popular drink of many people and the world's most-consumed drink and the oldest alcoholic beverages. It forms part of many nations culture and is associated with social traditions, festivals and games. It is a great drink to have while watching the weekend afternoon football game with the buddies. Beer has a rich history a unique way of bringing beer lovers together. Beer drink is packaged and sold in bottles and cans but in pubs and bars is available on draught. There are thousands of different types of beer around the world with amazing creative flavour to please everyone palate. You can order your preferred beer brand online on alcohol delivery in Kenya.

Beer brewing 

Beer brewing is a big business with popular brands of ales and lagers combining with exotic offerings. The industry consisting of dominant multinational companies, regional breweries such as EABL drinks Kenya and small pubs and it employs thousands of peoples. Generally, beers are an alcoholic beverage made from brewing and fermenting cereal grains starches mostly malted barley, though wheat, corn and rice are also used. During the brewing process, grain starch fermentation produces carbonation and ethanol in the resulting beer. Forced carbonation is used in commercial brewing to replaces the natural carbonation effect. 

Beers are usually flavoured by the addition of hops to add bitterness and to balance the sweetness of the malt. Hops also act as a preservative and stabilizing agent. Apart from hops, some brews use fruits, herbs, and spices to create unique-tasting beers. The alcohol content of beer ranges from around 4% to 6% alcohol by volume (ABV) depending on the beer type and recipe, though sometimes it may vary between 0.5% and 20%, with some rare case going up to 40% ABV. 

Types of beer to buy in Kenya 

When you go for a cold beer, you have many beer types to choose from, as there are thousands of specially crafted beers, that you can buy on the local liquor store and the online beer delivery near me stores. Each beer has a distinct style, taste consistencies, and other characteristics to satisfy anyone's taste. Beers are generally classified into two main categories; ales and lager with each category split up into many subcategories. The big difference between the beer categories is the process of producing specific beer brands. A particular beer type qualifies as either a lager or an ale based on the yeast used in the fermentation process and the fermentation temperature. The yeast gives every beer brand unique characteristics, which can affect how it looks and tastes. The ales use top-fermenting yeast and lagers are brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast. Each beer types can vary in things like flavour, strength, ingredients, colour and aroma. The beer flavour may include a degree of bitterness due to bittering agents such as hops, roasted barley, or herbs, and the sweetness from the sugar present in the beer. Different cultures and regions have invented their distinct brands take on this popular alcoholic beverage

Lager beers 

The word lager is derived from the German word "lagern" which means "to store". It implies to the time brewers store beer to ferment in cooler temperature. Lagers beers brands are made with bottom-fermenting yeast at temperatures ranging from 8 -15 °C (46 - 59°F). At these cooler temperatures, the beer takes some few weeks to ferment and are not ready to drinks sooner. The yeasts used to make lager collect at the bottom of the fermenting beer and are therefore known as bottom-fermenting yeast. Lager beer types have a lighter colour than ales and are distinctively clean and have crisp and a little malty taste that makes them very popular alcoholic drinks. They also have a low alcohol content and are best served cold. Lager beer types that you can buy on drink zone drinks delivery Nairobi include the pale pilsners and the darker American lagers. Lagers are the best drinks for beginners

Popular lager beer brands

Pale Lagers: - The Pale Lagers are some of the lightest beers. They are carbonated for an easy/light taste and are light golden-coloured. This style of beer is one of the most common in the world and a very popular drink among many people. Dial a drink for the best lager beers in Kenya.

Pilsner: - Pilsner is the most popular beer brand around the world. These types of beer offer more flavour than any of the lager beers. They are not strong and taste light. They are nearly the same colour as pale lagers but are generally light yellow to golden coloured. Pilsner is a bit thicker in consistency and usually well balanced in flavour, with a clean, crisp taste. You can grab your bottle by placing an order with a reliable EABL alcohol delivery Nairobi, 24-hour alcohol delivery for fast free delivery.

Light lager: - light lager is still heavier than the Pilsner brand. In America, light lagers beers are made to be low in calories. They also have a low alcohol percentage.

Dark lager: - dark lager is a full-bodied beer made with roasted hops and barley, making it have a rich taste of hops and barley, and a much darker colour. 

Tusker lager: - Tusker is a major beer brand of Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) which has a lion market share in Kenya. It also the popular beer brand in East Africa and Africa. Tusker is sold in bottles, cans and keg.

 Ale beers brands

Ales beers are made using top-fermenting yeast, a process in which yeast ferments at warmer temperatures than in lagers and settles at the top of the beer. It is usually fermented at about 15 to 24°C, (60 to 75°F). The yeast form a layer of foam on the surface of the fermenting beer, which is why they are referred to as top-fermenting yeast. Due to warmer temperatures fermentation, ales take a shorter time to ferment and are ready to drink sooner. Ales beers brands are full body and tend to have a higher alcohol content than other beers. They taste a bit bitter and have a somewhat nutty or fruity taste as a result of the warmer temperatures fermentation. Some best-known ale types of beer include; pale ales, India pale ales (IPA), porters, stouts, and Brown ales.

Popular ale beers brands

Brown ales: - Brown ales are reddish coloured beers and are the lightest ales. They are mild in flavour and much thicker than the lager beers. 

Porters: - Porters ale were very popular alcohol drinks among the porters of old London, hence the name porter. Porter beers are full-body dark ale ranging from dark brown to black colour as a result of using roasted malt barley, which also gives it a rich aroma. It was originally made by combining three different kinds of ale.

Pale ale: - Pales ales are usually created using pale malts barley. Most Pale ales have similar characteristics like, a strong hop taste and low to medium malt levels, however many countries have their versions such as the India Pale Ale (IPA) which has slight variations.

Stout: - Stouts are full-bodied dark ale derived from porter which results from roasting the malted barley. The malt used for brewing it is roasted until is black and stout beer brands have strong barley and hop flavour. The taste of stouts is much influenced from where it comes from; Irish dry stouts like Guinness is known to have a bitter, roasted taste while England is known to have sweet stout beers which are low in bitterness. Ireland’s Guinness brand is the world most popular stout beer. The stout darker colour gives it an impression that they are tough to drink, however, the unfermented sugars offset bitterness giving it a sweeter taste. 

EABL drinks delivery

East Africa Brewery Limited (EABL) is the largest brewing company in East Africa Community, with the mother counties having their brewing company. In Kenya, we have Kenya Brewery Limited (KBL) which is the leading brewer in Kenya. The popular EABL drinks brand include;

Tusker Lager 

Tusker Malt Lager 

Tusker premium ale 

Tusker lite lager


White Cap

White Cap Light,      


Guinness stout

Allsopps lager

President Lager 

Serengeti lager


Bell lager

The best thing about beer is that there is so much to enjoy and it is easy to buy it on online drinks delivery in Kenya. Online beer delivery in Kenya has gone beyond offering a few local brands to international beer brands. Ask the online beer delivery Kenya staff about different beer styles to narrow down to the best beer brand for your taste. So keep it here on drinks zonealcohol delivery Nairobi. We spoil you with a wide range of beer brands and other drinks to choose from.